John Hodgkin junior (1800-1875)

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Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

Abbatt, Richard: PP/HO/E/A930, A933

Abbott, A.R.: PP/HO/E/A2524, A2599, A2601, A2621, A2701

Abbott, R.: PP/HO/E/A702

Abell, John: PP/HO/E/A1503, A1580, A1720

Abell, Sarah: PP/HO/E/A1999A

Accademia Gioenia di Scienzi Naturali: PP/HO/E/A644

Ady, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A1838

Aggs, Henry: PP/HO/E/A1384

Albright, Arthur: PP/HO/E/A2554, A2860, A3097

Alexander, Alfred J.: PP/HO/E/A2990

Alexander, Ann: PP/HO/E/A1144, A1286, A1290, A1577, A2174, A2735, A2751

Alexander, E.R.: PP/HO/E/A2489

Alexander, G.W.: PP/HO/E/A2525, A2641, A2644, A2646, A2648, A2718, A2741, A2755, A2806, A2817, A2893, A2915, A2921, A2940, A2942, A2945, A2952, A2981, A2989, A3002-A3003, A3053, A3084, A3091, A3109, A3151, A3158

Alexander, Richard D.: PP/HO/E/A847, A849

Alexander, S.: PP/HO/E/A1325

Allanson, R.: PP/HO/E/A2409

Allen, Alexander: PP/HO/E/A1652, A1656, A1658, A1812, A1831, A2107

Allen, Hannah Stafford: PP/HO/E/A1150

Allen, John: PP/HO/E/A927, A1770, A1861, A2068, A2224

Allen, Richard: PP/HO/E/A1378, A1444, A1491

Allen, Stafford: PP/HO/E/A1218, A3155

Allen, William: PP/HO/E/A621, A628

Alsop, Christine R.: PP/HO/E/A1276,1873

Alwood, ?: PP/HO/E/A722

Amory, Nelson, Travers and ?Wigan: PP/HO/E/A1884

André, Louis: PP/HO/E/A648

Aplin, Benjamin W.: PP/HO/E/A729, A755, A1017, A1906, A1958, A2074

Aplin, William: PP/HO/E/A2004, A2193, A2662

Appleby, Joshua: PP/HO/E/A2231

Armfield, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A2681

Armistead, William: PP/HO/E/A2044

Armstrong, George: PP/HO/E/A2236

Armstrong, William, Sir: PP/HO/E/A2534

Ash, Edward: PP/HO/E/A720, A793, A1326, A1524, A1675, A1925, A2788, B63

Ashby, Mary A.: PP/HO/E/A3007

Ashley, Frederick: PP/HO/E/A2142

Ashley, John: PP/HO/E/A739-A740, A747, A751, A774-A775, A860, A868, A907, A979, A1243, A1571, A2241, A2275, A2370, A2485, A2608, A2656, A3168-A3169, B4, B12

Ashwell, S.: PP/HO/E/A782

Ashworth, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2123, A2513, A2526, A2528, A2604

Atkins, James: PP/HO/E/A2019

Atkinson, Charles C.: PP/HO/E/A2539-A2540, A2711

Austin, B.: PP/HO/E/A946

Baber, H.H.: PP/HO/E/A3197

Backhouse, Edmund: PP/HO/E/A195A, A352A, A484

Backhouse, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1115

Backhouse, Elizabeth: PP/HO/E/A2716

Backhouse, Hannah Chapman: PP/HO/E/A267-A268, A399

Backhouse, James: PP/HO/E/A1280, A1359, A1523, A1912

Backhouse, John Church : PP/HO/E/A2130

Backhouse, Katharine: PP/HO/E/A1210, A1226, A1240, A1244, A1540, A1633, A2663, A2730, A2859, A2947

Baines, M. Talbot: PP/HO/E/A670,673

Bancroft, W.J.: PP/HO/E/A1393

Bannister, Jane: PP/HO/E/A2007

Barclay, A.R.: PP/HO/E/A844, A846

Barclay, Ann Ford: PP/HO/E/A1164, A1178, A1227, A1241, A1369, A1413, A1515, A1553, A1558

Barclay, Anne E.: PP/HO/E/A1810

Barclay, Elizabeth: PP/HO/E/A1176, A1226, A1442, A2104, A2472, A2801, A2907

Barclay, Elizabeth A.: PP/HO/E/A3039

Barclay, J.M.: PP/HO/E/A1163, A1392, A1413, A1477, A1599, A1957, A2801

Barclay, John: PP/HO/E/A601, A1237

Barclay, John James: PP/HO/E/A1031

Barclay, Joseph Gurney: PP/HO/E/A1433, A1436, A1597, A1610, A1663, A1683, A1768, A1773, A1789, A1807, A2073, A2085, A2143, A2264, A2779, A2801, A2978, A3023, A3085, A3145

Barclay, Robert: PP/HO/E/A1022, A1141, A1162, A1328, A1357, A1433, A1448, A1846, A1853, A1926, A2292, A2919, A3092, A3408

Barker, Sarah J.: PP/HO/E/B40

Barnard, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A1077

Barnett and Company: PP/HO/E/A2559

Barnett, Robert: PP/HO/E/A2928

Barrett, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A885, A2244

Barrett, Richard: PP/HO/E/A898, A1125, A1541

Barrington, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1822

Barrington, William L.: PP/HO/E/A1435, A1475, A1545, A1651, A1809, A1827

Barrow, Eliza: PP/HO/E/A2147, A2563

Bass, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A1839

Bates, Elisha: PP/HO/E/A734

Batt, Richard: PP/HO/E/A2132

Bax, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1098

Baxter, Wynne E.: PP/HO/E/A3059

Baynes, Oswald: PP/HO/E/A2112, A2121, A2124

Beale, Abraham: PP/HO/E/A1298, A1308

Beale, Mary: PP/HO/E/A1876

Beale, Susa Jas: PP/HO/E/APP/HO/1339

Beck, Elizabeth: PP/HO/E/A1689

Beck, M.E.: PP/HO/E/A1612, A1622

Beck, Susanna [Rickman]: PP/HO/E/A607, A626, A891, A895, A897, A899, A1265, A1414, A1512, A1587, A1744, A1896, A1976, A2029, A2034-A2035, A2095, A2138, A2819, A2821

Beck, W.: PP/HO/E/A2742

Bedford, Peter: PP/HO/E/A820, A914, A921, A981, A985, A987, A1006, A1008, A1030, A1065, A1110, A1449, A1531, A1611, A1671, A1718, A1930, A2009, A2011-A2013, A2015, A2017, A2059, A2072, A2102, A2113, A2115, A2149, A2170, A2177, A2180, A2191, A2194, A2306, A2377, A2386, A2398, A2424, A2429, A2497

Beesley, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A1040

Bell, George L.: PP/HO/E/A1390, A1529, A1700, A1825, A2030, A2036, A2175

Bell, H.H.: PP/HO/E/A1823

Bell, Henry: PP/HO/E/A1479, A1583

Bell, James: PP/HO/E/A1279

Benezet, Eugenie: PP/HO/E/A1102, A1104

Benezet, Justine: PP/HO/E/A1148-A1149

Benson, R.: PP/HO/E/A901

Benyon, Josh Burtt: PP/HO/E/A993

Berriat, ?: PP/HO/E/A669

Best, William Samuel, 2nd Baron Wynford: PP/HO/E/A1565

Bevan, Judith N.: PP/HO/E/A2627

Bevan, Paul: PP/HO/E/A1054

Bevan, William: PP/HO/E/A1361

Bewlay, H.: PP/HO/E/A1089

Bewley, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A1220, A1492, A1511, A1527, A1560, A1707, A1754, A1936

Bewley, Samuel, junior: PP/HO/E/A1454, A1459, A1513, A1814, A1954, A2105

Bewley, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2094, A2206, A2481

Bialloblotsky, Friedrich: PP/HO/E/A1202, A1496, A1732

Bigland, John: PP/HO/E/A881

Binns, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1124

Birkbeck, E.L.: PP/HO/E/A1586, A2217A

Birkbeck, H.: PP/HO/E/A3011

Birmingham and Midland Freed Men's Aid Association: PP/HO/E/A2554, A2622, A2860, A2888

Bishop, B.: PP/HO/E/A915, A936, A939, A957, A1192, A1291

Blackard, J.S.: PP/HO/E/A2483

Blair, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1750

Blencowe, J.G.: PP/HO/E/A2615

Blencowe, R.W.: PP/HO/E/A2352, A2365, A2762, A2781

Bode, ?, Baron de: PP/HO/E/A2359, A2373, A2376, A2389

Booth, James: PP/HO/E/A2908

Boott, Francis: PP/HO/E/A862

Boulton, William: PP/HO/E/A763, A769

Bowden, J.W.: PP/HO/E/A640

Bowden, James: PP/HO/E/A1096, A1177, A1201, A1203, A1208, A1573

Bowerman, Levi: PP/HO/E/B39

Bowley, S.: PP/HO/E/A1971

Bowly, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A1919

Bowring, John: PP/HO/E/A634

Braikenridge, William: PP/HO/E/A749

Braithwaite, Anna: PP/HO/E/A757, B9

Braithwaite, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A767, A785

Braithwaite, J.: PP/HO/E/A761

Braithwaite, J.B.: PP/HO/E/A977, A1049, A1090, A1100, A1114, A1126, A1142, A1158, A1160, A1169-A1170, A1180, A1183, A1205, A1212, A1221, A1262, A1284, A1327, A1335, A1345, A1360, A1404, A1409, A1415-A1416, A1419-A1420, A1429, A1434, A1440, A1462, A1473, A1502, A1516, A1518, A1525, A1532, A1602, A1608, A1612, A1626, A1638, A1666, A1695, A1741, A1746, A1757, A1851, A1862, A1904, A1909, A1912, A1918, A1922, A1927, A1944, A1967, A1991, A2005, A2014, A2057, A2065, A2070, A2079, A2109, A2114, A2118, A2151-A2152, A2156, A2167, A2205, A2207, A2232, A2302, A2307, A2310, A2342, A2356, A2367, A2401, A2438, A2469, A2471, A2564, A2567, A2625, A2645, A2653, A2719, A2723, A2764, A2849, A2914, A2916, A2955, A2975, A2985, A3018-A3019, A3101, A3111, A3120, A3316, A3349

Braithwaite, Martha: PP/HO/E/A1949, A2163, A2171, A2189, A2438, A2679

Brand, H.: PP/HO/E/A2439, A2446, A2616, A2876

Brereton, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1878

Bright, John: PP/HO/E/A2425, A2430

Bright, Richard: PP/HO/E/A78, A800, A805

Bristow, Simon: PP/HO/E/A695

Brougham, Henry, Baron Brougham and Vaux: PP/HO/E/A679

Brown, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A973, A1997, A2939, A3070, A3161

