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Chinese woodcuts: Locations for applying ointments


Free to use with attribution CC BYCredit: Wellcome Collection
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Woodcut illustration from a Qing (1644-1911) edition of the Ming (1368-1644) text Waike baixiao quanshu (Compendium of Effective Therapies of External Medicine) by Gong Juzheng. It shows acu-moxa locations commonly used for the external application of ointments. It consists of two charts: one of the front of the body, and one of the back. The labelled locations are: jianjing (Shoulder Well); quchi (Pool at the Crook); feishu (Lung Conveyor); fengmen (Wind Portal); gaohuang (Vital Region); shenshu (Kidney Conveyor); mingmen (Portal of Life) ; pangguang[shu] (Bladder [Conveyor]); huagai (Magnificent Canopy); danzhong (Chest Centre); zhongwan (Middle Cavity); zhangmen (Completion Portal); guanyuan (Pass to the Origin); dantian (Cinnabar Field); zu san li (Leg Three Miles); sanyinjiao (Three Yin Intersection). When applying ointments externally, the use of appropriate acu-moxa locations is considered to improve the efficacy of the treatment.


BACK VIEW: Jianjing (Shoulder Well); quchi (Pool at the Crook); feishu (Lung Conveyor); fengmen (Wind Portal); gaohuang (Vital Region); shenze[shu] (Kidney [Conveyor]) mingmen (Portal of Life) ; pangguang[shu] (Bladder [Conveyor]). FRONT VIEW: Huagai (Magnificent Canopy); left arm; right arm; danzhong (Chest Centre); zhongwan (Middle Cavity) point; zhangmen (Completion Portal); dantian (Cinnabar Field); guanyuan (Pass to the Origin); [zu] san li ([Leg] Three Miles); eryinjiao (Two Yin Intersection) (sic - scribal error or variant of sanyinjiao - Three Yin Intersection).



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License information

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Chinese woodcuts: Locations for applying ointments. Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY

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