Seminar. 'Drugs in Psychiatric Practice'

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Sub-series consists of papers, correspondence, photographs and cassette tapes related to the seminar on "Drugs in Psychiatric Practice", which was held at the Wellcome Institute on 11 March 1997. The seminar was part of the Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine meetings also known as the Witness Seminars. The transcript of this seminar was published with three other seminars in Volume 2 of the Witness Seminar series, E.M. Tansey, D.A. Christie, L.A. Reynolds (editors), Making the Human Body Transparent: The Impact of N.M.R. and M.R.I.; Research in General Practice; Drugs in Psychiatric Practice; The M.R.C. Common Cold Unit, (London: Wellcome Trust, 1998).

The participants for the seminar were; Dr Derek Bangham; Professor Elaine Murphy; Professor George Beaumont; Dr Malcolm Pines; Sir Christopher Booth; Dr Peter Rohde; Dr Alan Broadhurst; Professor Merton Sandler; Professor Arthur Crisp; Dr Donald Scott; Professor Gerald Curzon; Professor Hannah Steinberg; Professor Michael Gelder; Professor Elizabeth Sykes; Dr Philip Harrison-Read; Dr Ian Tait; Dr David Healy (Chair); Dr Tilli Tansey; Professor Alec Jenner; Dr Trevor Turner; Dr James Le Fanu; Professor Joanna Weinberg; Professor Isaac Marks; and Dr David Wheatley.

The organiser of the meeting was Dr Tilli Tansey and the editors of the published transcript were E.M. Tansey and D.A. Christie.

Others present at the meeting and apologies; Dr John Bancroft; Dr James Birley; Professor Philip Bradley; Professor Michael Bury; Dr Gordon Claridge; Dr Alec Coppen; Professor Bill Deakin; Professor Hans Eysenck; Professor Hugh Freeman; Professor Malcolm Lader; Dr Maurice Lipsedge; Dr Gerald Low-Beer; Dr John Marks; Dr C Pare; Professor Roy Porter; Professor Robin Priest; Professor Linford Rees; Professor Sir Martin Roth; Dr Charles Ryecroft; Professor Gerry Stimson; and Dr Ian Stolerman.



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