Brown, John: PP/HO/E/A1764, A1776, A1787, A1854, A1868, A1981, A2213

Brown, John, junior: PP/HO/E/A1277

Brown, P.: PP/HO/E/A1747

Brown, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1034, A1601

Browne, Henry: PP/HO/E/A2614

Browne, Mary B.: PP/HO/E/A2086

Browne, William: PP/HO/E/A2773

Bruine?, Edward: PP/HO/E/A2688

Burlington, M.M.: PP/HO/E/B36

Burn, John S., secretary to Registration Commissioners: PP/HO/E/A802

Burne, Walter: PP/HO/E/A2137

Burton, M.A.: PP/HO/E/A1874

Burton, Mary: PP/HO/E/A950, A1667, A1842

Burtt, Mary: PP/HO/E/A2449

Buxton, Catherine, Dowager Lady Buxton: PP/HO/E/A2607

Buxton, Thomas Fowell, Sir [1st Baronet]: PP/HO/E/A614, A620, A656-A657

Buxton, Thomas Fowell, Sir [3rd Baronet]: PP/HO/E/A2692, A2694

Cadbury, B.H.: PP/HO/E/A2622

Cadbury, Hannah: PP/HO/E/A2557

Cadbury, James: PP/HO/E/A1948

Calloway, Henry: PP/HO/E/A1080, A1554, A1900

Campbell, John, 1st Baron Campbell: PP/HO/E/A762, A3170

Capper, John: PP/HO/E/A1213, A1461, A2304

Carr, Henry: PP/HO/E/A1697

Case, John: PP/HO/E/A2362, A2363

Cash, John: PP/HO/E/A1880

Cassonet, Peter Vincent: PP/HO/E/A713

Catchpool, J.: PP/HO/E/A1009, A1098

Causland, J.M.: PP/HO/E/A1245, A1261, A1273, A1556

Cellay, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1600

Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends: PP/HO/E/A1460, A1796

Chalkley, Henry: PP/HO/E/A2305

Chaplin, J.C.: PP/HO/E/A858, A992, A1055

Chapman, Hannah G.: PP/HO/E/A1715

Charlesworth, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1730

Clapham, John F.: PP/HO/E/A1021

Clark, James H., Sir: PP/HO/E/A817

Clark, John Henry: PP/HO/E/A882, A928, A1139, A1153, A1187, A1195, A1538

Clark, W.L.S.: PP/HO/E/A2748, A2756, A2797, A2852, A2874, A2897

Clayton, John: PP/HO/E/A2330, A2337

Clayton, Maria: PP/HO/E/A3133

Cleghorn, J. [secretary, North Eastern Railway]: PP/HO/E/A3042

Clibborn, ?: PP/HO/E/A3418

Clibborn, Elizabeth: PP/HO/E/A1469, A1482, A1493, A1500, A1526, A1604, A1634, A1785, A1802, A1865, A1869, A1897, A1950, A2016, A2181

Clibborn, William: PP/HO/E/A1396, A1408, A1519, A1708, A1743, A1798

Close, J.: PP/HO/E/A1830

Coates, John: PP/HO/E/A709

Cobb, Edward: PP/HO/E/A2637

Cockle, R.: PP/HO/E/A1817

Coffin, Charles F.: PP/HO/E/A2501, A3154, B44

Coleman, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A928, A984

Collins, Joseph M.: PP/HO/E/A3121

Combe, B.B. Benjamin: PP/HO/E/A2324

Combe, J.F.B.: PP/HO/E/A2242

Compton, Theodore: PP/HO/E/A3139

Congdon, Gilbert: PP/HO/E/A2634, A2785

Congdon, James: PP/HO/E/B37

Cooke, Peter: PP/HO/E/A869

Cookson, Wainwright and Company: PP/HO/E/A2946

Cooper, Frederick: PP/HO/E/A2707

Cooper, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A2477-A2478, A2649, A2710, A2712-A2713, A2836, A2847, A2850, A2855, A2863, A2923, B74-B75, B80, B84, B89, B91

Cooper, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A889

Coote, Richard Holmes: PP/HO/E/A674, B3A-E

Coquerel, Charles: PP/HO/E/A629

Cotterell, J.H.: PP/HO/E/A2867

Council on Education, Committee: PP/HO/E/A896

Cove, Henry: PP/HO/E/A2519, A2782

Cresswell, Rachel E.: PP/HO/E/A1288, A1664, A1828, A2811

Crewdson, Elizabeth: PP/HO/E/A768

Crewdson, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A778, B5

Crewdson, Mary: PP/HO/E/B6

Crewdson, William Dillworth: PP/HO/E/B6

Crier, John [Secretary, Vale of Neath Railway]: PP/HO/E/A2671

Crompton, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1915

Cromwell, E.: PP/HO/E/A1646

Crosfield, Henry: PP/HO/E/A2185-A2186, A2188, A2265, A2295, A2461, A2506, A2537, A2540, A2624, A2744, A2864, A2973, A3041, A3103, A3141-A3142, A3144

Crosfield, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A1584, A2620, A2753

Crouch, Lucretia: PP/HO/E/A2077

D'Albiac, A.: PP/HO/E/A2776

D'Albiac, George Charles: PP/HO/E/A2402, A2586, A2605, A2630, A2683

Dann, T. Tully: PP/HO/E/A2816, A2986, A3009, A3092, A3361

Darcy, Alexander: PP/HO/E/A956

Darton, Samuel [clerk, Devonshire House Monthly Meeting]: PP/HO/E/A1460, A1796

D'Aubigne, Merle: PP/HO/E/A1939

Davis, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A2139, A2141, A2148, A2211

Davis, Mary: PP/HO/E/A2545

Davis, Robert: PP/HO/E/A2667, A2678

Davis, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A1483

De Felice, G.: PP/HO/E/B:78

Dear, W.S.: PP/HO/E/A2492, A2728, A2740, A2752, A2880, A2932

Dell, Barton: PP/HO/E/A1574, A1648, A1698, A1705, A1940, A2144

Dell, R.: PP/HO/E/A2303

Denman, Thomas, 1st Baron Denman: PP/HO/E/A851

Dersley, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2210

Dickinson, Barnard: PP/HO/E/A1723, A1777

Didiez, N.: PP/HO/E/A632

Dix, John: PP/HO/E/A1161, A1710, A1722, A1763, A2214

Dodswell, Henry S.: PP/HO/E/A2937, A3075

Doig, R.: PP/HO/E/A3115

Dowd, Susanna: PP/HO/E/A1852

Drewett and Fowler: PP/HO/E/A1669

Drewry, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1694

Dudley, Elizabeth: PP/HO/E/A754, A1052, A1122

Dudley, William: PP/HO/E/A1256

Dusgate, Robert: PP/HO/E/A2456

Dymond, Edith: PP/HO/E/A995, A998

Ecroyd, Benjamin: PP/HO/E/A1073, A1961, A2906, A2911

Edmunds, William: PP/HO/E/A1332

Edwards, Charles: PP/HO/E/A1836

Egerton, H.: PP/HO/E/A793A, A872

Elgar, John: PP/HO/E/A2267

Eliott, John: PP/HO/E/A2354

Ellis, James: PP/HO/E/A1813

Ellman, R.H.: PP/HO/E/A2512

Erle, P.: PP/HO/E/A2126

Esterbrook, Richard: PP/HO/E/A2081

Evans, Charles: PP/HO/E/A2602

Evans, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A2994

Evans, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2410, A2426

Eversley, ?: PP/HO/E/A2285

Falconer and Downes: PP/HO/E/A1751, A1898, A1902, A1907, A1928, A1978, A1985-A1988, A2001, A2037, A2066, A2071

Farqher, Robert: PP/HO/E/A1508

Farr, Robert: PP/HO/E/A1233, A1781

Fawcett, Henry: PP/HO/E/A2496

Fayle, Josiah: PP/HO/E/A2583

Fennell, Hannah: PP/HO/E/A1355, A1371

Fenwick, John: PP/HO/E/A2348

Ferris, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2660, A2665

Ferry, John M.: PP/HO/E/A1028

Finch, John: PP/HO/E/B61

Fisher, Abraham: PP/HO/E/A1520, A1686, A1791, A1917

Fisher, Thomas W.: PP/HO/E/A1311, A1455, A1504, A1539, A1653, A1677-A1678, A1761, A1767, A1769, A1776, A1778, A2101, A2150

Fitzhugh, A.J.: PP/HO/E/A2842

Fletcher, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A1045-A1046

Fletcher, William: PP/HO/E/A2294

Ford, Edward: PP/HO/E/A2233

Ford, John: PP/HO/E/A1962

Forshall, J., Rev., British Museum Library: PP/HO/E/A950, A1733

Forster, Anne: PP/HO/E/A 1753, A3056

Forster, Anne: PP/HO/E/B13

Forster, Josiah: PP/HO/E/A1048, A1066, A1343, A1383, A1456, A1465, A2069, A2574, A2580, A2586, A2705, A2717, A2726, A2737, A2749, A2758, A2783, A2789, A2799, A2807, A2824, A2834, A2840, A2848, A2851, A2854, A2856, A2881, A2969, A2976, A2983, A2988, A2995, A2998, A3005, A3027, A3274

Forster, Robert: PP/HO/E/A622

Forster, William Edward: PP/HO/E/A1294, A3090

Foster and Braithwaite: PP/HO/E/A1126, A2198, A2200

Foster, James: PP/HO/E/A2343

Foster, Rachel: PP/HO/E/A1131

Fothergill, Charles (Royal Insurance Company): PP/HO/E/A2669

Foville, Achille: PP/HO/E/A738

Fowell, Abby S.: PP/HO/E/A2406

Fowkes, John: PP/HO/E/A1028

Fowler, Ann F.: PP/HO/E/A2949, A3010, A3069

Fowler, Lucy: PP/HO/E/A1152, A1242, A1356, A1399-A1400, A1464, A1485, A1555, A1779, A1983, A2208, A2251

Fowler, R.N.: PP/HO/E/A1426, A2222, A2225, A3124

Fowler, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1803

Fowler, W.M.: PP/HO/E/A2225

Fowler, William: PP/HO/E/A1687, A2223, A2281, A2298, A2321, A2690, A2709, A2732, A2769, A2775, A2793, A2796, A2805, A2857, A2887, A2889, A3012, A3047, A3071, A3146, A3149

Fox, A. Lloyd: PP/HO/E/A2956

Fox, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A517

Fox, Anna: PP/HO/E/A2491

Fox, Anna Maria: PP/HO/E/A2169, A2218A, A2393

Fox, Anna Maria: PP/HO/E/B76, A92-A93

Fox, B.B.: PP/HO/E/A2093

Fox, Caroline: PP/HO/E/A2087, A2184, A2428

Fox, Charles: PP/HO/E/A1984, A2165, A2216, A2249, A2288, A2353, A2912

Fox, Francis: PP/HO/E/A2046, A2289

Fox, George: PP/HO/E/A954

Fox, Jane G.: PP/HO/E/A251, A417, A456, A1358, A3419

Fox, M.S.: PP/HO/E/A1059

Fox, Maria R.: PP/HO/E/A1140

Fox, R. Barclay: PP/HO/E/A251, A1246, A1639

Fox, Robert Were: PP/HO/E/A1843, A2457, A3080

Fox, Robert Were: PP/HO/E/B64, B71, B77

Fox, S.A.: PP/HO/E/A517-A518

Fox, Samuel: PP/HO/E/B72

Fox, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A1466, A2089, A2159, A2522, A2680, A2968

