Global power knowledge : science and technology in international affairs / edited by John Krige and Kai-Henrik Barth.

[2006], ©2006
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Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago Press, [2006], ©2006.

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iii, 309 pages ; 26 cm.


Introduction: science, technology, and international affairs, new perspectives / John Krige, Kai-Henrik Barth -- Negotiating global nuclearities: apartheid, decolonization, and the Cold War in the Making of the IAEA / Gabrielle Hecht -- Ambivalence of nuclear histories / Itty Abraham -- Prometheus unleashed : science as a diplomatic weapon in the Lyndon B. Johnson administration / Ronald E. Doel, Kristine C. Harper -- Politics of noncooperation: the boycott of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics / Alexis De Greiff -- Exporting MIT: science, technology, and nation-building in India and Iran / Stuart W. Leslie, Robert Kargon -- "An effective instrument of peace": scientific cooperation as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy, 1938-1950 / Clark A. Miller -- Atoms for peace, scientific internationalism, and scientific intelligence / John Krige -- Catalysts of change: scientists as transnational arms control advocates in the 1980s / Kai-Henrik Barth -- Hallowed lords of the sea: scientific authority and radioactive waste in the United States, Britain, and France / Jacob Darwin Hamblin -- Meteorology as infrastructural globalism / Paul N. Edwards -- Globalization and regulation in the biotech world: the transatlantic debates over cancer genes and genetically modified crops / Jean-Paul Gaudillère -- Biotechnology and empire: the global power of seeds and science / Sheila Jasanoff.

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