Music, sound, and the laboratory from 1750-1980 / edited by Alexandra Hui, Julia Kursell, and Myles W. Jackson.

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Chicago, Illinois : University Of Chicago Press, 2013.

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303 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.


Introduction -- Music, sound, and the laboratory from 1750 to 1980 / Alexandra Hui, Julia Kursell, and Myles W. Jackson -- Techniques of evidence -- Thomas Young's Musical Optics: Translating Sound into Light / Peter Pesic -- The electrical imagination: sound analogies, equivalent circuits, and the rise of electroacoustics, 1863-1939 / Roland Wittje -- The aesthetics of the signal: noise research in long-wave radio communications / Daniel Gethmann -- Listening to the Cold War: the nuclear test ban negotiations, seismology, and psychoacoustics, 1958-1963 / Axel Volmar -- Phenomenotechnique of sound -- Mineral sound or missing fundamental: cultural history as signal analysis / Bernhard Siegert -- Changeable ears: Ernst Mach's and Max Planck's studies of accommodation in hearing / Alexandra Hui -- The audiovisual field in Bruce Nauman's videos / Armin Schäfer -- Camera silenta: time experiments, media networks, and the experience of organlessness / Henning Schmidgen -- Circulation of sound objects -- Experiments on tone color in music and acoustics: Helmholtz, Schoenberg, and klangfarbenmelodie / Julia Kursell -- Craftsmen-turned-scientists? The circulation of explicit and working knowledge in musical-instrument making, 1880-1960 / Sonja Petersen -- Listening to the piano pedal: acoustics and pedagogy in late nineteenth-century contexts / Elfrieda Hiebert -- "A towering virtue of necessity": interdisciplinarity and the rise of computer music at Vietnam-era Stanford / Cyrus C. M. Mody and Andrew J. Nelson -- Toward a new organology: instruments of music and science / John Tresch and Emily I. Dolan -- Notes on contributors.

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