Fox, Taylor and [?Mackinnon]: PP/HO/E/A2777

Fox, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1249, A1252

Fox, Wilson: PP/HO/E/A3072, A3134

Francis, W.: PP/HO/E/A:3411

Fremantle, Thomas J.: PP/HO/E/A980

Freshfield, Henry R.: PP/HO/E/A916, A2961, A3406

Freshfield, Henry R.: PP/HO/E/B7

Freshfield, J.C.: PP/HO/E/A3406

Freshfield, James William: PP/HO/E/A725, A952, A1027, A1064, A2245

Freshfield, Mary: PP/HO/E/A3140

Freshfield, W.: PP/HO/E/A737

Froude, J.A.: PP/HO/E/A3173

Froude, John S.: PP/HO/E/A689, A3172

Fry, A.M.: PP/HO/E/A2812

Fry, Edward: PP/HO/E/A2317, A3422

Fry, Elizabeth: PP/HO/E/A756

Fry, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A941, A1856, A2038, A2203

Fry, Joseph Storrs: PP/HO/E/A1549, A1888, A1891

Fry, Mariabella [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/E/A86, A96-A97, A109, A143, A153, A155-A156, A158, A160, A168-A171, A196, A200, A208, A215, A231, A235, A239, A246, A254-A255, A258, A262-A263, A269, A273-A274, A278, A280, A288, A290-A291, A294, A296, A301, A303, A305, A311, A316-A317, A322, A325-A327, A336, A338, A342-A344, A346, A349-A350, A353, A357-A358, A360, A363, A364, A366, A373, A405, A407, A410, A421-A422, A427, A429, A434, A461, A471, A500, A514

Fry, William: PP/HO/E/A643, A646

Fryer, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A2673

Fuller, J.G.: PP/HO/E/A1209, A1219, A1528

Fuller, William: PP/HO/E/A1509, A1641, A1660

Furnivall, F.J.: PP/HO/E/A2437

G., G.: PP/HO/E/A994

Gayer, Arthur E., Dr.: PP/HO/E/A2219, A2980, A2982, A3024, A3160, B2

Gemmellaro, Mario: PP/HO/E/A644, A661-A662

General Board of Health, Secretary: PP/HO/E/A2276

Gibson, G.S. [clerk, Hardshaw East Monthly Meeting]: PP/HO/E/A3111

Giles, J.E.: PP/HO/E/A865, A963, A969

Giles, Nettlam?: PP/HO/E/A2355, A2372

Gilkes, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A2531, A2628

Gilkes, Gilbert: PP/HO/E/A940, A1111, A1224, A1439

Gilkes, Louisa Ellen: PP/HO/E/A934

Gillett, John: PP/HO/E/A906

Gillett, Jonathan: PP/HO/E/A1670

Gillett, Joseph Ashly: PP/HO/E/A9, A1214, A1679

Gillett, Martha, junior: PP/HO/E/A1630

Glaisyer, John: PP/HO/E/A827

Glynn, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A3294

Godlee, Burwood: PP/HO/E/A770-A772, A777, A783, A796, A824, A888, A892, A924-A925, A 931, A947, A958, A1128, A1204, A1215, A1251, A1297, A1299, A1302, A1406, A1591, A1601, A1617, A1674, A1682, A1717, A1727, A1734, A1742, A1818, A1870, A1893, A1908, A1913, A1941, A1955, A1968, A1972, A1975, A2026, A 2088, A2128, A2136, A2361, A2375, A2639, A2687, A2743, A2761, A2809, A2830, A2841, A2844, A2895, A2918, A3025, A3026, A3152

Godlee, J. Lister: PP/HO/E/A3157

Godlee, Mary: PP/HO/E/A721, A773, A824, A877, A976

Godlee, Mary R.: PP/HO/E/A2116

Godlee, Priscilla: PP/HO/E/A1872, A1894, A2808, A2896

Godlee, Rickman: PP/HO/E/A646, A787, A796-A797, A803, A974, A978, A1086, A1091-A1092, A1121, A1190, A1317, A1517, A1711, A1933, A1945, A1959, A1973, A1998, A2040, A2111, A2119, A2368, A2392, A2596, A2642, A2724, A2772, A2777, A2780, A2790, A2804, A2991, B52

Goldsmid, F.H., Sir: PP/HO/E/A2794

Goodbody, J[oseph?]: PP/HO/E/A1497

Goodbody, Lydia: PP/HO/E/A1521

Goodbody, Robert: PP/HO/E/A1388, A3068

Gordon-Lennox, Charles, 5th Duke of Richmond: PP/HO/E/A795

Goulburn, Henry: PP/HO/E/A821

Gower, Mary: PP/HO/E/A1952

Graham, Cyril: PP/HO/E/A2936

Graham, William: PP/HO/E/A3050

Gravely, Stephen: PP/HO/E/A1206

Green, Frederick: PP/HO/E/A2757, A2759

Green, James: PP/HO/E/A1363

Green, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1154

Greene, P.: PP/HO/E/A730

Greene, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A719, A1000, A1020, A1025, A1120, A1159, A1230, A1423

Grey, ?, Mr.: PP/HO/E/A3174

Grey, George, Sir: PP/HO/E/A1069, A2239, A3175

Griffith, J.: PP/HO/E/A2476, A3063, A3385

Griffiths, M.: PP/HO/E/A654, A660

Gripper, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1943, A2120

Groom, William: PP/HO/E/A1765

Grubb, Benjamin: PP/HO/E/A1692, A1728, A1999, A3051

Grubb, Jonathan: PP/HO/E/A1228, A1238, A1295, A1315, A1350, A1353, A1374, A1407, A1721, A1729, A1886, A1905, A1935, A2090, A2650

Gurney, A.: PP/HO/E/A2270-A2271, A2296

Gurney, Catharine: PP/HO/E/A1548, A1738, A1782, A1792

Gurney, Eliza P.: PP/HO/E/A1536, A1735, A1740, A1942, A2091, A2504, A2444, A2584, A2633, A3058

Gurney, Henry Edmund: PP/HO/E/A3137-A3138, A3393

Gurney, Hudson: PP/HO/E/A664, A699A, A701A, A752-A753, A789-A790, A842, A1039, A2218, A2266

Gurney, J.H.: PP/HO/E/A1257, A2204, A2581

Gurney, Joseph John: PP/HO/E/A599-A600, A604-A605, A609, A618, A637, A647, A676, A778

Gurney, Priscilla: PP/HO/E/A602-A603, A610, A613, A617

Gurney, R.: PP/HO/E/A616

Gurney, Richard: PP/HO/E/A1258, A1318

Gurney, Richenda L.: PP/HO/E/A1551

Gurney, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A786, A808, A1990, A2122

Gutzloff, Ch., Dr.: PP/HO/E/A1910

Hack, Daniel P.: PP/HO/E/A2538, A2618, A2754, A2820, A2913, A2929, A3076-A3077, A3100, A3129

Hack, F.: PP/HO/E/A3130

Hack, James C.: PP/HO/E/A2475

Hacker, B.M.: PP/HO/E/A2674

Hacker, Jeremiah: PP/HO/E/A2431, A2484, A2595, A2631, A2652

Hagen, Edward: PP/HO/E/A3008

Hagen, Jacob, junior: PP/HO/E/A807, A830-A831, A1051, A1063

Haldane, Alexander: PP/HO/E/B83, B90

Hales, Henry: PP/HO/E/A2837, A2958, A2966

Hall, Jesse: PP/HO/E/A2695

Hall, Vintner and Company: PP/HO/E/A3307

Hall, W.S.: PP/HO/E/A2308

Hall, William: PP/HO/E/A2536

Hallam, John: PP/HO/E/A1766

Hamilton, Edward: PP/HO/E/A2651, A2845

Hamilton, John: PP/HO/E/A1471, A1775, A1901, A2215, A2257, A2262, A2269, A2272, A2287, A2326-A2327, A2347, A2371, A2378, A2383, A2404-A2405, A2480, A2720, A2765, A2786, A2831-A2832, A2870, A3147, A3162

Hanbury, Cornelius: PP/HO/E/A1342

Hanbury, J.: PP/HO/E/A741

Hancock, Frederick: PP/HO/E/A2253

Hancock, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1410

Hannsom, Olivia: PP/HO/E/A2197

Hardy, Herbert H. Cozens: PP/HO/E/A2927, A3102

Hare, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A1222

Harris, Anthony: PP/HO/E/A1282, A1322, A2052, A2062, A2064, A2067

Harris, John Frederick: PP/HO/E/A1699, A2047-A2048

Harris, M.A.: PP/HO/E/A2043

Harris, Sarah: PP/HO/E/A873, A2318

Harris, Sylvanus: PP/HO/E/A2041, A2076

Harris, Theodore: PP/HO/E/A2922

Harrison, George: PP/HO/E/A625, A627, A638-A639, A651, A653, A663, A678, A683-A685, A688, A691-A692, A696, A705, A716, A902, A904, A966, A970-A971, A1005, A1075, A1079, A2083-A2084

Harrison, George, senior: PP/HO/E/A652

Harrison, Mary: PP/HO/E/A633

Harvey, J.: PP/HO/E/A2340

Harvey, R.: PP/HO/E/A2125

Harvey, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A3048

Harvey, William Fowler: PP/HO/E/A2450

Hatcher, A.M.: PP/HO/E/A529

Haughton, Rebecca: PP/HO/E/A1487, A1716, A1793

Hayes, William: PP/HO/E/A2861, A2866

Head, George Head: PP/HO/E/A3310

Heardley?, John: PP/HO/E/A2229

Heath, J.B.: PP/HO/E/A813

Heidenheim, M.: PP/HO/E/A2243, A2381, A2387-A2388, A2391, A2396, A2399, A2494, A2507-A2508, A2511, A2578, A2868, A3099, A3163

Henwood, Charles: PP/HO/E/A1783, A1794

Herbert, M.B.: PP/HO/E/A3113

Hesser, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A3166

Hill, Arcadia: PP/HO/E/B44

Hill, Joseph: PP/HO/E/B41

Hine, Thomas G.: PP/HO/E/A2466

Hinkman, S.: PP/HO/E/A2566

Hitchcock, E.: PP/HO/E/A1431, A2666, A2668

HM Government, Home Office: PP/HO/E/A680

HM Government, Treasury: PP/HO/E/A980, A2439, A2446

Hoare, J. Gurney: PP/HO/E/A3122, A3135

Hoather, Henry: PP/HO/E/A2487

Hobbs, Barnabas C.: PP/HO/E/B35

Hodgkin, Ann Backhouse: PP/HO/E/A570-A571, A3424-A3435

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Howard]: PP/HO/E/A538, A540-A542, A544, A546

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Rickman]: PP/HO/E/A1, A9, A15, A19-A20, A527, A530, A535-A536

Hodgkin, Elizabeth Haughton: PP/HO/E/B104, B106-B114, B476, B3437

Hodgkin, John Eliot: PP/HO/E/A86, A96-A97, A109, A139, A141, A147-A151, A159, A175, A180, A183, A185, A187, A189, A191, A193-A195, A197-A199, A201-A204, A212, A218-A219, A222, A226, A229, A232, A234, A242-A243, A248-A249, A259, A270, A272, A275, A279, A285, A306, A308, A319-A321, A328, A330, A333-A335, A337, A340, A347, A369-A371, A376-A381, A384-A386, A390-A393, A395-A398, A400-A402, A404, A406, A413, A415-A416, A418-A419, A425, A430, A432, A436-A437, A439-A442, A444, A450, A522

