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Colour posters near A3 size advertising various editions of the The Journal of Physiology Symposium. Washington DC, USA, April 1999; Miami, USA, October 1999; San Diego, USA, April 2000; New Orleans, USA, November 2000; Christchurch, New Zealand, August 2001; Tubingen, Germany, March 2002; Los Angeles, USA, March 2002; Fukuoka, Japan, March 2003; Leeds, UK, September 2004;

Colour posters near A4 size advertising various editions of the The Journal of Physiology Symposium. San Diego, USA, October 2004; San Diego, USA, April 2005; Toronto, Canada, November 2005; Okayama, Japan, July 2006; Atlanta, USA, October 2006; Baltimore, USA, March 2007; Washington DC, USA, April 2007; Washington DC, USA, May 2007; Melbourne, Australia, July 2007; Darwin, Australia, July 2007; San Diego, USA, November 2007; Long Beach, USA, February 2008; San Diego, USA, April 2008; Fort Lauderdale, USA, April 2008; Geneva, Switzerland, July 2008; Beijing, China, October 2008; Washington DC, USA, November 2008; Boston, USA, February 2009; Glasgow, UK, March 2009; New Orleans, USA, April 2009; Dublin, Ireland, July 2009; Kyoto, Japan, July 2009.



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