Hundred or division of Salford, in the County of Lancaster. To the Constables of the Township of Manchester in the said Hundred. By virtue and in pursuance of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the present year of his Majesty's reign, entituled ̀̀an Act to enable his Majesty more effectually to provide for the Defence and Security of the Realm during the present War, and for indemnifying Persons who may suffer in their Property by such Measures as may be necessary for that Purpose.'' And by virtue and pursuance of the Directions under his Majesty's sign manual, bearing date the 12th day of April last. And also by virtue of a Precept under the hands of three of his Majesty's Deputy Lieutenants acting within and for the said County of Lancaster, to me directed, You are hereby required forthwith to make out Returns, in writing, of the Number of Men residing within your Township, between the age of Fifteen Years and under the age of Sixty Years, distinguishing which of them are by reason of Infirmity incapable of Active Service and which of them are engaged in any Volunteer Corps, and what Corps, and which of them are willing to engage themselves to be armed, arrayed, trained, and exercised for the Defence of the Kingdom, and upon what Terms, and which of them are willing to engage in Cases of Emergency either Gratuitously or for Hire, as boatmen or Bargemen, or as Drivers of Carriages or Horses, or Drivers of Waggons, Carts or Cattle, or as Poneers or other Labourers for any works or labour which may be necessary for the Public Service; and also distinguishing all Aliens and Quakers, and also of the Numbers of the Males and Females, residing within your Township, and who by reason of Infancy, Age, or Infirmity, or for other Cause, may probably be incapable of removing themselves in case of danger; and also procure Returns of all Boats, Barges, Waggons, Carts, Horses and other Cattle and Sheep, and of all Hay, Straw, Corn, Meal, Flour, and other Provisions, and of all Mills and Ovens, and all other Matters and Things which may be useful to an Enemy, or applicable to the Public Service, within your Township, and which of such Boats, Barges, Waggons, Carts, and Horses the owners thereof are willing to furnish in case of emergency for the public service, either Gratuitously or for Hire, and with what Number of Boatmen, Bargemen, Drivers and other necessary attendants, and upon what Terms and Conditions; And that they are to bring the said Returns, in writing, (together with a copy thereof) agreeable to the Schedules hereunto annexed, to the Deputy Lieutenants and Justices of the Peace acting within the said Hundred or Division, at their Sub-Division Meeting, to be holden for the purpose of receiving the said Returns at the house of Robert Caley, the Boar's-Head Inn, in Middleton, in their said Hundred or Division, on Tuesday the 15th day of May instant, by Ten o'clock in the forenoon, when and where you are to verify the said Returns on Oath, and herein you are not to fail at your peril. Given under my Hand the Third Day of May in the Year of our Lord 1798. High Constable.

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[Manchester? : s.n., 1798]

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