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/E/A442, A444, A479, A519, A527-A598, A715, A730, A752, A763, A767, A771, A843, A847, A849, A943, A1066, A1123-A1124, A1182, A1249, A1274, A1310, A1379, A1549, A1606, A1811, A 1912, A1921, A1975, A1979, A1992-A1993, A2024, A2027, A2030, A2050, A2054, A2081, A2100, A2111, A2117, A2123, A2135, A2137, A2139, A2141, A2157, A2165, A2193, A2200, A2245, A2258, A2291, A2306, A2354, A2466, A2489, A2507, A2621, A2629, A2724, A2736, A 2739, A2745, A2773, A2819, A2860-A2861, A2865, A2871, A2874, A2876-A2878, A2896, A2898, A2926, A2965, A3006, A3026, A3037, A3050, A3102, A3113, A3126, A3138, A3177, A3194-A3402, B23, B25, B27-B28, B30-B31, B46, B81?, B82

Hodgkin, John, senior [1766-1845]: PP/HO/E/A5, A6, A9, A15-A17, A20, A25A-A26, A43, A46, A53, A78, A80-A82, A84, A86, A105, A111-A112, A117, A531, A562

Hodgkin, Jonathan Backhouse: PP/HO/E/A245, A255, A283, A360, A364, A414, A452, A467, A474, A520-A521

Hodgkin, Lucy Anna [Fox]: PP/HO/E/A515

Hodgkin, Mary: PP/HO/E/A911, A1016, A1094, A1145, A1188, A1196, A1283, A1387, A1553, A1575, A1579, A1589, A1631, A1642, A1690, A1709, A1713, A1745, A1784, A1821, A1859

Hodgkin, Sarah Frances: PP/HO/E/A491-A492, A494-A499, A509, A521A, A581, B118

Hodgkin, Susanna: PP/HO/E/A1071, A1074, A1083

Hodgkin, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A81, A96-A97, A105

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/E/A86, A96-A97, A109, A140, A144, A146, A157, A167, A177, A179, A181, A186, A188, A190, A206, A208, A210, A213, A216, A220, A223, A227, A233, A238, A241, A247, A253, A257, A265-A266, A 281, A288-A289, A293, A298-A300, A304, A310, A312, A314-A315, A323, A339, A349, A354-A356, A361, A365, A367, A382-A383, A400A, A403, A409, A428, A431, A435, A445-A448, A451, A458-A460, A463, A465, A468-A469, A472-A473, A475, A477, A479-A483, A485-A487, A503-A508, A510-A512, A514, A516

Hodgkin, Wilfred Haughton: PP/HO/E/A519

Hodson, Robert W.: PP/HO/E/B42

Holdsworth, M.J.: PP/HO/E/A2750

Holgate, John J.: PP/HO/E/A2357

Home, M.: PP/HO/E/A1166

Hope, James R.: PP/HO/E/A750

Hopkins, Rachel: PP/HO/E/A1833, A1840

Hopkins, Sarah: PP/HO/E/A874, A1432, A2051, A2053

Hopkins, William: PP/HO/E/A917, A1113, A1165, A1181, A1194, A1307, A1321, A1337, A1417, A1424

Hopper, W.A.: PP/HO/E/A758, A792

Howard, Anne: PP/HO/E/A2187, A2190

Howard, Eliot: PP/HO/E/A2736;

Howard, Elizabeth ["Bessie", niece of John Hodgkin junior]: PP/HO/E/A3131

Howard, Elizabeth [sister of Luke]: PP/HO/E/A828, A1394, A1401, A1806, A2380

Howard, George William Frederick, 7th Earl of Carlisle: PP/HO/E/A2234, A3177

Howard, John Eliot: PP/HO/E/A50, A95, A101, A501

Howard, K.: PP/HO/E/A735

Howard, Keene: PP/HO/E/A2360

Howard, Luke: PP/HO/E/A3-A5, A7-A8, A10-A14, A18, A21-A25, A27, A29-A30, A33, A36-A38, A41-A42, A44-A45, A49, A52, A54, A58, A62A, A68, A70, A72, A76, A85, A89, A92, A99-A100, A102-A104, A106-A107, A110, A115-A116, A119-A121, A124, A126-A129, A131-A132, A134-A135, A137, A161-A162, A165, A173-A174, A176, A182, A184, A236, A252, A271, A287, A313, A318, A324, A332, A345, A348, A368, A387, A412, A423, A453-A455, A464, A466, A490, A524-A525

Howard, M. [Crewdson ; wife of John Eliot Howard]: PP/HO/E/A61?, A63, A74, A79, A101, A205, A228, A264, A 352, A526, A501, A526

Howard, Mariabella: PP/HO/E/A25, A28, A31, A35, A39-A40, A42, A52, A54-A55, A57, A67, A68, A71-A73, A76, A83, A89, A91, A93, A98-A99, A103, A108-A109, A113-A114, A118, A123, A136, A161, A166-A167, A237, A244, A309, A374, A3403

Howard, R.M.: PP/HO/E/A1593

Howard, Rachel: PP/HO/E/A24, A34, A48, A51, A56, A59, A60, A62, A64-A65, A69, A122, A133, A192

Howard, Rachel "Robert" [Lloyd]: PP/HO/E/A32, A47, A66, A75, A88, A94, A117, A130, A145, A172, A207, A209, A211, A217, A225, A256, A261, A277, A295, A329, A331, A388-A389, A405A, A424, A493, A515

Howard, Rachel "Robert" [Lloyd]: PP/HO/E/B105

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/E/A77, A87, A90, A125, A261, A276, A302, A513, A1425

Howard, W.D.: PP/HO/E/A2579

Howell, H.K.: PP/HO/E/A2552, A2700, A2899, A2962, A3029

Hoyland, Charles: PP/HO/E/A3078

Hoyland, William F.: PP/HO/E/A2397

Hubbard, J.G: PP/HO/E/A3294

Hubbuck, G.P.: PP/HO/E/A1003

Hughes, Edward: PP/HO/E/A731, A876, A1056

Hughes, Emily: PP/HO/E/A1197, A1375

Hull, John Fowler: PP/HO/E/A611, A615

Hull, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A2829

Hull, Warner: PP/HO/E/A742

Hunt, Eliza H. : PP/HO/E/A1119, A1135, A1185, A1234, A1247, A1263, A1292, A1324, A1330, A1336, A1382, A1427, A1486, A1505, A1530, A1576, A1640, A1749, A1772, A1903, A1911, A1951, A1964, A2003, A2021, A2092, A2145, A2230, A2577, A2589, A2597-A2598, A2612, A2964, A2967

Hunt, J.C.W. Blount: PP/HO/E/A3004

Hunt, William: PP/HO/E/A1017

Hunton, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1780, A2050, A2061, A2063, A2199, A2273, A2323, A2374, A2715, A2778

Hussey, G.: PP/HO/E/A2413

Hustler, Mary: PP/HO/E/A2459, A2543

Hutchings, J.: PP/HO/E/A1665

Hutchinson, Matthew: PP/HO/E/A2872, A2877-A2878

Indiana Yearly Meeting: PP/HO/E/B43-B44

Jackson, ?: PP/HO/E/A1652

Jackson, A.H.: PP/HO/E/A1437, A1494, A1637, A1659, A1820, A2032-A2033

Jaffray, J.R.: PP/HO/E/A707

Janson, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A623

Janson, Cobb and Pearson: PP/HO/E/A3079

Janson, Eliza Jane: PP/HO/E/A2713, A2715

Janson, F.H.: PP/HO/E/A2517

Janson, James W.: PP/HO/E/A2917

Jarman, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A724, A744, A975

Jeffrey, Russel: PP/HO/E/A1590, A2031

Jesup, James: PP/HO/E/A1184, A1189, A1223, A1274

Johnson, Charles D.: PP/HO/E/A2311

Johnson, Jonathan: PP/HO/E/B43

Joinville, ?, Prince de: PP/HO/E/A2465

Jones, Sybil: PP/HO/E/A2954

Jones, Theodore: PP/HO/E/A3117-A3118

Jowitt, John, junior: PP/HO/E/A2182

Jowitt, Robert: PP/HO/E/A884, A1684, A1691

Kay, H. [or Kaye?]: PP/HO/E/A875, A910

Kay-Shuttleworth, John Phillips, Sir: PP/HO/E/A3190

Kemp, Caleb R.: PP/HO/E/A2384, A2708, A2886, A2898, A2903

Ker, H.B.: PP/HO/E/A794

Key, Charles Aston: PP/HO/E/A3178-A3179

Key, E.: PP/HO/E/A863

Kidd, J.: PP/HO/E/A2534

Kilvert, A.S.F.: PP/HO/E/A2549, A2729

Kilvert, Sophia: PP/HO/E/A2609, A2722, A2810

Kimber, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/E/A1938, A1966, A2155

King, Francis T.: PP/HO/E/A2420, A3412

King, William: PP/HO/E/A1899, A2045

Kingscote, Henry [for liquidators of Overend, Gurney and Company Limited]: PP/HO/E/A3156

Kitching, William, junior: PP/HO/E/A3159

Kloster, A.G.: PP/HO/E/A2212

Knight, Ann: PP/HO/E/A2965

Kortwright, Charles Edward Keith: PP/HO/E/B33

Ladd, Catharine: PP/HO/E/A2412

Lamb, A.: PP/HO/E/A1364, A1372

Lamb, Joshua: PP/HO/E/A2054, A2060, A2875

Lamb, M.: PP/HO/E/A1616, A1790

Lamb, R.H.: PP/HO/E/A2078

Lamb, S.: PP/HO/E/A880, A903

Lamley, Richard: PP/HO/E/A1117

Laren, Priscilla M.: PP/HO/E/A2523

Lashton?, J.: PP/HO/E/A812

Le Blanc, C.: PP/HO/E/A726, A728

Le Marchant, D., Sir: PP/HO/E/A2364, A3209

Lean, William Scamell: PP/HO/E/A3119, A3123

Leatham, S.R.: PP/HO/E/A3031

Leatham, William: PP/HO/E/A1004, A1011, A1015, A1042, A1093

Lefevre, Charles S.: PP/HO/E/A861, A1010, A1035, A1087, A1136-A1137, A1232, A1296, A2140, A3180

Lefevre, Emily Shaw: PP/HO/E/A681, A990, A3181

Lefevre, Helena S.: PP/HO/E/A717

Lefevre, John George Shaw: PP/HO/E/A624, A630, A635, A642, A650, A672, A682, A706, A712, A718, A726, A760, A776, A811, A968, A1014, A1081, A1463, A1572, A1581, A1887, A1892, A2096-A2097, A2247, A2455, A2885, A3015, A3068, A3167, A3182-A3184, A3203

