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This body was founded in 1840 by Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845) as the Protestant Sisters of Charity, inspired by the nurse training school at Kaiserswerth. It appears to have been a suggestion of the first patron, the Dowager Queen Adelaide, which caused the name to be changed after only a year. These records came to the Queen's Nursing Institute in 1945 with the 'financial assets as well as the leasehold property' of the Institution. Unfortunately some of the records had already been destroyed: the registers of nurses (W.4 and 5) each contains a note by the Lady Superintendent to the effect that all others of each series were sent for salvage during the Second World War. 'Ladies Committee minutes', 1868-1926, listed among the QNI archives in 1982 as being possibly Institution of Nursing Sisters records, were not found to have been transferred to the CMAC and are missing.


Subjects covered in this section of the catalogue

Adelaide, Queen W.1, W.6/1
Alexandra, Queen W.7/1
Cotton, Charles W.6/6
Davey, Harriet W.6/4
Fry, Elizabeth W
Hutchinson, Mrs W.6/5
Institution of Nursing Sisters W
London, Bishop of W.1/1
Palmer, Sister W.6/3
Protestant Sisters of Charity W
Rowe, Harriet W.6/1
Smith, Mrs W.6/4
Thackeray, William Makepeace W.6/2

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