Vaccines: Pasteurella Septica Vaccine and Antiserum

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Vaccines: Pasteurella Septica Vaccine and Antiserum - veterinary. Pasteurellosis in cattle in Britain is mainly confined to young animals although isolated outbreaks of " haemorrhagic septicaemia " do occasionally occur in older cattle. Its vaccine is indicated for the active immunisation of cattle and sheep where the infection occurs. Dosage cattle- 2 injections each of 5 c.c. In sheep one injection of 2 c.c. The Vaccine is issued in bottles of 50 c.c. Antiserum is for the treatment of animals already infected and to obtain immediate protection of in-contacts. Dosage calves 10 c.c.; adult cattle 20-40 c.c.Sheep 10 c.c.. Antiserum is issued in bottles of 100 c.c.

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