Osteoporosis as a failure of bone's adaptation to functional load bearing : Highgate House, Creaton, Northamptonshire / 27-29 October, 1999.

  • Osteoporosis as a failure of bone's adaptation to functional load bearing (Highgate House, Creaton, Northamptonshire)
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A three-day conference held at Highgate House, Creaton, Northamptonshire.


The Wellcome Trust, 1999.

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The Wellcome Trust


27-29th October 1999


Programme: Introduction and welcome: Michael Wilkinson / Lance Lanyon--Session 1: Functional Determinants of Bone Architecture: Chairman - Dennis Carter; Rapporteur - Nigel Loveridge--What does bone have to do, and why does it fail? / John Currey--What can mathematics tell us about the control of (re)modelling, responsible for achieving and maintaining bone architecture? / Rik Huiskes--Functional determinants of bone architecture: what can 'in vivo' experiment tell us about functionally adaptive bone re(modelling)? / John Mosley--General Discussion--Session 2: The Functional Anatomy of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: Chairman - Rik Huiskes; Rapporteur - Alex Brabbs--Functional strain as a functional determinant of bone architecture / Andrew Biewener--How modelling and remodelling affect spinal bone mass, structure, and strength with age / Lis Mosekilde--Changes in bone architecture in postmenopausal osteoporosis / Juliet Compston--General Discussion--Session 3: The Origin of Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis, is there an epidemic?: Chairman - Stuart Ralston; Rapporteur - Nicky Peet--Osteoporosis: is there an epidemic; if so what are the possible causes? / Cyrus Cooper--Is poor nutrition a major contributor to osteoporosis? Ann Prentice--What do client trials tell us about the cases of osteoporosis? / Jonathon Reve--General Discussion--Controlling Mechanisms of Bone Remodelling: Chairman - Larry Raisz; Rapporteur - Gul Zaman--The octeoclast enters the modern era / Tim Chambers--Birth and death of bone cells: basic regulatory mechanisms and implications for pathogenesis and treatment of osteoporosis / Stavros Manolagas--Mechanical loading and estrogen: do they influence bone cell behaviour through a common pathway? / Lance Lanyon-- General Discussion-- Session 5: The Aetiology of Osteoporosis and Rationale for its Treatment: Chairman - Russell Turner; Rapporteur - Helen Jessop--Genetic influences on bone architecture: is osteoporosis genetically determined? / Stuart Ralston--The role of estrogen in the regulation of bone mass / Jon Tobias--Resorption inhibitors - are they the only way to prevent inappropriate bone loss? / Mike Horton--Can progenitor bone cell populations be manipulated to influence bone architecture? / Jon Beresford--General Discussion--Sex Steroids, Men and Estrogen Receptor Modulators: Chairman - Adrienne Flanagan; Rapporteur - Helen Buckler--Transcriptional regulation by oestrogen receptors / Malcolm Parker--Mechanistic distinctions among the selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS) / Donal McDonnell--Bone frailty in men / Ego Seeman--How important is testosterone in determining bone mass and does it mediate adaptive responses to mechanical strain in osteoblasts? / Joanna Price--General Discussion--Session 7: Exercise-Related Control of Bone Mass: Chairman - Ego Seeman; Rapporteur - Hans Scheissel--Can exercise usefully regulate bone mass in human? / Christine Snow--Which exercise regimes are most effective in influencing bone mass in humans? / Ari Heinonen--Animal models for studying the effect of exercise on the skeleton / Paul Lips--Strain mediated augmentation of bone mass and morphology: is it possible to harness the anabolic potential of mechanical stimuli without requiring exercise: / Clinton Rubin--General Discussion --Session 8: Mechanical Influences of Bone Cell Activity: Chairman - Jon Beresford; Rapporteur - Alex Brabbs--Loading related influences on osteocytes and control of remodelling / Brendan Noble--Differential mechanisms of signal transduction that mediate the induction of gene expression by cell adhesion or mechanical stimulation with osteoblasts / Louis Gerstenfeld--Mechanosensing in osteocytes / Yuko Mikuni-Takagaki--Modulation of gene expression in bone cells by fluid flow / Jenneke Klein Nulend--Femoral vein litigation increases bone mass in the hindlimb suspended rat / John Frangos--Communication of strain-related information between cells / Tim Skerry--General Discussion--Session 9: Synopis and Debate: Chairman - Lance Lanyon; Rapporteur - Nigel Loveridge--The role of mechanical signalling in the development of postmenopausal osteoporosis / Russell Turner--From the evidence presented at this meeting, mechanically adaptive (re)modelling is an important influence on bone architecture, but, is not of prime importance in the actiology of osteoporosis / Larry Raisz--From the evidence of this meeting, mechanically adaptive (re)modelling is the important influence on bone architecture and failure of its mechanisms are the primary lesion of osteoporosis / Tim Chambers--Debate--Closing remarks - Tim Skerry.



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