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Proceedings of the Physiological Society

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Reprints of "From the Proceedings of the Physiological Society", May 16, 1936, Journal Physiology, vol. 87. Includes the following articles:
  • "Dietary casein and cholesterol esters in liver" by C H Best and Jessie H Ridout
  • "Ultramiscroscopic particles in normal serum" by A C Frazer and H C Stewart
  • "1 to 3 and 1 to 4 alteration in the cercal nerve of the cricket" by R J Pumphrey and A F Rawdon-Smith
  • "The induction on psuedo-pregnancy in the rat by electrical stimulation through the head" by G W Harris
  • "Simulataneous recording on a smoked drum of (1) the conductivity and (2) the rate of flow of urine, and (3) the arterial blood flow through the isolated mammalian kidney" by F R Winton
  • "The nature of the oestrin-stimulus in uterine bleeding" by S Zuckerman
  • "Vascular reflexes from the lung" by A Schweitzer
  • "The distribution of unstriped muscle in the human periorbita and its possible significance in exophthalmos" by Dorothy S Russell.
  • "Metabolism and size of organs" by O Kestner
  • "The smooth muscle mechanism of exophthalmos in the cat and dog" by C E Brunton
  • "An improvement of Warburg's method for cutting tissue slices for respiratory experiments" by W Deutsch
  • "A box mask for administration of oxygen" by J Argyll Campbell
  • "Respiratory failure following the denervation of the carotid sinus" by G Stella
  • "A note on the potential difference across the stomach membranes in human subjects, and a simple type of calomel electrode" by G S Adair and E N Goodman
  • "On the influence of different hormones on lactation" by P de Fremery
  • "The role of muscle haemoglobin" by G A Millikan
  • "The oxygen content of blood in the carotid and umbilical arteries of the foetal sheep" by G S Adair, J Barcroft, D H Barron, et al.
  • "Chemical transmission of motor nerve impulses to voluntary muscle" by G L Brown, H H Dale and W Feldberg
  • "A carbonic anhydrase inhibition in serum" by V H Booth
  • "The effects of drugs on transmission from nerve to voluntary muscle and 'accommodation' to different rates of destruction of the chemical transmitter" by S L Cowan
  • "The effect on lungs of breathing through a narrow orifice" by Leonard Hill
    Also includes a pamphlet advertising a meeting of The Physiological Society in Hampstead, 25 January 1936.
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