Vol. 2. Male and female patients admitted March 1847-May 1850

  • Camberwell House Asylum
mid 19th century - late 19th century
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Vol. 2. Male and female patients admitted March 1847-May 1850. Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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With further notes on the same patients to 1876.

An index of patients in this volume can be browsed in the Notes field below (the volume itself is not indexed).


mid 19th century - late 19th century

Physical description

1 volume 1 volume: 325 × 235 mm., foliated 442-889 (the foliation serving also as the case number of each patient). Original leather binding.


Index to Patients in MS.6220

Adams, Harriet: p.534
Adams, Thomas: p.590
Adams, John: p.768
Adams, John: p.889B
Ansell, Sarah: p.535
Aries, Frances: p.788
Arnold, Mary Ann: p.610
Auger, Joseph: p.701
Baggs, Elizabeth: p.821
Baghott, Ann Snell: p.472
Baghott, Ann Snell: p.889G
Baghott, Ann Snell: p.889L
Baker, Ann: p.831
Baldock, Mary: p.696
Ballard, Isac Fowler: p.719
Barker, Elizabeth: p.833
Barney, Ann: p.721
Bater, Ann: p.586
Bax, Elizabeth: p.477
Baxter, William John: p.734
Beckford, Thomas: p.475
Beckwith, Martha: p.461
Beckwith, Martha: p.756
Bell, Henry: p.784
Bellingham, Alfred: p.636
Biden, Benjamin: p.799
Binstead, Mary Ann: p.638
Binstead, Mary Ann: p.882
Bird, Mary: p.444
Bird, Harriet: p.686
Birt, Eliza: p.558
Blaby, Mary: p.836
Blake, George: p.653
Booth, Susan: p.853
Bouland, Caroline Eliza: p.570
Bound, Charlotte: p.628
Branston, Eliza: p.545
Branston, Eliza: p.889A
Brennan, Michael: p.707
Bristow, Elizabeth: p.468
Brockway, Mary Ann: p.533
Bros, Charles James: p.792
Brown, Samuel: p.453
Brown, Ann: p.669
Brown, Frances: p.732
Bull, James: p.540
Bullman, Mary: p.644
Burgess, Martha: p.765
Burns, John: p.448
Bushell, Thomas: p.607
Bushell, Richard: p.869
Butler, Edward: p.443
Butler, Uriah: p.593
Butler, Eliza: p.704
Calverly, Thomas: p.486
Carpenter, Edward: p.551
Carroll, Ellen: p.751
Cartwright, Thomas: p.626
Cashmore, Henry: p.867
Castle, William: p.829
Castle, William: p.889E
Cater, John: p.711
Catt, Elizabeth Sarah: p.815
Chadwick, William: p.452
Chappel, Sarah: p.474
Chermside, William: p.531
Cherrill, William: p.830
Chinnock, William: p.808
Chinnock, William: p.889I
Church, Thomas: p.766
Clark, Benjamin: p.793
Clarke, John: p.587
Clarke, Thomas: p.656
Clayton, John: p.781
Clements, Elizabeth: p.761
Clifford, Mary: p.753
Cochran, John: p.691
Cole, William Charles: p.478
Cole, Sarah: p.573
Connel, Bridget: p.663
Connor, Thomas: p.750
Coomber, Henrietta: p.577
Cooper, Maria: p.528
Cope, Elizabeth: p.575
Corkwell, James: p.455
Cottingham, Hannah: p.745
Coxon, Henry: p.578
Crisp, Francis William: p.615
Cross, Thomas: p.889F
Cross, Thomas: p.510
Cross, Jane: p.560
Crowley, Mary: p.574
Dalrymple, Margaret: p.606
Dalrymple, Margaret: p.749
Dangerfield, Sarah: p.596
Dann, James: p.462
