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English Language Autograph Letters: HUD-HUT


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1. Letter from Joseph Huddart to Captain Edward Hanunan (?), Limehouse, 6th August 1800

2. Letter from John Hull to John Shepherd, Botanic Garden, Liverpool, 30th August 1808

3. Letter from Robert Hull to unknown recipient, Norwich, 3rd November 1844

4. Letter from Robert Hull to Hudson Gurney, Keswick, 13th March 1841

5. Letter from Robert Hull to unknown recipient, n.d.

6. Note from John Whitaker Hulke to unknown recipient, n.d.

7. Note from John Whitaker Hulke to E. W. Cooke, 10 Old Burlington Street, 28th May 1878

8. Letter from Edward Charles Hulme to unknown recipient (?), 19 Gower Street, 10th November n.d.

9. Letter from Edward Charles Hulme to Thomas - , Gower Street, 15th June 1860

10. Letter from George Humphrey to Mr. Sowerby, Little Chelsea, 26th October 1824

11. Letter from Thomas Hunt to James Shuter, 178 Great Ancoats, Manchester, 15th September 1882

12. Letter from James Hunter to Dr. Mc-Clean, Newburn (?), 13th August 1832

13. Letter from John Hunter to Mr Window, Charles Street, 26th June 1801

14. Letter from John Hunter to Mr Walker, Thirsk, Yorkshire, 20th July 1818

15. Letter from Joseph Hunter to Messrs. Lackington (publisher), Bath, 30th July 1821

16. Letter from Joseph Hunter to Sir Francis Palgrave, Carlton Ride, 10th March 1847

17. Letter from Joseph Hunter to Mr Dashwood's correspondence, 30 Torrington Square, 28th February 1858

18. 2 letters from William Hunter to John Postlewayt, Manchester, 30th (July?) 1710; 31st July 1710

19. Photocopies of 3 letters from William Hunter to Albrecht Haller, Windmill Street, London, 31st August 1773; London, 22nd April 1772; Jermyn Street, 20th July 1765

20. Letter from William Wilson Hunter to the Secretary of the United Committee of Native Races and the Liquor Traffic, Marchfield, 5th April 1888

21. Letter from Edward Law Hussey to A.L.S., 23rd (month?) 1874

22. Letter from Edward Law Hussey to T.M. Stone, Oxford, 16th June 1876

23. Letter from Edward Law Hussey to James Shuter, 8th August 1882

24. Letter from William Hutton to William Phillips, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 12th May 1827

25. Letter from William Hutton to Dr. Buckland, Newcastle, 2nd July 1830



Physical description

1 File

Acquisition note

Purchased from Sotheby's, London, July 1930 (acc.56370), February 1931 (acc.56320), July 1931 (acc.67540), and November 1931 (acc.75331); Stevens, London, March 1931 (acc.56483), (acc.56474), (acc.56478), (acc.68126), and (acc.68130), and August 1931 (acc.68226); Glendining, London, August 1934 (acc.67905); Winifred A. Myers, London, November 1990 (acc.348393); and Mrs. Watson, Burnley, March 1945 (acc.72200), presumably once part of the Thomas Madden Stone autograph collection. Two items transferred from Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, c.1939 (acc.91800). Acquisition details for 435021/5 and 63582 not found.

Biographical note

Joseph Huddart, 1741-1816 - hydrographer and navigator; born Allenby; worked for 10 years for the East India Company constructing charts of Sumartra and the Indian coast from Bombay to the Godavery

John Hull, 1761-1843 - physician to Lying-In-Hospital, Manchester, author, and secretary to the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester

Robert Hull, 1795-1856 - M.D. for Lambeth, physician in Norfolk and Norfolk Eye Infirmary, author of Gursory Notes on the Morbid Eye, 1840

John Whitaker Hulke, 1830-1895 - attended King's College School and Hospital, London, attached to medical staff of general hospital in Crimea, surgeon at Middlesex Hospital, president of Royal College of Surgeons (1893-1895)

Edward Charles Hulme, 1821-1900 - student in Human Comparative Anatomy of the Royal College of Surgeons, suregon to the Central London Opthalmic Hospital/the Great Northern Hospital, Medical Examiner to the Marine Society

George Humphry, dates unknown - Conchologist, author

Thomas Hunt, dates unknown

James Hunter, dates unknown

John Hunter, d. 1809 - physician to the Prince of Wales, superintendent of military hospitals in Jamaica, Gulstonian lecturer, Croonian lecturer

John Hunter, dates unknown

Joseph Hunter, 1783-1861 - antiquary, Presbyterian Minister at Bath, vice-president of the Society of Anqiruaries, author

William Hunter, dates unknown

William Hunter, 1718-1783

William Wilson Hunter, 1840-1900 - Historian and publicist

Edward Law Hussey, 1816-1899

William Hutton, 1798-1860 - Geologist

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