Liberal and radical politicians as ballad singers (Thomas Wakley, Charles Buller, D. W. Harvey, Joseph Hume, Lord Brougham and J.A. Roebuck) sing a song sympathetic to Canadian rebels below the window of John Bull, who proposes to drench them with the contents of the house pail. Coloured lithograph by H.B. (John Doyle), 1838.

  • Doyle, John, 1797-1868.
10 January 1838
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In 1837 there were revolts against the government in Upper and Lower Canada, leading to warfare between the rebels and the British government. Roebuck had been brought up in Canada and was an agent for the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada


London (26 Haymarket) : T. McLean, 10 January 1838 (70 Saint Martin's lane : A. Ducôte's lithography)

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1 print : lithograph, with watercolour ; image 24.4 x 35.8 cm + album.


Ballad singers- Canadian glee- with a catch accompaniment. HB The song is "Row, brothers, row, the stream runs fast, / The rapids are near and the daylight’s past!", two lines in 'A Canadian boat song' by Thomas Moore. John Bull exclaims "Betty fetch me the house pail full". In the lettering the letters ot in "ballot" are crossed out and replaced with ad, making "ballad". Also the word boat is crossed out in the phrase "Canadian boat glee"

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An illustrated key to the political sketches of H.B., London 1841, pp.355-356


Wellcome Collection 36696i


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