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1939 - 1978
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A series of articles co-authored by Hartree:

"Relationship Between Certain Components of the Cytochrome System", Nature Vol.176 (1955) with David Keilin.

"Spectroscopic Study of the Permeability and Lysis of Red Blood Corpuscles", Nature Vol.157 (1946) with David Keilin.

"Cytochrome and Cytochrome Oxidase", Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Vol.127 No.847 (May 1939) with David Keilin.

"Distribution of Metabolic Activity, Phospholipid and Hyaluronidase between the Heads and Tails of Bull Spermatozoa", Biochemical Journal 84 (1962) with J Masaki.

"Observations on the Mammalian Acrosome: Experimental Removal of Acrosomes from Ram and Bull Spermatozoa", Journal of Reproduction and Fertility, 5 (1963) with RR Hathaway.

"Chemical Action of Acrosomal Preparations on the Rabbit Ovum in Vitro", Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 10 (1965) with PN Srivastava and CE Adams.

"Lysosomal Nature of the Acrosomes of Ram Spermatozoa", Biochemical Journal Vol.3 No.5 (1968) with AC Allison.

"Lysosomal Enzymes in the Acrosome and Their Possible Role in Fertilization", Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 21 (1970) with AC Allison.

"Lysosomes and Fertilization", Research in Reproduction Vol.1 No.6 (1969) with AC Allison.

"Inhibitory Effect of Ferrous Ions on Warren Assay of N-Acetylneuraminic Acid", Analytical Biochemistry Vol.35 No.1 (1970) with CR Brown.

"Studies of the Bulbo-Urethral (Cowper's)-Gland Mucin and Seminal Gel of the Boar", Biochemical Journal 117 (1970) with JC Boursnell and PA Briggs.

"A Factor in Animal Tissues that Causes Sialyl Residues of Mucoproteins to React as Free Sialic Acid in the Warren Assay", Biochemical Journal 118 (1970) with CR Brown and PN Srivastava.

"Distribution of a Trypsin-Like Proteinase in the Ram Spermatozoon", Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 36 (1974) with CR Brown

"Studies on Ram Acrosin", Biochemical Journal 149 (1975) with Colin Brown and Zarina Andani.

"Identification of acrosin in mouse spermatozoa", Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 46 (1976) with CR Brown.

"Comparison of neutral proteinase activities in cock and ram spermatozoa and observations on a proacrosin in cock spermatozoa", Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 46 (1976) with Cr Brown.

"An Acrosin Inhibitor in Ram Spermatozoa that Does Not Originate from the Seminal Plasma", Hoppe-Seyler's Z. Physiological Chemistry 356 (1975) with CR Brown.

"Effects of Acrosin Inhibitors on the Soluble and Membrane-Bound Forms of Ram Acrosin, and a Reappraisal of the Role of the Enzyme in Fertilization", Hoppe-Seyler's Z. Physiological Chemistry 357 (1976) with CR Brown.

"Prevention of fertilization by exposure of hamster eggs to soluble acrosin", Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 50 (1977) with RBL Gwatkin, L Wudl and E Fink.

"Studies on Ram Acrosin", Biochemical Journal 175 (1978) with Colin Brown.


1939 - 1978

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