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Working files on the organisation of international conferences on epilepsy. Most files discuss the conference programme and many contain transcripts of talks delivered to delegates. The files are arranged by conference and generally contain the files of the Organising Committee, the files of the scientific programme and thereafter files that are more administrative in nature. In many cases the files of the Organising Committees provide a general summary of the conference arranagements. The words 'Symposium' and 'Congress' are used interchangeably throughout the records but both are used to mean a multi-day international conference.



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One of the main objectives of the ILAE was to disseminae knowledge and learning between medical professionals working in the field of epilepsy. This was achieved by holding international meetings, which evolved into international annual conferences. From 1969 such conferences were organised in tandem with the IBE (International Bureau for Epilepsy)
Meetings were held roughly every 4 years until 1977 and known as 'the quadrennial meetings of the ILAE'. In 1978, with the formation of Epilepsy International as an umbrella organisation, the conferences were held under its egis and now became an annual event. The first Epilepsy Interntational Symposium was held in 1978 and its numbering followed on from the sequence of IBE meetings. Hence the 1978 symposium was numbered as the 10th Epilepsy Interntational Symposium. After the dissolution of Epilepsy International from 1985 the meetings reverted back to being jointly organised by the ILAE and IBE and were renamed from 1989 as International Epilepsy Congresses. These meetings were held bi-annually. The term 'Congress' was used from 1981 onwards as it was felt that the meetings had outgrown being symposia and could now count as being called congresses.

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See also SA/ILE/L which relate to workshops on specific subjects. Some workshops were the size of a conference while other workshops were held as part of international conferences.

Ownership note

Some of the files in this section were named 'Meinardi files'. They did not always involve correspondence involving Harry Meinardi and related to various administrative and planning matters for the conferences. Therefore they have been included in the general correspondence files or re-named as such. Where files remain named as 'Meinardi correspondence' they relate to Meinardi personally. Some do include some conference administration while most comprise his personal conference booking arrangements.

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