A young English woman returning from Paris with her French governesss is not recognized by her uncle, aunt and sister owing to her French speech and clothes. Etching by George Cruikshank after EHL.

  • L., E.H., active 1816-1817.
Augt. 1st 1835
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London (26 Haymarket) : Pub.d by Thos. McLean, Augt. 1st 1835.

Physical description

1 print : etching ; image 23 x 35.6 cm


Le retour de Paris or, the neice presented to her relatives by her French governess. ... ; EHL. del 1816. ; Etched by G. Cruikshank. The lettering continues in a panel below the design. The stay-at-home sister says, "Well-a-day Aunt! what monstrosities are these?" The uncle says, "In the name of all that's Christian speak & say what you are, & where you come from, you Hottenpots". The governess replies, "Madame j'ai l'honneur de vous presenter votre neice, elle est tout-a-fait Françoise, parle notre langue à la perfection, chante comme un ange, danse comme Terpsichore, elle même mange les Grenouilles." The niece says, "Ma chere tante mon oncle ma seeur [i.e. soeur], ne connoissez vous pas votre petite Emilie?" The aunt retorts, "Aye dont talk to me of Turpuschore & Green-Owls or any of your hocus-pocus nonsense—Speak plain English you mountebanks do—or I'll make you answer before my husband one of his Majesty's justices—I will." The French servant says, "Oh Diable! comme je tremble quand je regarde le visage menaçant de ce grand Monsieur Bull, et quand j'entend la voix barbare de cette grenadiere je suis pret à mourir—mais je me cacherai autant que je peux derrière Madame."


Forms a pair with Wellcome Library no. 33151i

References note

British Museum, Catalogue of political and personal satires, vol. IX, London 1949, nos. 12922 (related print with imprint of Hannah Humphrey, 1817) and 13434 (related version)


Wellcome Collection 28527i

Creator/production credits

The artist "EHL" appears to be unidentified. Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873) was a child prodigy, but this does not seem likely to be his work



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