Freak shows ephemera. Box 5.

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Box file containing items of ephemera in acid free sleeves. This is all pre-1850 and includes: albinos, bearded ladies (hirsutism), conjoined twins, dwarves, extreme emaciation (living skeletons), ethnic novelties (maoris, bushmen, chinese, eskimos), multiple limbs (a boy and a hen), giants, goitre, 'horn' on the forehead, limbless, obesity, pigmentation disorders (vitiligo? piebaldism?), thorny growths, stony, scale-like covering of the skin, a double-sighted or mind reading youth, a nyctalopess (able to see in the dark?), Bernard Cavanagh (the fasting Man) who hadn't eaten for 6 years and the preserved body of a 500 year old Peruvian woman.

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.


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