Miscellaneous papers: John Wiliam Trevan; Adele M P Attwood; light verse and plays

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A file of miscellaneous papers, as follows:

CV for John William Trevan, including a list of publications (to 1941);
autobiographical statement, evidently by Trevan [ts, 3 sheets];
a light-hearted letter (22 January, 1935) from Trevan to Miss Bainbridge, who is on sick-leave [holograph, 1 sheet].

Letter (27 February, 1954), Home Office to Miss A M P Attwood, Wellcome Research Laboratories, Langley Court, Beckenham, noting that as she is "no longer performing experiments under the Cruelty to Animals Act" her licence is revoked. This letter appears to have been sent to the Wellcome Foundation by Messrs Robson & Co, Solicitors, Hythe, in 1984 - see compliment slip: "Re Miss Adele M P Attwood dec'd".

The remaining material in the file comprises examples of light verse, in different hands, and a play scene entitled "Alice in the Phys. Lab." Also, a programme [ts] listing four short plays, in one of which ("Five Birds in a Cage") Attwood is listed as a member of cast. The plays were presented by "The LCM and DS" (no date given).



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