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Sir Oliver Lodge (1851-1940)

  • Lodge, Oliver, Sir, 1851-1940.
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1.To J.T Leon. University College , Liverpool. 23/11/1885.

2.To G.J Symons, F.R.S, Liverpool. 07/03/1891.

3.To Sir-; (publisher). U.C. Liverpool. 16/02/1898.

4.To Samuel Waddington. The University Birmingham. 17/01/1907.

5.To Revd. Stephen C. Walley. Birmingham. 13/05/1907.

6.To Dean. Edgbaston. 23/07/1907.

7.To Mr. Pilson. Birmington. 27/01.1908.

8.To Dr. Burton. 23/10/1913.

9. To Master. N.D.

10. To David Fraser-Harris. 11/10/1927

11. To David Fraser-Harris. 24/11/1927

12. To David Fraser-Harris. 26/11/1927

13. To David Fraser-Harris. 25/11/1927

14. To David Fraser-Harris. 24/11/1927

15. To David Fraser-Harris. 15/02/1932

16. To David Fraser-Harris. 17/02/1932

17. To David Fraser-Harris. 03/10/1932

18. To David Fraser-Harris. 05/10/1932

19. To David Fraser-Harris. 03/07/1934

20. To Prof. Forster Morley. 08/05/1881

21. To Prof. Forster Morley. 16/04/1903



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Acquisition note

Purchased from Stevens, London, March 1931 (acc.68132),Transferred from Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, c.1939 (acc.91800),Purchased from Glendining, London, December 1931 (acc.67601), Transferred from Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, c.1939 (acc.91800), Purchased from Glendining, London, February 1932 (acc.67677), Purchased from Glendining, London, May 1935 (acc.68611),N.N, Purchased from Glendining, London, August 1935 (possibly an error for 1934) (acc.67880), Purchased from Glendining, London, August 1932 (acc.67694), Purchased from Sotheby's, London, February 1930 (acc.52479), 10-19 Purchased from Mrs D. Fraser -Harris Febuary1937, 20-21 Purchased from John Wilson, Oxford, April 1992 (acc.348912).

Biographical note

Scientist and first principal of Birmingham University; studied at Royal College of Science and University College, London;, 1877: professor of physics. Liverpool, 1881-1900: F.R.S., 1877: knighted, 1902; president, British Association, 1913.

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