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English Language Autograph Letters: Kidd-Kramer

1794 - 1953
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1. George Hugh Kidd - Letter to Edwin Belfour of 16 Nov 1858, anxious to obtain a copy of the Charters granted to the Royal College of Surgeons England in 1843-1852.

2. Francis Kiernan - Letter to Professor Jean Zuléma Amussat (1796-1856), 10 Sept 1823; Letter to John Gibson of 1 Dec 1827; Letter to J? Stone of 6 Oct 1871.

3. Thomas Pomfret Kilner - Letter to Dr C. J. Hackett at Wellcome Museum, 16 Jan 1953.

4. Sir James MacConnell Kilpatrick - Letter to Dr C. J. Hackett at Wellcome Museum, re the Honours list, 22 June 1953.

5. Samuel William King - letter to Mrs Skinner of 28 April 1863 which includes Cervus Oweni sketch discovered at Bacton in 1862.

6. Thomas Wilkinson King - Letter to unknown recipient, n.d.

7. Andrew Kippis - Letter to unnamed recipient of 17 June 1794.

8. William Kirby - Letter to G. B. Sowerby of 8 Feb 1825; letter to unnamed recipient of 24 May 1825; letter to J. D. C. Sowerby of 25 May 1827; testimonial for Samuel Stackbury of 23 June 1831; letter to Mr Fletcher, Bookseller, Norwich dated 22 April 1839.

9. Sir John Kirk - Lettter to Sclater of 6 July 1864 re 'the birds of Dickenses came today in answer to mine of a month back'.

10. Thomas Percy Claude Kirkpatrick - Letter to Dr Fischer of 14 March 1926.

11. William Kitchiner - Letter to unnamed recipient re a party consisting of opticians and mathematicians, n.d.; an invitation letter to Mr Ackermann of 5 Dec 1823; a note, n.d.; invitation for dinner with The Committe of Taste dated 14 Dec 1825.

12. Arnold Carl Klebs - incomplete letter to Sir D'Arcy Power of 7 May 1937 re his trip to Amerika; typed letter to Sir D'Arcy Power of 30 June 1938 re Harvey Cushing, Cairns and Osler Club meeting with Archie Mallich as orator.

13. Hermann Jakob Knapp - Letter to Dr Moore of 26 Dec 1904, re his travels to Bordeaux inspecting eye and ear hospital.

14. John Leonard Knapp - Letter to Samuel Carter Hall (1800-1889) author and editor dated 11 July 1831, re his Journal of a Naturalist and his contribution to the Amulet.

15. Sir Arnold James Knight - Letter to Messrs Deans and Son of 6 Dec 1864, re his qualifications not mentioned in their prospectus.

16. Charles Knight - autograph letter dated 23 Feb 1866.

17. Thomas Andrew Knight - Letter to Karl Dietrich Eberhard König (1774-1851), German naturalist and mineralogist, re fossils, 1824.

18. James Sheridan Knowles - Letter to Maria Charteres of Edinburgh, actress who married him on 25 October 1809, n.d.; letter to 'Dear Ladies', n.d.

19. Robert Knox - Certificate of 13 May 1830, in favour of Alexander J Watson for anatomy lectures during the Winter Session of 1829; Certificate of 27 May 1843, in favour of George Balfour for anatomy lectures during the Winter Session of 1940-1941.

20. Karl Dietrich Eberhard König - Letter to William Phillips, publisher, of 17 July 1802; letter to unknown recipient of 4 Sept 1809; letter to Dawson Turner of 28 May 1821; Ed. Magrath of 10 Jan 1831; letter in French to Monsieur Lefebure of 16 Feb 1833; letter to te Duke of Sussex of 1 Sept 1834; letter to Mr Wright of 2 Jan 1850, re mineral specimens Fultonite.

21. Wilhelm Kramer - Letter to unnamed recipient of 20 March 1839, sending him the second and much enlarged edition of his work Nature and treatment of the diseases of the earrequesting an impartial review in the British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review.


1794 - 1953

Physical description

1 file

Acquisition note

Purchased from Stevens, London, December 1919 (acc.92255); Charavay, Paris, March 1928 (acc.67375); E. Williams, Sussex, January 1929 (acc.56147); Stevens, London, January 1929 (acc.74959); Sotheby's, London, February 1930 (acc.52480); Stevens, London, March 1931 (acc.68133; acc.56482; acc.56483; acc.68130; acc.56483; acc.68133; acc.56483); Sotheby's, London, February 1931 (acc.56320); Stevens, London, April 1931 (acc.68566); Sotheby's, London, November 1933 (acc.67469); Sotheby's, London, December 1932 (acc.67553); Desgranges, Paris, October 1935 (acc.69099); Glendining, London, August 1935 (possibly an error for 1934) (acc.67878); Presented by Mrs. J.D. ?Comsie (accession register is unclear), November 1939 (acc.71391); part of a batch of material transferred from Wellcome Historical Medical Museum offices: provenance not known (acc.69200); Mrs. Watson, Burnley, March 1945 (acc.72200), presumably once part of the Thomas Madden Stone autograph collection.