Darvill, Eliza: p.584
Davidson, Ellen: p.529
Davis, William: p.703
Dear, Edward: p.501
Dennison, Catherine: p.616
Donahoe, Owen: p.519
Doran, Martha: p.508
Duddell, William: p.483
Dunwille, William Edmund: p.470
Durkin, Mary: p.657
East, James: p.446
Elderton, George: p.550
Elliot, Andrew William: p.694
Ellis, John: p.633
Eloisa, Vincent: p.608
Ensell, John: p.513
Everard, Charles: p.476
Fayrer, Elizabeth: p.783
Fenner, Fortenate: p.675
Fielder, George: p.532
Fitzmorris, Elizabeth: p.561
Flack, John: p.541
Fleet, Susan: p.544
Fletcher, Elizabeth: p.623
Fletcher, Mary Ann: p.873
Foreman, Mary Jane: p.542
Forwood, Spencer: p.760
Forwood, Spencer: p.889J
Fowler, John: p.743
Fowles, James: p.649
Frith, Ann: p.720
Fuller, Sarah: p.480
Galloway, Elizabeth: p.597
Gibbens, Sarah: p.737
Gleeson, James: p.757
Goadby, William: p.484
Godden, Mary: p.643
Godden, Mary: p.771
Goodwin, Henry: p.487
Goodwin, Hannah: p.602
Gorbell, Mary Watson: p.789
Gosling, Catherine Matilda: p.813
Goulden, James: p.785
Greatbalch, James: p.503
Green, John: p.666
Gregory, Susannah: p.724
Grimes, Mary: p.526
Grounds, John: p.651
Grove, Lydia: p.862
Grubb, John: p.679
Hall, Henry Edward: p.496
Hall, Jane: p.565
Hall, Samuel: p.611
Hall, George: p.859
Hammond, Robert: p.621
Hammond, John Samuel: p.710
Hardiman, William: p.473
Harding, Daniel: p.495
Harding, Sophia: p.841
Harrington, Margaret: p.716
Harris, William: p.686
Harris, Halsey: p.817
Harris, Ann: p.827
Harris, Sarah: p.832
Hart, Isaac: p.651
Hart, Isaac: p.690
Hart, Issac: p.850
Hartland, Andrew: p.864
Harvey, Thomas: p.726
Hasel, John: p.763
Haverfield, Robert: p.709
Hayes, Catherine: p.690
Haynes, Sarah: p.547
Hayter, Henry: p.543
Heaton, James: p.466
Heelas, Henry: p.697
Hewett, Jane: p.755
Hinton, Fanny: p.764
Hobday, Alfred: p.759
Hooper, Stephen: p.856
Hope, Elizabeth: p.588
Horeau, Marianne Caroline: p.576
Hover, Eliza: p.659
Howard, Mary: p.722
Hoy, William: p.712
Huggett, Sarah: p.640
Hughes, Margaret: p.872
Hum, Elizabeth: p.718
Hunt, Gervase: p.498
Hurel, John: p.877
Hurley, Thomas: p.818
Hutchins, Charles: p.681
Hutchins, Charles: p.888
Hyatt, John: p.482
Hyde, William Henry: p.655
Ives, James: p.787
Izzard, Elizabeth: p.497
Izzard, Elizabeth: p.631
Jackman, Elizabeth: p.725
Jackson, Maria: p.741
Jacques, Joseph: p.442
James, Catherine: p.858
Jamieson, Ann: p.600
Jaquin, Lydia: p.795
Jarman, Ann: p.826
Jarman, Ann: p.889D
Jarvis, Amelia: p.546
Jeffrey, James: p.481
Jennings, Edward: p.632
Johnson, Richard: p.635
Johnson, Eliza: p.658
Johnson, William: p.868
Jones, Ann: p.586
Jones, Jane: p.874
Jones, Ellen: p.883
Joseph, Philip: p.714
Judd, William: p.861
Keats, Thomas: p.646
Kendrick, Ann: p.839
Kent, Martha: p.632
Kent, George: p.835
Kerry, William: p.516
Kilner, Charlotte: p.652
Kilpin, Daniel James: p.811
King, Mary: p.530
Knott, Ann: p.673
Lacy, Hannah: p.806
Lade, Priscilla: p.778
Land, Lucy: p.554
Lane, Dennis: p.713
Langdonn, Henry: p.773
Langrish, Ann Frances: p.527
