Symbolical head, After O S Fowler, c.1845

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A head containing over thirty images symbolising the phrenological faculties, accompanied by a chart. Coloured wood engraving, c. 1845, after O.S. Fowler (?).


Lettering continues: "Explanation of the cut: the design of this cut is to show the natural language of the mental organs situated in the various parts of the brain. For example - veneration is represented by a devotional attitude: Benevolence, by the good samaritan: Secretiveness, by the cat catching the rat: Destructiveness, by the tiger destroying his prey: Sublimity, by the Niagara Falls: Acquisitiveness, by the miser weighing and counting his money: Causality, by Newton philosophising on the falling of the apple: Alimentiveness, by two persons eating and drinking: Firmness, by the donkey, &c, &c.". Lettering continues at great length with list and short analysis of each of the 35 faculties and 4 temperaments. There follows a note of explanation on the "comparative development of the respective organs" on a scale of even numbers from 2-24. Symbolical head and phrenological chart by Dr. Bushea, L.L.D. ...


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Symbolical head, After O S Fowler, c.1845. Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY


Credit: Wellcome Collection

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