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Child receiving vaccine at fixed site facility Zambia

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Vaccination: programme strategies

This picture was taken in Zambia. Its shows a health worker giving an injection to a baby being held on its mother's lap. The mothers are carrying growth monitoring charts to record their children's health and development.

One strategy for the delivery of vaccines is for health workers to administer vaccines at fixed sites. Fixed sites are health facilities such as health centres and health posts that offer a range of primary health care activities or curative services. For example, mother and child clinics aim to provide an integrated package of health and nutrition care. This package includes prompt treatment of respiratory infections and other childhood illnesses, immunization, growth monitoring and promotion to help prevent malnutrition, micronutrient (eg. vitamin A) supplementation, and health education and counselling. Mothers are more likely to attend clinics when they receive several services at a single visit.


Credit: John & Penny Hubley

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