Laskey, Charlotte: p.692
Laskey, Charlotte: p.876
Laxton, Joshua: p.700
Leaper, Eliza: p.779
Leatherland, George: p.522
Lee, Ann: p.674
Lees, James: p.604
Lesley, Sarah: p.846
Levett, Jane: p.648
Lewis, Edward: p.488
Lewis, William: p.515
Lewis, Job Charles: p.647
Lindard, James: p.801
Little, Sophia: p.708
Lloyd, Jane Ann: p.878
Load, Valentine Charles George: p.777
Load, Valentine C G: p.889C
Load, Valentine Charles George: p.889K
Locker, Robert: p.824
Lowe, Emma: p.580
Lucas, John: p.539
Lupson, John: p.668
Lyall, Ann: p.772
Mace, James: p.812
Main, Peter: p.464
Marsh, Hannah: p.613
Marsh, Issac William: p.881
Martin, Edward: p.517
Martin, Eliza: p.816
Mason, Ann: p.612
Mason, Henry: p.889
Matthews, Henry: p.524
Matthews, Joseph: p.556
McCarthey, Daniel: p.886
McLeod, Anna Maria: p.796
McTaggart, William: p.457
Megsum, Elizabeth: p.670
Mellon, Joseph: p.866
Merrill, Elizabeth: p.702
Metson, Robert: p.485
Middlemore, Francis: p.729
Middleton, John: p.536
Miller, James: p.664
Milstead, Susannah: p.762
Misdall, Elizabeth: p.805
Moles, Elizabeth: p.620
Monagan, Philip: p.500
Monkman, Robert: p.852
Moore, Henry: p.791
Morris, Jane: p.548
Moses, William: p.471
Murphy, Ann: p.819
Murphy, Ann: p.889H
Myers, Sarah: p.822
Nash, Elizabeth: p.717
Newman, Joseph: p.504
Newnham, Hannah: p.645
Newton, James Duncan: p.683
Nicholls, Robert: p.855
Nicholson, Jane: p.735
Nohill, Mary: p.754
Noon, John: p.742
Norman, George: p.525
Notson, James: p.506
Nottage, John: p.511
Oakins, William: p.625
Ogle, Elizabeth: p.617
Orry, Susan: p.738
Osborne, Mary: p.581
O'Sullivan, Daniel: p.552
Oxenham, Jane: p.637
Pamphlett, Ann: p.598
Pankhurst, Peter: p.502
Parfett, Sophia: p.740
Parker, Mary Ann: p.614
Parker, Eliza: p.837
Parkin, Mary: p.834
Parkinson, Joseph: p.619
Parris, Caroline: p.492
Pattinson, Sarah: p.605
Payton, Sarah: p.728
Pearce, Mary: p.665
Pearson, Fanny: p.594
Peck, Hannah: p.794
Peed, Esther: p.800
Penlington, Benjamin: p.493
Perry, John: p.731
Philpott, Elizabeth: p.828
Pickton, Sarah: p.723
Pigott, Mary: p.662
Popplewell, Sarah: p.563
Port, Elizabeth: p.618
Porter, Elizabeth: p.840
Poulden, Thomas: p.553
Powell, William Jonathan: p.814
Pratt, William: p.603
Prattent, Rose Mary: p.842
Preston, James: p.494
Price, John: p.843
Price, Mary: p.860
Prike, Margaret: p.624
Proctor, John Matthews: p.769
Pruvey, Harriet: p.630
Pugh, Joseph: p.634
Quarr, Emanual: p.849
Ralph, Samuel: p.678
Ranson, Charles: p.804
Rapley, Grace: p.571
Ratcliff, Samuel: p.454
Rayner, Harriet: p.879
Reed, Ann: p.736
Rees, Harriet: p.845
Reeves, William: p.706
Reeves, Marianne Randall: p.807
Reynolds, Elenor: p.809
Reynoldson, William: p.667
Richardson, John: p.445
Richardson, Robert: p.798
Richs, Saul: p.591
Riley, Mary Ann: p.599
Roberts, James: p.695
Room, Elisha: p.699
Rouse, Ann: p.567
Rumbolt, Susannah: p.671
Salter, Fanny: p.559
Sanders, Christiana: p.752
Saunders, Mary Ann: p.572
Saunders, Jane: p.870
Schofield, John: p.447
Scott, Robert: p.705