Provenance details not recorded (acc.67430).

Acquisition details unknown or not recorded for nos.3,4,10,12,13,18.

Biographical note

George Hugh Kidd (1824-1895), surgeon, educated in Dublin and Edinburgh; became a Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and practiced medicine in Edinburgh; served as Master of Coombe Hospital for seven years from 1876; leading obstetrician and surgeon and was a founder of the Stewart Institute for Imbeciles. In 1876 he was President of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and he edited for many years the Dublin Journal of Medical Science.

Francis Kiernan (1800-1874), anatomist and physician; became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1825; elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1834 and was awarded its Copley Medal in 1836 for his work on the anatomy of the liver; founding member of the Senate of the University of London, where he acted as examiner and lecturer in anatomy and physiology.

Thomas Pomfret Kilner (1890-1964), plastic surgeon, Emeritus Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford.

Sir James MacConnell Kilpatrick (1902-1960), Air Marshal; Director of Hygiene and Research, Air Ministry 1947-1949; Deputy Director General of Medical Services 1950; Principal Medical Officer, Middle East Air Forces 1951; Director General of Medical Services, RAF 1951-1957; Dean of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 1957-1960.

Samuel William King (1821-1868), traveller and man of science, entomologist and geologist.

Thomas Wilkinson King (1809-1847), anatomist, he practised in Bedford Square in London; lecturer on Pathological Anatomy at Guy's Hospital; one of the original 300 fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Andrew Kippis (1725-1795), Presbyterian minister and biographer.

William Kirby (1759-1850),entomologist, an original member of the Linnean Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Sir John Kirk (1832-1922), physician, explorer, naturalist, botanist and political agent; he was medical officer in Zanzibar and in 1866 he was appointed vice-consul; he influenced the sultan of Zanzibar to sign an anti-slavery treaty which provided protection for all liberated slaves and closed the island's slave markets.

Thomas Percy Claude Kirkpatrick (1869 - 1954) was an eminent Irish physician, historian and writer.

William Kitchiner M.D. (1775–1827), optician, inventor of telescopes, amateur musician, epicure and writer. He was educated at Eton and had a medical degree from Glasgow; his book Apicius Redivivus, or the Cook's Oracle was a bestseller in England and America. In 1819 Kitchiner was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Arnold Carl Klebs (1870-1943), Swiss physician, tuberculosis specialist, medical historian and bibliographer; son of Edwin Klebs (1834 –1913) German-Swiss pathologist.

Hermann Jakob Knapp (1832-1911), German-American ophthalmologist and otologist; in 1869 he founded the New York Ophthalmic and Aural Institute, which from 1913 to 1939 was called the Herman Knapp Memorial Hospital; he invented his version of a device used in physiological optics to demonstrate the action of ocular muscles individually or in various combinations; several instruments used in eye surgery bear his name, including the "Knapp trachoma forceps".

John Leonard Knapp (1767-1845), botanist; his most successful work which was published anonymously include a series of articles for the Time's Telescope under the title of The naturalist's diary1920-1930 and The Journal of a Naturalist1829, which reached a fourth edition.

Sir Arnold James Knight (1789-1871), physician.

Charles Knight (1791-1873), author and publisher.

Thomas Andrew Knight (1759-1838), horticulturalist and plant physiologist; attended Balliol College, Oxford; in 1806 he received the Copley medal for his papers on plant physiology; Knight was president of the London Horticultural Society 1811-1838; author of A Treatise on the Culture of the Apple and Pear, 1797

James Sheridan Knowles (1784 –1862), Irish dramatist and actor; his most famous dramas are Virginius (1820) and The Hunchback (1832); many of his contemporaries thought that he was the greatest dramatist of his day; his plays William Tell and The Wife were in the American repertory for many years.

Robert Knox (1791-1862), Scottish surgeon, anatomist and zoologist.

Karl Dietrich Eberhard König (1774-1851), German naturalist and minerologist;keeper of the department of natural history in the British Museum.

Wilhelm Kramer (1801-1875), otologist. His work include The nature and treatment of diseases of the ear(1837), and The aural surgery of the present day(1863).

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