Leighton Buzzard Bank: PP/HO/E/A2922

Lewis, Bunnell: PP/HO/E/A1267, A1422, A3066

Lewis, George: PP/HO/E/A671

Lewis, J.: PP/HO/E/A798

Lieder, Alice: PP/HO/E/A2216

Lincoln, Abraham: PP/HO/E/B48

Lister, Joseph Jackson: PP/HO/E/A1157

Littleboy, John E.: PP/HO/E/A3165

Littler, Henry: PP/HO/E/A3185

Lloyd, H.: PP/HO/E/A1362, A1367

Lloyd, M.S.: PP/HO/E/A1266

Lloyd, Rachel ["Aunt" to John Hodgkin junior]: PP/HO/E/A1566

Lloyd, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A839, A2546

London and North Western Railway: PP/HO/E/A2520

Lowe, Haggis: PP/HO/E/A2131, A2134

Lucas, F.: PP/HO/E/A2196, A2209, A2925

Lury, Anne K.: PP/HO/E/A2312

Lury, S.H.: PP/HO/E/A2316, A2452

Lynden, K.F. de: PP/HO/E/B61

M., L.: PP/HO/E/A3136

Mackie, Frederick: PP/HO/E/A2498, A2813, A2823

Mackinnon, Gilbert: PP/HO/E/A2704

Macrae, J.: PP/HO/E/A2725

Magnusson, Eiríkur: PP/HO/E/A2448, A2453, A2458, A2470, A2488, A2495, A2499-A2500, A2541, A2570, A2675, A2696

Majolier, C.: PP/HO/E/A1168

Majolier, Lydie: PP/HO/E/A1108

Manning, Charles J.: PP/HO/E/A3108

Mansfield, C.V.: PP/HO/E/A3202

Maples, T.F.: PP/HO/E/A1253

Marriage, William: PP/HO/E/A2154

Marsh, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A2532

Marsh, Edward: PP/HO/E/A2670

Marsh, John Finch: PP/HO/E/A2157

Marsh, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A1758-A1759, A2166

Marshall, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A2248

Marton, Frederick: PP/HO/E/A2283

Masterson, Amelia: PP/HO/E/A3104, A3106-A3107

Matamoros, Manuel: PP/HO/E/B54

Matthews, William: PP/HO/E/A1739

Maw, Lucy: PP/HO/E/A1756

May, C.: PP/HO/E/A1867

May, Edward C.: PP/HO/E/A1445, A1467, A1605, A1731

Messer, J.: PP/HO/E/A1620

Metropolitan District Railway: PP/HO/E/A2689

Middlesbrough and Redcar Railway: PP/HO/E/A2000

Miller, William: PP/HO/E/A1489, A2227

Milne, George A.: PP/HO/E/A2254

Mindenhall, Cyrus: PP/HO/E/A2432-A2433

Mitchell, William F.: PP/HO/E/A2734

Moll, R.A.: PP/HO/E/A1965, A2020, A2039, A2162

Mollet, John S.: PP/HO/E/A606, A608, A612, A620, A686-A687, A701, A708, A732, A791, A801, A809, A962, A1024, A1041, A1050

Monnsey, Edward: PP/HO/E/A2936, A2992

Monod, Guillaume: PP/HO/E/B61

Montefiore, Moses: PP/HO/E/A818, A2447, B117

Morris, Israel W.: PP/HO/E/A2408

Morris, John: PP/HO/E/A1700

Moxon, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2547, A2568

Murdock, Alexander: PP/HO/E/A859

Murray, W.: PP/HO/E/A2548, A2569, A2590, A2603

Nairne, P. [London and North Western Railway]: PP/HO/E/A2520

Neatby, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A1920

Neave, Shipley: PP/HO/E/A1914

Nelson, Lucy: PP/HO/E/A1835

Nevins, William: PP/HO/E/A743, A806, A853, A864

New England Yearly Meeting: PP/HO/E/B38

New York Yearly Meeting: PP/HO/E/B37

Newby, John: PP/HO/E/A3057

Newham, S.: PP/HO/E/A3064

Newman, Edward: PP/HO/E/A2721, A2815, A2943

Newton, Henry: PP/HO/E/B22, B24

Nicholson, Anna: PP/HO/E/A1395

North Eastern Railway: PP/HO/E/A3042

Norton, Carolina: PP/HO/E/A1151, A1693, A1755, A2731

Norton, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1207

Norwich Monthly Meeting (Canada West): PP/HO/E/B40

Opie, Amelia: PP/HO/E/A1029

Overend, Gurney and Company Limited: PP/HO/E/A3156; liquidators of

Overend, William: PP/HO/E/A736

Palmer, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1101, A1103, A1105, A1173, A1278, A1344, A1379, A1430, A1450, A1468, A1474, A1495, A1797, A1805, A1819, A1824, A1832, A1834, A1837, A1863, A1866, A1875, A1877, A1946, A1953, A1960, A1970, A2042, A2161, A2260, A2268, A2274, A2282, A2293, A2561, A2798

Palmer, J. Hinde: PP/HO/E/A1613, A2890

Paradon, Jules: PP/HO/E/A1216, A1826, A2255, A2905

Parker, A.E.: PP/HO/E/A765

Parson, Augustus: PP/HO/E/A2493, A3060

Passavant, Fanny: PP/HO/E/A3421

Payne, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A1285, A1287, A1305

Payne, Caroline: PP/HO/E/A1628

Payne, Eliza R.: PP/HO/E/A2103

Payne, J.: PP/HO/E/A919

Payne, Mary Rickman: PP/HO/E/A 1285, A1628, A1644

Peacock, George: PP/HO/E/A727, A733

Pearson, Agatha: PP/HO/E/A1848, A2129

Pearson, Benjamin: PP/HO/E/A837, A845, A848, A850, A852

Pease, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1116, A2098

Pease, Emma: PP/HO/E/A1129, A1191, A1543

Pease, Jane Gurney: PP/HO/E/A2082, A2909

Pease, John [cousin of John Hodgkin junior]: PP/HO/E/A942, A1088, A1418, A2002, A2022, A2814

Pease, John Beaumont: PP/HO/E/A593, A2329, A2332, A2333-A2336, A2338, A2344

Pease, John William: PP/HO/E/A2846

Pease, Joseph [of Southend, Darlington]: PP/HO/E/A710, A715, A759, A766, A922, A1078, A1217, A1306, A1451, A1453, A1582, A1676, A1889, A2445, A2451, A2535, A2542, A2571, A2611, A2883, A2902, A2963, A 3044, A3128, A3132

Pease, Joseph Whitwell: PP/HO/E/A2345, A2657

Pease, Mary Anna: PP/HO/E/A3055

Pease, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2117

Peckover, Algernon: PP/HO/E/A2876, A3148

Peitsmeyer, D.: PP/HO/E/A788, A2056

Pelham, Walter John, Sir, 4th Earl of Chichester: PP/HO/E/A2891, A3030, A3073

Pemberton, C.R.: PP/HO/E/A1023

Penn, Granville J.: PP/HO/E/A1685

Penney, Norman: PP/HO/E/B45

Perry, James: PP/HO/E/A2025, A2027, A2202

Phillipps, J.: PP/HO/E/A886, A890, A894

Phillips, Emma: PP/HO/E/A2050

Phillips, March: PP/HO/E/A680

Phillips, Mary: PP/HO/E/A1921

Phillips, S.M.: PP/HO/E/A819

Phillips, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2888

Pierce, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2931

Pike, H.: PP/HO/E/A1855

Pike, Mary: PP/HO/E/A1786

Pike, Richard: PP/HO/E/A1397

Pike, S.C.: PP/HO/E/A1860

Pim, Hannah: PP/HO/E/A2658, A2685

Pim, J.M.: PP/HO/E/A2010

Pim, James: PP/HO/E/A1883

Pim, Janet: PP/HO/E/A1881

Pim, John: PP/HO/E/A1947

Pim, Jonathan: PP/HO/E/A1752, A1762, A2220, A2558

Pim, Sarah: PP/HO/E/A1398

Pim, William Harvey: PP/HO/E/A2996-A2997

Plews, N.: PP/HO/E/A2080, A2319

Pleydell-Bouverie, Edward: PP/HO/E/A866, A965, A989, A991, A997, A1038, A1275, A1701, A1980, A1994, A2023, A2228, A2250, A2467, A2619, A2892, A2938

Pleydell-Bouverie, William, 3rd Earl of Radnor: PP/HO/E/A932, A1563

Pole, E.S.C.: PP/HO/E/A665-A668, A677, A3186-A3188

Pollard, William: PP/HO/E/A2941

Postlethwaite, Edward: PP/HO/E/A2246

Potts, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A2510

Pourtales, Edmonde, Comte de: PP/HO/E/B61

Price, Christiana A.: PP/HO/E/A711, B10-B11, B116

Prichard, S.B.: PP/HO/E/A944

Prideaux, Frederick: PP/HO/E/A840, A960

Priestman, John, junior: PP/HO/E/A2328, A3410

Prior, T.R.: PP/HO/E/A855-A857

Pryer, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A3409

Przyiemski, ?: PP/HO/E/A2146, A2158, A2178

Pumphrey, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A867

Pye-Smith, Ebenezer: PP/HO/E/A3020

Radley, Elizabeth: PP/HO/E/A3087

Ransome, Robert Charles: PP/HO/E/A1123, A1130, A1132, A1138, A1146, A1175, A1193, A1199-A1200, A1211, A1236, A1239, A1249, A1270, A1272, A1301, A1309, A1340, A1354, A1365, A1385, A1403, A1412, A1441, A1446, A1499, A1598, A1654-A1655, A1669, A1696, A1703, A1737, A1808, A1867, A1879, A1934, A1963, A2006, A2018, A2024, A2028, A2058, A2195, A2252, A2299, A2926, A3247

Ransome, S.: PP/HO/E/A1578, A1895, A1969

Ratcliff, Martha J.: PP/HO/E/B41

Rees, G. Owen: PP/HO/E/A2873, A2971-A2972

Rees, John: PP/HO/E/A2008

Rees, Jonathan: PP/HO/E/A2153, A2382, A2682

Registration Commissioners: PP/HO/E/A802

Reynolds, William: PP/HO/E/A658

Rhoads, Ann: PP/HO/E/A3082

Richard, Henry: PP/HO/E/A2279, A2379, A2640, A2862, A3000, A3081

Richardson, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1993, A1995

Richardson, Ellen: PP/HO/E/A2544, B119

Richardson, George: PP/HO/E/A1076, A1849, A1858

Richardson, Helena: PP/HO/E/A1389, A1480

Richardson, John G.: PP/HO/E/A1391, A1550, A1871, A1885, A1916, A1924, A2767, A2771

Richardson, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A1366, A1380, A1428

Richardson, William: PP/HO/E/A1864

Rickman, Anne: PP/HO/E/A983, A1012, A1179, A1303

Rickman, Edwin S.: PP/HO/E/A829

Rickman, H.: PP/HO/E/A1036, A1271

Rickman, J.C.: PP/HO/E/A2792

Rickman, John H.: PP/HO/E/A929

Rickman, M.H.: PP/HO/E/A2763

Rickman, Mary [1748-1818; Verrall]: PP/HO/E/A2

Rickman, Matilda: PP/HO/E/A2706

Rickman, Priscilla: PP/HO/E/A6, A825, A833, A1007, A1259, A1293, A1542, A1614, A1621, A1625, A1662, A1672, A1956, A1996, A2100, A2173

