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c. 1770
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Headed: "Abstracts of a Course of Lectures on the Theory and Pract. of Physic." The lecturer's name is not stated, nor is the date or place indicated. From MS.MSL.58, however, it is clear that the lectures are those of John Gregory, and were given in Edinburgh either before or after 1769, as the course of that year is reported in MSS. 58 A-C. The subjects treated of are as follows: History of Medicine (fo. 68-70); Scrophula or Struma (fo. 71); Gonorrhœa (fo. 72-73 and cf. fo. 81 verso); Diseases of Infants (fo. 73 verso-74); Dropsy (fo. 75 and cf. fo. 90-97); Hæmorrhoids (fo. 75); Worms (fo. 75 verso); Diarrhœa. Dysentery and Tenesmus (fo. 75 verso-77); Diabetes (fo. 77 verso-78); Stone (fo. 78 verso-80); Lues Venerea (fo. 80 verso-81); Gonorrhœa (fo. 81 verso-83, and cf. fo. 72); Menses (fo. 84-85); Suppression of Menses and Chlorosis (fo. 85 verso-86); Uterine Hæmorrhage (fo. 86 verso-87); Fluor Albus (fo. 87 verso-88); Lepra (fo. 88 verso-89); Psora (fo. 89 verso); Dropsy (fo. 90-97, and cf. fo. 75); Sea Scurvy (fo. 98-101); Fevers in general (fo. 102-111); Acute Inflammatory Fevers (fo. 111 verso-117); Nervous Fevers (fo. 118-119); Intermittent Fevers (fo. 120-124); Putrid Malignant Fever (fo. 124 verso-127); Small Pox (fo. 127 verso-132); Inoculation (fo. 133-134); Measles (fo. 134 verso-138); Gout (fo. 138 verso-140); Diseases of the Head, Brain and Nerves: Introductory (fo. 141); Headache (fo. 142-143): Phrenitis (fo. 144); Apoplexy (fo. 145-146); Palsy (fo. 146 verso-148); St. Vitus's Dance (fo. 148 verso-149); Catalepsy (fo. 150-151); Epilepsy (fo. 151 verso-152); Hysterical Disorders: Introductory (fo. 153-154); Mania; Obstructed Vision (fo. 154 verso); Inflammation of the Eye (fo. 155); Peripneumonia (fo. 156-157); Pleurisy (fo. 157); Paraphrenitis (fo. 157 verso); Notes on Peripneumonia (fo. 158-159); Asthma (fo. 159 verso-160); Pulmonary Consumption (fo. 160-162).


c. 1770

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fo. 68-162

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Described in: Warren R. Dawson, Manuscripta medica. A descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Medical Society of London (London, 1932).

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