Military medical ethics / specialty editors, Thomas E. Beam, Linette R. Sparacino ; section editors, Edmund D. Pellegrino, Anthony E. Hartle, Edmund G. Howe.

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Falls Church, Va. : Office of the Surgeon General, United States Army ; Washington, DC : Borden Institute, Walter Reed Army Medical Center ; Bethesda, Md. : Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, 2003.

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2 volumes (xvii, 868 page) : color illustrations ; 29 cm.


v. 1. Sect. I. Medical ethics. The moral foundations of the patient-physician relationship: the essence of medical ethics / Edmund D. Pellegrino -- Theories of medical ethics: the philosphical structure / David C. Thomasma -- Clinical ethics: the art of medicine / John Collins Harvey -- The science behind the art: empirical research on medical ethics / Daniel P. Sulmasy -- Sect. II. Military ethics. The profession of arms and the officer corps / Anthony E. Hartle -- Honor, combat ethics, and military culture / Faris R. Kirkland -- The military and its relationship to the society it serves / Nicholas G. Fotion -- Just war doctrine and the international law of war / William V. O'Brien, Anthony C. Arend -- The soldier and autonomy / Sandra L. Visser -- Sect. III. The synthesis of medicine and the military. Physician-soldier: a moral profession / William Madden, Brian S. Carter -- Physician-soldier: a moral dilemma? / Victor W. Sidel, Barry Levy -- Mixed agency in military medicine: ethical roles in conflict / Edmund G. Howe -- v. 2. Sect. IV. Medical ethics in the military. Medical ethics on the battlefield: the crucible of military medical ethics / Thomas E. Beam -- Nazi medical ethics: ordinary doctors? / Robert N. Proctor -- Nazi hypothermia research: should the data be used? / Robert S. Pozos -- Japanese biomedical experimentation during the World-War-II era / Sheldon H. Harris -- The Cold War and beyond: covert and deceptive American medical experimentation / Susan E. Lederer -- Medical ethics in military biomedical research / Michael E. Frisina -- The human volunteer in military biomedical research / Paul J. Amoroso, Lynn L. Wenger -- Nursing ethics and the military / Janet R. Southby -- Religious and cultural considerations in military healthcare / David M. DeDonato, Rick D. Mathis -- Societal influences and the ethics of military healthcare / Jay Stanley -- Military medicine in war: the Geneva Conventions today / Lewis C. Vollmar, Jr. -- Military medicine in humanitarian missions / Joan T. Zajtchuk -- Military humanitarian assistance: the pitfalls and promise of good intentions / Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, Robert L. Mott -- A look toward the future / Thomas E. Beam, Edmund G. Howe -- A proposed ethics for military medicine / Thomas E. Beam, Edmund G. Howe.

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