Rickman, R. [of Wellingham]: PP/HO/E/A2529

Rickman, Rachel: PP/HO/E/A1260, A1588, A1592, A1629, A2135

Rickman, Richard Peters [cousin of John Hodgkin junior]: PP/HO/E/A2349, A2702

Rickman, S. [cousin of John Hodgkin junior]: PP/HO/E/A1977

Rigg, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A1037

Roberts, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1133

Robinson, John, junior: PP/HO/E/A2286

Robinson, M.: PP/HO/E/A905

Robinson, Martin: PP/HO/E/A2638, A2745, A2747

Robinson, W.H.: PP/HO/E/A1596, A1615, A1618, A1623, A1632, A3407

Robison, C.M., junior: PP/HO/E/A1333, A1349, A1585, A1596, A1615, A1618, A1623, A1632, A1636, A1643, A1657, A1702, A1704, A1712, A1714, A1829, A1931

Robison, Jane: PP/HO/E/A2974

Robson, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A1310, A1312, A1314, A1319, A1334, A1347, A1352, A1411, A1421, A1514, A1534, A1681, A1724

Robson, Jane: PP/HO/E/A2698

Robson, John (secretary, University College, London): PP/HO/E/A2794

Robson, Sarah: PP/HO/E/A1346

Robson, Walter: PP/HO/E/A2822, A2865, A3037

Rogers, Jonathan H.: PP/HO/E/B40

Romilly, John, Sir: PP/HO/E/A1561-A1562, A1882, A2238, A2369, A2697, A2703, A3189

Rooms Friends' Board of Control for Relief of Freedmen: PP/HO/E/A2566

Roscoe, Henry: PP/HO/E/A703-A704, A764

Ross, Caroline: PP/HO/E/A1760

Ross, John: PP/HO/E/A1771

Rowntree, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A943, A1680, A1725, A2168, A2261, A2263, A2643

Royal Insurance Company: PP/HO/E/A2669

Royer, A.A.: PP/HO/E/A636

Russell, Henry: PP/HO/E/A2339

Russell, James: PP/HO/E/A641

Russell, Jane: PP/HO/E/A1506

Russell, John Francis Stanley, Lord, 1st Earl Russell: PP/HO/E/A2235, B79

Ryd, L.M., Abbé: PP/HO/E/A1231

Ryland, Arthur: PP/HO/E/A3006

Rymer, G.: PP/HO/E/A912

Sadler, John Henry: PP/HO/E/A2957

Satterthwaite, George: PP/HO/E/A2560, A2565

Savory, A.B.: PP/HO/E/A913

Scaife, Henry Neale: PP/HO/E/A2550, A3095, B115

Schmettau, Hermann: PP/HO/E/B59

Scott, John, 1st Earl of Eldon: PP/HO/E/A3171

Seebohm, Benjamin: PP/HO/E/A1072

Seebohm, Esther: PP/HO/E/A1313, A1351

Seebohm, F.: PP/HO/E/A2593, A2768, A2894

Seekings, S.: PP/HO/E/A1799

Seward, William H.: PP/HO/E/B33

Shannon, William: PP/HO/E/A1472

Sharpe, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A2828, A2933, A3096

Sheather, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A938

Shee, Martin Archer: PP/HO/E/A841, A2390

Shephard, Holman: PP/HO/E/A2556

Shephard, Mary: PP/HO/E/A883, A1594, A1619, A1624, A2176, A2179

Shepherd and Sons: PP/HO/E/A1649

Shepherd, Bedford and Middleton: PP/HO/E/A1155

Sheppard, Robert: PP/HO/E/A1748

Shewell, John J.: PP/HO/E/A1229

Shewell, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A1974

Shillitoe, Jane [Rickman]: PP/HO/E/A834, A871, A878, A887, A923, A951; PP/HO/G: A46

Shillitoe, R.R.: PP/HO/E/A3105

Shipley, Anna: PP/HO/E/A2406

Short Creek Monthly Meeting: PP/HO/E/B41

Sidney Cooper and Company: PP/HO/E/A2526, A2979, A3032, A3034, A3040, A3043, A3045, A3061, A3094, A3098, A3116

Simeon, C.: PP/HO/E/A779

Sloper, Robert S.: PP/HO/E/A690, A694, A697-A700, A967, A1043-A1044

Small, James: PP/HO/E/A1057

Smeal, Robert: PP/HO/E/A2156

Smeal, William: PP/HO/E/A2156

Smiley, Sarah F.: PP/HO/E/A2406, A2951, A3017, A3054

Smith, Charlotte E.: PP/HO/E/A2727

Smith, Culling Eardley, Sir: PP/HO/E/B55

Smith, Ebenezer: PP/HO/E/A810, A823

Smith, Edward: PP/HO/E/A900, A1032, A1919, A2838

Smith, Edward F.: PP/HO/E/A2551, A2553, A2717

Smith, Henry B.: PP/HO/E/A2164

Smith, Richard: PP/HO/E/A2290, A2350, A2351, A2358, A2629

Smith, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1300

Snider, Jacob, junior: PP/HO/E/A3415

Sparkes, Henrietta W.: PP/HO/E/A1106, A1182, A1458, A1476, A1490

Sparkes, J.M.: PP/HO/E/A1645

Spence, Robert: PP/HO/E/A2332, A2869

Spencer, John Charles, 3rd Earl Spencer: PP/HO/E/A710

Spicer, C.W. Egerton, Sir: PP/HO/E/A2108, A2256, A2460, A2473

Squire, S.: PP/HO/E/A961, A982, A1058, A1289, A1316, A1377

Stacey, Agnes: PP/HO/E/A1788

Stacey, C.: PP/HO/E/A2313

Stacey, George: PP/HO/E/A1167, A1438, A1481, A1498, A1804, A3274

Stacey, Mary G.: PP/HO/E/A 723, A780, A2291, A2300, A3083, A3086, A3088, A3114

Stacey, R.: PP/HO/E/A799

Stafford, J.L.: PP/HO/E/A1609

Standing, John B.: PP/HO/E/A2314

Stanley, Jacob: PP/HO/E/A2505

Stanley, Matthew: PP/HO/E/B34,42

Steane, Edward: PP/HO/E/B51, B53, B61, B88

Steinkopff, Anne: PP/HO/E/B15

Steinkopff, C.J.A., Dr.: PP/HO/E/A734A, A804, A948, A1923, A1998, A2172, A2201, A2278, A2346

Steinkopff, M.: PP/HO/E/A826

Stephenson, Anne: PP/HO/E/A1144, A1147, A1177, A1198, A1225, A1248, A1250, A1255, A1264, A1331, A1348, A1547, A1595, A1844

Stephenson, Mary: PP/HO/E/A1156, A1235, A1268, A1811, A2774

Stephenson, Sarah: PP/HO/E/A1156, A1235

Stevens, ?: PP/HO/E/A3420

Stickney, Rachel: PP/HO/E/A2904, A3013

Stock, S.: PP/HO/E/A1254

Stockton and Darlington Railway Company: PP/HO/E/A1077, A2055, A2322

Storrs, H.W.: PP/HO/E/A2613, A2672

Stower, Jesse: PP/HO/E/B40

Strangman, Joshua William: PP/HO/E/A1368, A1370, A1373, A1376, A1478, A1570, A1937

Strangman, Mary H.: PP/HO/E/A1484

Stroud, Dr. William: PP/HO/E/A78, A693, A798A, A822, A832, A836, A972

Stuart, John: PP/HO/E/A659, A3110

Sturge, L.E.: PP/HO/E/A289

Sturge, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A1850

Sturt, Charles: PP/HO/E/A909, A964, A2341, A2395, A2835, A3049

Swinborn, John D.: PP/HO/E/A2987

Swinburne, Thomas A.: PP/HO/E/A2999

Swindells, Charles: PP/HO/E/B26, B29

Sykes, Godfrey M.: PP/HO/E/A986

Tagore, G.M.: PP/HO/E/A2617

Tanner, S.W.: PP/HO/E/A1801

Tanner, William: PP/HO/E/A870, A879, A908, A918, A926, A949, A1082, A1174, A1281, A1304, A1661, A1800, A2417, A2423, A2472, A2530, A2575-A2576, A2582, A2588, A2592, A2594, A2623, A2654, B62, B65-B70, B73

Tate, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1546, A1857

Taylor, Abraham M.: PP/HO/E/A2435, A2566

Taylor, Joseph: PP/HO/E/B36

Taylor, S.W.: PP/HO/E/A2415-A2416, A2418-A2419, A2422, A2482, A2490, A2635, A2993

Thatcher, ?: PP/HO/E/A856

Theobald, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A2664

Thomas, B.: PP/HO/E/A2803

Thomas, Richard H.: PP/HO/E/A2325

Thompson, Edmund: PP/HO/E/A3046

Thompson, Henry A.: PP/HO/E/A2463-A2464

Thompson, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A1386, A1402

Thompson, Mary: PP/HO/E/A3126

Thompson, Sarah: PP/HO/E/A2684

Thorne, J.A.: PP/HO/E/A2746

Thwaite, John: PP/HO/E/A2099

Times, The (article): PP/HO/E/A2765

Tobey, Samuel Boyd: PP/HO/E/A2411, A2414, A2427, A2503, A2509, A2626, A2699, A3412, A3414, B38

Todhunter, William: PP/HO/E/A2044

Tollerton, Mary: PP/HO/E/A1443

Townley, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/E/A2183

Travers, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A835, A959

Treffry, Joshua: PP/HO/E/A3404

Treffry, Thomas T.: PP/HO/E/A2600, A2647, A2660, A2665, A2686

Tregelles, E.O.: PP/HO/E/A1127, A1134

Tregelles, Nathaniel: PP/HO/E/A2320

Trelawney, J.S., MP: PP/HO/E/A1982

Tretzel, Wilhelm: PP/HO/E/B61

Tuckett, Philip D.: PP/HO/E/A3127, A3143, A3153

Tuke, James H.: PP/HO/E/A1099, A2221, A2297, A2555, A2562, A2606, A2610, A2693, A2901, A2924, A3014, A3038

Tuke, Samuel [clerk, London Yearly Meeting]: PP/HO/E/A1097, A1112, A1559, A1564, A1567-A1569, A1890

Turnbull, William: PP/HO/E/A1668, A1673

Twiss, Horace: PP/HO/E/A714, A745, A748, A1067-A1068, A1070, A1095, A1186

Tyler, Charles: PP/HO/E/A945

Tylor, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A2160

Tyrrell, John: PP/HO/E/A649, A920

Undercraft?, R.: PP/HO/E/A2434

University College, London: PP/HO/E/A2794

Uroz i Rio, Luis de: PP/HO/E/A2486, B87

Urquhart, D.: PP/HO/E/A2385, A2394

Vale of Neath Railway: PP/HO/E/A2671

Villiers, George Wiliam, 4th Earl of Clarendon: PP/HO/E/A2237, A3416

Virgo, J.: PP/HO/E/A2586, A2871

Waiter?, Robert: PP/HO/E/B8

Waithmiller, William: PP/HO/E/A988, A1060

Walford, E.V.: PP/HO/E/A3052

Walford, Susan: PP/HO/E/A2930, A3016

Wallace, Robert: PP/HO/E/A2309

Wallington, R.: PP/HO/E/A1018

Wallis, Arthur: PP/HO/E/A2795

Wallis, Marriage: PP/HO/E/A2950, A3022, A3150

Walsh, Rebecca: PP/HO/E/A1488

Walters, R.: PP/HO/E/A675, A1706

Walters, Roger: PP/HO/E/A2366

Walton, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2527, A2738, A2858, A2944, A2953, A2959, A2970, A3021, A3033, A3035-A3036, A3436

