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Acute pathologies, postpartum illness, Chinese lithograph


Free to use with attribution CC BYCredit: Wellcome Collection
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Lithograph from Huitu shajing hebi (Illustrated Compendium of Acute Pathologies), published in 1911 (3rd year of the Xuantong reign period of the Qing dynasty). This is a specialised text dealing with shabing - a category of sudden, acute diseases. It contains descriptions of 44 conditions, each accompanied by an illustration. Chanhou sha (acute postpartum illness) is an illness specific to women who have recently given birth. According to the text, it can be cured by needling the 'sha tendons' (shajing) at both knees, locations above and below the navel, the 'purple tendons' (zijing) underneath the tongue on either side, etc.


Picture title: Chanhou sha (acute postpartum illness). Other lettering: Apply 6 needles to the 'sha tendons' (shajing) at both knees. Needle once 3 fen (1 fen = c. 1/3 cm) above the navel, needle 3 fen below the navel. Needle the 'purple tendons' (zijing) underneath the tongue on either side.



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License information

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Acute pathologies, postpartum illness, Chinese lithograph. Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY

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