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The new and complete book of martyrs, or, an universal history of martyrdom: being Fox's Book of martyrs, revised and corrected with Additions and great Improvements. Containing Not only a New, Copious, Complete, Universal and Authentic Account of the Lives, Actions, Characters, Trials, Religious Principles, Sufferings, Tortures, and Triumphant Deaths, of the English Protestant Martyrs, In the Reign of Queen Mary the First. But also a Genuine, Full, and Circumstantial History of all the many dreadful and cruel Persecutions against the Church of Christ, in all Parts of the World, by Papists, Pagans, Jews, Turks, and Others, From the very Earliest Ages of the Church, to the Present Period. Comprehending the Life, Meritorious Sufferings, and Martyrdom of our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with the Martyrdoms of the Apostles, Evangelists, Disciples, and other Primitive Martyrs. - And including the Ten Great Persecutions, under the Roman Emperors, and many other Particulars under the following General Heads: An Ecclesiastical History of the Persecutions in Persia, under Sapores: and the Persecutions under the Arian Vandals. - The horried Persecutions under the Papacy; particularly the Martyrdoms of the Waldenses and Albigenses in France. - The Persecutions in Germany and Poland. - The Cruelties exercised in Bohemia and Lusatia. - The Martyrdoms in Italy. - The shocking Barbarities practised by the Inquisitions of Spain, Portugal, Goa, &c. and the Popish Persecutions of the Protestants during the Massacre of Paris. - A full Account of all the English Martyrdoms, particularly those in the Times of King Henry Viii. and Queen Mary I. wherein are amply displayed all the Butcheries, Tortures, and Cruelties exercised by the Roman Catholics against the Protestants, in the Reign of that tyrannical King and bloody Queen. - The Persecutions of the Quakers, &c. - Persecutions in the West of England by Judge Jeffreys. - Persecutions in Holland, Flanders, Scotland, &c. - The bloody Irish Massacre. - The great Spanish Invasion. - The dreadful Fire of London. - The shocking Gunpowder Plot. - The horrid Conspiracies in 1678. - The barbarous Murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey, and the Designs of Perkins, Friend, and Fenwick, for the Re-Establishment of Popery, and the Extirpation of Protestantism. - The Martyrdoms of the Missionaries in China. - The Persecutions in the East-Indies. - The Barbarities exercised in America. - The Cruelties practised on the Christians of Abyssinia and Georgia. - The late Persecutions in France against the Calas Family. - Also the final Establishment of the Reformed Religion in the various Protestant Countries. - With a great Number of other Cruelties exercised against the Christian Martyrs, not related in any other Work of the Kind. Together with the Martyrdoms of The Faithful and Virtuous in the first Ages of the World; the Persecutions of the Maccabees by the Greeks; of the Hebrews by the Egyptians; and of the Children of Israel by the Philistiries, and other barbarous Nations. Throughout this Work will be Interspersed Accounts of several singular Judgments against Persecutors, a great Variety of Original Anecdotes, the Letters which passed between the Martyrs, Letters from Bishop Bonner, and other Papists, to the Magistrates, &c. concerning the Methods of Indictment and Treatment, Translations of Popish Bulls, and other Deeds of Destruction, levelled against the Protellants, in England, Scotland, Ireland, &c. &c. suitable Notes and practical Reflections adapted to the various Subjects, and many curious Lives and Memoirs; to which will be added; an Account of the Life and Death of the original Author, the Rev. Mr. John Fox. The Whole Forming At Once A General Christian Martyrology, and Complete History of Persecutions. A Work Calculated to promote the Protestant Religion, and expel Romish Superstition, and by giving a pious and Christian Turn to the Mind, be general Use and Advantage to Mankind. The whole originally composed by the Rev. Mr. John Fox, M. A. formerly of Magdalen College, Oxford, And Prebendary in the Church of Balisbury; And now revised, corrected and improved, with many necessary additional Articles relating to the Acts and Monuments of the Church, not to be found in any other Publication of this Sort, and written in a clear intelligible Stile, free from that Obscurity of Language, and Tediousness of Diction, as well as that impertect Brevity and Coheiseness, which have been so much complained of in former Works of this kind. By Paul Wright, D. D. F. S. A. Vicar of Oakley and Rector of Snoreham in Essex. late of Pembroke-Hall, Cambridge; and Author of the Complete British Family Bible, and of the New and Complete Life of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, elegantly printed in Folio; both of which Works (with the inimitable Sets of fine Copper-Plates) have met with universal Approbation, as the best and most perfectly complete Works of the Kind, for the Use of all Christian Families. Embellished with a great variety of copper-plates, representing the various Modes of cruelly torturing the Christian Martyrs for their Constancy.

Foxe, John, 1516-1587.
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London : printed for Alex. Hogg & Co. at the King's-Arms, No. 16, Paternoster-Row. By M. Allen, Paternoster-Row, [1800?]

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[5],8-951,[5]p.,plates : ports. ; 2⁰.

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