War Victims' Fund: PP/HO/E/A3097

Ward, R.: PP/HO/E/A1795

Ward, Richard B.: PP/HO/E/A814-A815, A1013, A1026

Waring, H.: PP/HO/E/A2301

Waring, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1457, A1470

Waterhouse, Edwin: PP/HO/E/A2770

Waterhouse, Elizabeth [Bessie]: PP/HO/E/A86, A109, A138, A142, A152, A154, A159, A164, A178, A200, A214, A224, A230, A240, A250, A260, A268, A274, A282, A284, A286, A289, A292, A297, A307, A316, A341, A351, A359-A360, A362, A372, A394, A408, A411, A426, A433, A449, A457, A471, A478, A523

Waterhouse, Mary A.: PP/HO/E/A2984, A3125

Waterhouse, N.: PP/HO/E/A3065

Waterhouse, Theodore: PP/HO/E/A2655, A2661, A2677, A2739, A2784, A2787, A2800, A3001

Waterman, William: PP/HO/E/A2833, A2853

Watiner?, John, and Company: PP/HO/E/A2636

Watson, ?: PP/HO/E/A821

Watson, Jane: PP/HO/E/A1053

Watson, R: PP/HO/E/A1061

Watson, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A3191

Wayland, F.: PP/HO/E/A2533, A3413

Webb, John: PP/HO/E/A2766, A2826

Webb, John, junior: PP/HO/E/A1447

Webb, Maria: PP/HO/E/A1381, A1552

Wedgwood, H.: PP/HO/E/A838, A1688

Wellesley, H.: PP/HO/E/A3417

Wellesley, W.: PP/HO/E/A2479, A2587

Wells, Stephen: PP/HO/E/A3405

Wells, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A3192

Wenham, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A2518, A2572

West Lake Preparation Meeting: PP/HO/E/B39

West, Hannah: PP/HO/E/A2573

Western Yearly Meeting: PP/HO/E/B34-B35, B42

Westlake, Mary: PP/HO/E/A2884

Westlake, W.C.: PP/HO/E/A2934, A2948, A2960, A2977, A3028

Wheaton, Anne: PP/HO/E/A2504

Wheeler and Sons: PP/HO/E/A1537

Whilom?, E.R.: PP/HO/E/A3089

Whitaker, Robert: PP/HO/E/A1030

Whitall, John: PP/HO/E/A2436

White, Henry Hopley: PP/HO/E/A746, A1033, A1845, A2659

White, Sarah Maria: PP/HO/E/A1452

White, William Sabin: PP/HO/E/A1507, A1535, A1544, A1847, A1932

Whitelaw, S.H.: PP/HO/E/A1118

Whitfield and Company: PP/HO/E/A2515, A2521

Whiting, Christiana: PP/HO/E/A935

Whittier, John Greenleaf: PP/HO/E/A3164, B46-B47

Wiffen, Benjamin B.: PP/HO/E/A2676, B85-B86

Wiffen, Isaline: PP/HO/E/A2900, A2920, A3112

Wilkinson, John: PP/HO/E/A1047

Wilkinson, William: PP/HO/E/A2462, A2468

Willey, Maria A.: PP/HO/E/A1979

Williams, Rowland: PP/HO/E/A2240

Williams, Stephen: PP/HO/E/A2825

Willis, John: PP/HO/E/A1627

Wills, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A2277, A2280

Wilson and Faber: PP/HO/E/A1774

Wilson, Charles: PP/HO/E/A2127, A2133, A2791, A2802, A2818, A2827, A2839

Wilson, Drusilla: PP/HO/E/B35

Wilson, H. William: PP/HO/E/A893, A996, A2106

Wilson, Henry: PP/HO/E/B34-B35

Wilson, John Edward: PP/HO/E/A2400

Winter, John S.: PP/HO/E/A2315

Winter, Robert: PP/HO/E/A1603, A1650

Wistar, Lilly J.: PP/HO/E/A2401

Wood, Benjamin W.: PP/HO/E/A2454

Wood, Lizzie: PP/HO/E/A2632

Wood, William Henry: PP/HO/E/A2421, A2502, A2632

Woods, Adam: PP/HO/E/A1510, A1522

Woods, Margaret: PP/HO/E/A2585

Woods, Sarah William: PP/HO/E/A1816

Woods, William: PP/HO/E/A2591

Woody, Abigail: PP/HO/E/A1107

Woody, James: PP/HO/E/A1107

Woolley, E.: PP/HO/E/A1606

Woolley, Frederick: PP/HO/E/A2403

Woolley, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1084-A1085

Wreford?, R.: PP/HO/E/A854

Wright, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A1694, A1726

Young, Mary: PP/HO/E/A1323

Young, Robert: PP/HO/E/A843, A953, A999, A1001-A1002, A1019, A1329

Zachary, Francis Daniel: PP/HO/E/A955

Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

[Unidentified]: PP/HO/E/A3196, A3205, A3218, A3236, A3238-A3239, A3253, A3263-A3264, A3275, A3283, A3290, A3314, A3343-A3344, A3380-A3381, A3419; B105; PP/HO/G: A11, A305-A306, A313, A315, A318, A320-A321, A325, A328-A333, A338-A339, A342-A344, A347-A350, A352-A353, A355-A359, A361, A366-A367, A369, A373, A378-A380, A382, A385, A387-A388, A395, A398-A399, A403-A405, A409, A412, A415-A417, A423, A425, A427-A428, A434-A435, A437-A438, A443-A444, A449, A451-A452, A457-A460

