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  • The four elements, four qualities, four humours, four seasons, and four ages of man. Airbrush by Lois Hague, 1991.
  • An opinionated child ignores his parents; representing the faculty of obstinacy in phrenology. Steel engraving, 1847, after H. Bruyères.
  • Phrenological head of Lord Ellenborough as Governor General of India 1841-1844. Lithograph, ca. 1844.
  • A bust showing a phlegmatic-sanguine temperament. Drawing, c. 1792.
  • A man sitting erect on a chair; representing pride as a type of the 'sentiment' of self esteem, a phrenological 'faculty'. Steel engraving by C. Devrits, 1847, after H. Bruyères.
  • Four physiognomies expressing the propensity to command. Drawing, c. 1792.
  • A man whose physiognomy expresses (according to Lavater) weakness, affectation and languor. Engraving by Barlow, 19th century, after J.M. Schmutzer.
  • Profile of a man displaying a choleric temperament. Drawing, c. 1792.
  • A man woos a woman in a garden; representing the sanguine temperament. Engraving by R. Sadeler after M. de Vos.
  • A head containing over thirty images symbolising the phrenological faculties. Wood engraving, c. 1845, after O.S. Fowler (?).