Scotting, Francis: p.847
Seaborne, Rebecca: p.810
Seagrave, William Easan: p.555
Searle, Mary Ann: p.518
Seaver, Sarah: p.693
Seekings, John: p.505
Sharpe, Sarah Ann: p.774
Shaw, Elizabeth: p.672
Shepherd, William: p.507
Sherwin, George: p.875
Siddons, Elizabeth: p.499
Siffleet, Mary Ann: p.746
Simkins, William: p.786
Simmonds, Sarah: p.601
Simmons, Mary: p.677
Simmons, Henry: p.802
Sims, James: p.629
Sivenny, Elizabeth: p.568
Slater, Eliza: p.660
Smart, John: p.744
Smeed, James: p.782
Smith, Robert: p.449
Smith, Eliza: p.659
Smith, Mary Ann: p.715
Smith, Jane: p.780
Smith, Ann: p.838
Smith, Sarah Hislop: p.854
Smith, William: p.857
Snedwell, John: p.538
Soloman, Aaron: p.459
South, William: p.641
Standen, Deborah: p.582
Stevens, Stephen: p.491
Stevenson, Ephriam: p.463
Steward, Samuel: p.521
Stride, Robert: p.880
Strong, William: p.823
Strother, Benjamin: p.520
Sturgeon, Ann Mary: p.569
Sulman, Martha: p.727
Sutcliffe, George: p.676
Symons, Sarah: p.688
Tanner, Thomas: p.730
Taylor, John: p.479
Taylor, Eliza: p.585
Taylor, George: p.684
Teather, George: p.825
Tenant, Mary: p.887
Thackham, Mary: p.512
Thompson, Martha: p.733
Thomset, Benjamin: p.490
Thursdon, Mary: p.770
Tilbury, John: p.592
Tilson, John Samuel: p.790
Timlet, Eliza: p.748
Tocock, Martha: p.509
Todd, Anna: p.642
Toop, William: p.680
Tovannah, Therga: p.589
Turner, Maria: p.562
Turner, Sarah: p.863
Twyman, Daniel: p.884
Varley, John: p.564
Veal, Charles: p.557
Vickery, Elizabeth: p.776
Wallis, Henry: p.451
Ward, John: p.460
Ward, Thomas: p.523
Ware, Ellen: p.739
Warren, Elizabeth: p.579
Watson, John: p.456
Watson, John: p.682
Wealands, Mathew Thomas: p.758
Webb, Elizabeth: p.627
Webster, William: p.537
Webster, William: p.654
West, Christopher: p.450
West, Harriet: p.595
West, James: p.775
Whitaker, Mark: p.465
White, Elizabeth: p.687
White, Jane: p.820
Wickstead, Richard: p.469
Wilkes, John: p.549
Wilkinson, Benjamin: p.583
Williams, Benjamin Nicholas: p.767
Williams, Benjamin Nicholas: p.797
Williams, John: p.865
Williamson, John: p.458
Wilts, Ann: p.489
Windsor, Jane: p.844
Winterton, Mary Ann: p.622
Wood, Henry: p.467
Wood, John: p.514
Wood, Mary: p.609
Wood, Elizabeth: p.803
Woodhouse, Elizabeth: p.848
Woodroffe, Mary: p.722
Wormleighton, Samuel: p.661
Worrall, Harriet: p.566
Worth, Sarah: p.747
Wrann, Jane: p.871
Wright, Elizabeth: p.851
Wrixon, James Charles: p.698
Young, Mary: p.885

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A digitised copy is held by Wellcome Collection as part of The Mental Health Archives digitisation project.

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Database description taken from that in: Richard Palmer, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Wellcome Library for the History & Understanding of Medicine: Western Manuscripts 5120-6244 (London: The Wellcome Library for the History & Understanding of Medicine, 1999).

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