Abbott, A.R.: PP/HO/E/A2621, A3338, A3348

Abbott, Ellen: PP/HO/E/A3338

Albright, Arthur: PP/HO/E/A2596, A2860, A3342

Alexander, E.R.: PP/HO/E/A2489

Alexander, Richard D.: PP/HO/E/A847, A849

Allen, ?: PP/HO/E/A1652

Aplin, Benjamin W.: PP/HO/E/A3201, A3298, A3337

Aplin, W.: PP/HO/E/A2193

Ash, Edward: PP/HO/E/A3274,3293

Ashworth, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2123

Atkinson, Charles C.: PP/HO/E/A2711

B., W.: PP/HO/E/A3213

Baber, H.H.: PP/HO/E/A3197

Backhouse, ? [sister of Ann Backhouse Hodgkin]: PP/HO/E/A571

Backhouse, E., Mr.: PP/HO/E/A3410

Backhouse, Hannah Chapman: PP/HO/E/A571, A3408

Backhouse, James: PP/HO/E/A1912

Ball, W.: PP/HO/E/A3308

Barclay, Robert: PP/HO/E/A3282

Barrett, Richard: PP/HO/E/A3331

Barrett, Robert: PP/HO/E/A3371

Barrington, Edward: PP/HO/E/A3284

Barrington, William L.: PP/HO/E/A3287

Baynes, Oswald: PP/HO/E/A3305

Baynes, Oswald: PP/HO/E/B28

Beale, Seaman: PP/HO/E/A3405

Beck, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A2819, A3362

Beck, Susanna: PP/HO/E/A2035, A3204, A3266

Bedford, Peter: PP/HO/E/A2306

Beesly, S.: PP/HO/E/A3216

Bell, G.L.: PP/HO/E/A2030, A2036

Bell, John A.: PP/HO/E/A3260

Bewley, J.H.: PP/HO/E/A3254

Bewley, S.: PP/HO/E/A3254

Binns, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1124

Birmingham and Midland Freed Men's Aid Association: PP/HO/E/A3342

Blunden, P.: PP/HO/E/A3356

Braithwaite, Anna: PP/HO/E/A3219

Braithwaite, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A767, A3214

Braithwaite, J.B.: PP/HO/E/B81

Brodie, Peter B.: PP/HO/E/A3211

Browne, William: PP/HO/E/A2773

Burne, Walter: PP/HO/E/A2137

Burton, Mary: PP/HO/E/A950

Buxton, Thomas Fowell, Sir [1st Baronet]: PP/HO/E/A3194

Calloway, Henry: PP/HO/E/A3240

Campbell, George Douglas, Sir, 8th Duke of Argyll: PP/HO/E/A2743

Candler, Lawrence: PP/HO/E/A3302

Caplin, J.C.: PP/HO/E/A3229

Champneys, A.L.: PP/HO/E/A3224

Clark, J.H.: PP/HO/E/A3259

Clark, W.L.S.: PP/HO/E/A2874

Clayton, J.: PP/HO/E/A3325

Clayton, Marie: PP/HO/E/A3392

Clibborn, Jane: PP/HO/E/A3418

Committee on the presentation of the address to the Queen of Spain: PP/HO/E/B84

Congdon, Gilbert: PP/HO/E/A3414

Copley, John Singleton, junior, 1st Baron Lyndhurst: PP/HO/E/A3200

Cotterell, J.H.: PP/HO/E/A3369

Crewdson, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A778, A3217

D'Albiac, ?, Colonel: PP/HO/E/A3345, A3353

Dann, T. Tully: PP/HO/E/A3361

Davey, F.: PP/HO/E/A3341

Davis, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A2139, A2141, A3311

Davis, Robert: PP/HO/E/A3346

Denman, Thomas, 1st Baron Denman: PP/HO/E/A3228

Dimsdale and Company: PP/HO/E/A3301

Dymond, John: PP/HO/E/A3251

Ecroyd, B.: PP/HO/E/A3255

Eliott, John: PP/HO/E/A2354

Esterbrook, Richard: PP/HO/E/A2081

Evans, William: PP/HO/E/A3328

Faber, W.C.: PP/HO/E/A3412

Falconer and Downes: PP/HO/E/A3312

Ferris, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2660, A2665

Fisher, Abraham: PP/HO/E/A3292, A3297

Forster, Josiah: PP/HO/E/A1066, A3364; B80-B81

Forster, Robert: PP/HO/E/B81

Forster, Sarah: PP/HO/E/A3309

Forster, William: PP/HO/E/A3210, A3256, A3355

Foster and Braithwaite: PP/HO/E/A2200

Fox, Charles: PP/HO/E/A2165

Fox, Francis: PP/HO/E/A3404

Fox, Robert Were: PP/HO/E/A3288

Fox, Samuel: PP/HO/E/B81

Fox, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A1249

Freshfield, H.A.: PP/HO/E/A3318

Freshfield, James William: PP/HO/E/A2245, A3207

Friend, The, editor: PP/HO/E/A3206

Fry, Elizabeth: PP/HO/E/A3212

Fry, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A3409

Fry, Joseph Storrs: PP/HO/E/A1549, A3291

Fuller, William: PP/HO/E/A3258, A3273

Garland, R.: PP/HO/E/A3230

Gillett, E.M.: PP/HO/E/A562

Gillett, J.: PP/HO/E/A562

Godlee, ?: PP/HO/E/A3248

Godlee, Burwood: PP/HO/E/A771-A772, A796, A1975, A3026, A3358

Godlee, Priscilla: PP/HO/E/A2896

Godlee, Rickman: PP/HO/E/A1992, A2111, A2724, A2777, A3352, A3377

Gordon-Lennox, Charles, 5th Duke of Richmond and Lennox: PP/HO/E/A3221

Graham, William: PP/HO/E/A3050

Great Northern Railway, Directors: PP/HO/E/A3294

Greene, P.: PP/HO/E/A730

Grey, George, Sir: PP/HO/E/A3395

Griffith, J, Dr.: PP/HO/E/A3334, A3385

Grove House School Trustees: PP/HO/E/A3387

Gurney, Eliza P.: PP/HO/E/A3257

Gurney, Eliza P.: PP/HO/E/B48

Gurney, Henry Edmund: PP/HO/E/A3138, A3393

Gurney, Hudson: PP/HO/E/A752

Gurney, J.J.: PP/HO/E/A3246

Gurney, John Henry: PP/HO/E/A2156, A3252

Gurney, Samuel: PP/HO/E/B61

Gutzloff, Ch., Dr.: PP/HO/E/A3289

Hack, Daniel: PP/HO/E/A3370

Hall, Vintner and Company: PP/HO/E/A3307

Hall, William John [vicar of Tottenham]: PP/HO/E/A3320

Hamilton, J.: PP/HO/E/A3329

Hancock, Frederick: PP/HO/E/A3333

Hardshaw East Monthly Meeting: PP/HO/E/A3111

Hardy, Herbert H. Cozens: PP/HO/E/A3102

Harrison, George: PP/HO/E/A3198, A3303

Harvey, Robert: PP/HO/E/A3305

Hayes, William: PP/HO/E/A2861

Head, George Head: PP/HO/E/A3208, A3310

Heidenheim, M.: PP/HO/E/A2507

Herbert, M.B.: PP/HO/E/A3113

Hine, B.H.: PP/HO/E/A3359-A3360

Hine, Thomas G.: PP/HO/E/A2466

Hodgkin, Ann Backhouse: PP/HO/E/A136, A138

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Howard]: PP/HO/E/A11, A15, A17-A21, A25, A734A, A763

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Rickman]: PP/HO/E/A528-A532, A538-A542, A545

Hodgkin, Elizabeth Haughton: PP/HO/E/A439, A2993, A3436

Hodgkin, John Eliot: PP/HO/E/A442, A444, A570, A572, A574-A575, A577-A578, A580, A582, A3425, A3428, A3430-A3431, A3433-A3434

Hodgkin, John Eliot: PP/HO/E/B104

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/E/A1-A137, A139-A438, A440-A526, A593, A599-A3193, A3197, A3202, A3209, A3247, A3307, A3310, A3316, A3349, A3361, A3385, A3393, A3413, A3422

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/E/B2, B3A-B13, B22, B24, B26, B29, B46, B61-B79, B83, B85-B93

Hodgkin, John, senior: PP/HO/E/A527, A529-A530, A533-A540, A542-A544, A546-A550, A552-A558, A560-A569, A598, A3203

Hodgkin, Jonathan Backhouse: PP/HO/E/B104

Hodgkin, Lucy Anna [Fox]: PP/HO/E/A596

Hodgkin, Lucy Anna [Fox]: PP/HO/E/B116

Hodgkin, Mary [1771-1849]: PP/HO/E/A3244-A3245, A3267, A3276, A3280, A3285

Hodgkin, Susanna [1768-1846]: PP/HO/E/A3244-A3245

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/E/A479, A570, A572-A573, A586-A592, A595, A3424-A3435, A3437

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/E/B104, B106-B119

Hodgkin, Wilfred Haughton: PP/HO/E/A519

Hopkins, William: PP/HO/E/A3242

Howard, ?: PP/HO/E/A3420

Howard, Eliot: PP/HO/E/A2736

Howard, George William Frederick, 7th Earl of Carlisle: PP/HO/E/A3177

Howard, John Eliot: PP/HO/E/A579

Howard, Luke: PP/HO/E/A576

Howard, Mariabella: PP/HO/E/A24

Howard, Rachel "Robert" [Lloyd]: PP/HO/E/A551, A585

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/E/A551, A583-A584, A946

Howard, Theodore: PP/HO/E/A3374

Hubbuck, G.P.: PP/HO/E/A3237

Hunton, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2050, A3317

Hutchinson, Matthew: PP/HO/E/A2877-A2878

Hyatt, Sarah H.: PP/HO/E/A3395

Jackson, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A3271

Jesup, James: PP/HO/E/A1274

Jones, Susan: PP/HO/E/A3420

Jowett, Rachel: PP/HO/E/A3225

Jowitt, Robert: PP/HO/E/A1684

Kemp, Caleb R.: PP/HO/E/A2898

Key, Charles Aston: PP/HO/E/A3227

Knight, Ann: PP/HO/E/A2965

Lamb, Joshua: PP/HO/E/A2054

Lambart, Frederick James William, 8th Earl of Cavan: PP/HO/E/A3417

Le Blanc, C.: PP/HO/E/A726

Le Marchant, D.: PP/HO/E/A3209

Lean, W.S.: PP/HO/E/A3378, A3391

Lee, W.W.: PP/HO/E/A3234

Lefevre, John G. Shaw, Sir: PP/HO/E/A3203, A3241

Lewes Savings Bank, Trustees and Manager: PP/HO/E/A3366

Lewes, Borough of, High Constables of: PP/HO/E/A3335

Lincoln's Inn, Society of Benchers of: PP/HO/E/A3215

Lister, J., Reverend: PP/HO/E/A3388

Lloyd, George B.: PP/HO/E/A444

Lloyd, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A3222, A3226

Loffers and Young: PP/HO/E/A2354

Lury, Samuel H.: PP/HO/E/A3332

Maberley, ?, Colonel: PP/HO/E/A3304

MacNay, Thomas [secretary, Stockton and Darlington Railway Company]: PP/HO/E/A3321

Marsh, John Finch: PP/HO/E/A2157

Masterman, A.: PP/HO/E/A3389

Matthews, William: PP/HO/E/A3278

Meeting for Sufferings, Committee in the matter of the Spanish prisoners: PP/HO/E/B82

Mithcell, W.F.: PP/HO/E/A3350

Mollett, John S.: PP/HO/E/A3195

Moxon, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A3339

Murray, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/E/A3340

Newton, Abigail: PP/HO/E/B31

Newton, Henry: PP/HO/E/B23, B31

Nîmes Reformed Church, consistory: PP/HO/E/A3243

Palmer, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1379, A3295

Parsons, A.: PP/HO/E/A3386

Pease, John: PP/HO/E/A3265

Pease, John Beaumont: PP/HO/E/A3327

Pease, Joseph [of Southend, Darlington]- PP/HO/D: A2429f21r: PP/HO/E/A710, A715

Pease, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A2117

Peckover, Algernon: PP/HO/E/A2876

Perry, James: PP/HO/E/A2027, A3299-A3300

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting: PP/HO/E/A3394

Phillips, Mary: PP/HO/E/A1921

Pike, James: PP/HO/E/A3286

Plews, T.R. Madison: PP/HO/E/A3376

Pleydell-Bouverie, Edward: PP/HO/E/A3277, A3365, A3416

Pole, E.S.C.: PP/HO/E/A3199

Pontefract Monthly Meeting: PP/HO/E/A3403

Priestman, J., junior: PP/HO/E/A3323

Prior, T.R.: PP/HO/E/A856

Pym, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A3251

Ralston, Gerard: PP/HO/E/A3415

Ransome, Robert Charles: PP/HO/E/A1123, A1867, A2024, A2926, A3247, A3296, A3313

Rhoades and Greene: PP/HO/E/A3406

Richardson, Edward: PP/HO/E/A1993

Rickman, Priscilla: PP/HO/E/A2100

Rickman, Rachel: PP/HO/E/A2135

Rickman, Richard Peters: PP/HO/E/A3357

Rickman, Sarah: PP/HO/E/A2258

Robinson, Martin: PP/HO/E/A2745, A3351

Robison, C.M.: PP/HO/E/A1596, A1615, A1618, A1623, A1632, A3407

Robison, Charles: PP/HO/E/A3272, A3281

Robson, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A1310

Robson, Walter: PP/HO/E/A2865, A3037

Rowntree, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A943, A3279

Ryland, Arthur: PP/HO/E/A3006

Scholefield, James: PP/HO/E/A3233

Shackleton, Abraham: PP/HO/E/A3315

Sloper, Robert S.: PP/HO/E/A3202, A3235

Smith, Richard: PP/HO/E/A2629

Sparkes, H.: PP/HO/E/A1182

Sparkes, J.M.: PP/HO/E/A3268

Spence, Robert: PP/HO/E/A3324, A3326

Spicer, C.W. Egerton, Sir: PP/HO/E/A2463-A2464

Stacey, Mary: PP/HO/E/A2291, A3319, A3322, A3336

Stanley, Edward Henry, 15th Earl of Derby: PP/HO/E/A3367

Stephenson, Mary: PP/HO/E/A1811, A3249-A3250

Stephenson, S.: PP/HO/E/A3249-A3250

Stuart, John, Sir: PP/HO/E/A3390

Swift, J.: PP/HO/E/A3368

Swindells, Charles: PP/HO/E/B25, B27, B30

Theobald, Joseph: PP/HO/E/A2686

Thompson, E.C.: PP/HO/E/A3126

Thompson, Mary: PP/HO/E/A3126

Tobey, Samuel Boyd: PP/HO/E/A3270

Treffrey, Joshua: PP/HO/E/A3373

Tuke, J.H.: PP/HO/E/A3342

Tuke, Samuel: PP/HO/E/A3232

Twiss, Horace: PP/HO/E/A3210, A3231

University of London Senate: PP/HO/E/A3102

Villiers, George William, 4th Earl of Clarendon: PP/HO/E/A3396

Virgo, J.: PP/HO/E/A2586, A2871, A3347

Walford, Edward: PP/HO/E/A3382

Wallis, Marriage: PP/HO/E/A3370

Walton, Thomas: PP/HO/E/A3372

Waterhouse, A.: PP/HO/E/A3411

Waterhouse, Alfred: PP/HO/E/A597

Waterhouse, Theodore: PP/HO/E/A2739

Watson, ?: PP/HO/E/A821

Wayland, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/E/A3412

White, William Sabin: PP/HO/E/A3261-A3262

Whittier, John Greenleaf: PP/HO/E/A3330, B46

Willey, Maria A.: PP/HO/E/A1979

Woolley, E.: PP/HO/E/A1606

Wright, Isaac: PP/HO/E/A1694

Young, Robert: PP/HO/E/A843

Finding aids

Correspondents in the collection's many letters are indexed at section level in the catalogue. Readers are advised to consult indices here, make a note of where relevant individuals occur and then navigate to the file or volume that includes the number cited there. Similarly, if a search for a particular name yields a hit in this section-level index then make a note of the relevant reference and navigate to it. Copies of the original typescript catalogue for the collection, which includes a single overall index, is available.

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