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Papers, digital records and footage regarding Stockport Arts for Health and Langley Brown's work with the organisation. See also ART/SAH: Stockport Arts & Health: archives.



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1 file, 3 VHS, 2 data CDs, 1 DVD

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Stockport Arts & Health (SA&H) was established in April 1993 to promote and support arts initiatives within Stockport's health service, including collaboration on joint projects with local borough departments and voluntary organisations.

SA&H was originally based at the Royal Devonshire Hospital, Buxton, where the SPA Arts project had been launched two years earlier; SPA Arts subsequently became a component of SA&H. In 1998 SA&H moved to a former ward at St Thomas Hospital, Stockport, and in 1999 the ward was converted to the Stockport Centre for Arts and Health, an exhibition and workshop space. Stockport Arts & Health closed suddenly in 2006 when its funding was withdrawn.

Wellcome holds the archive for Stockport Arts & Health: see ART/SAH.

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