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Marijuana : the unbiased truth about the world's most popular weed / Kevin P. Hill.

  • Hill, Kevin P., 1973-
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"The leading clinical expert on marijuana sifts through the myths about the drug to deliver an unbiased, comprehensive guide backed by scientific facts to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about marijuana. Marijuana, or weed, pot, grass, MJ, Mary Jane, reefer, cannabis, or hemp among dozens of other names, has a long, colorful history dating back more than 2,000 years as the one of the most sought-after, mood-altering substances in the world. Societal opinion about the drug has dramatically swayed over the years, from viewing it as a grave danger to society in the 1930s film Reefer Madness, to a harmless recreational high in the '60s, to an addictive substance and gateway to such "hard" drugs as heroin today. The myths and misinformation about marijuana have only multiplied over the years as the controversy over legalization and medical marijuana grows. A nationally recognized clinical expert and leading researcher on marijuana, Kevin P. Hill provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the drug in Marijuana: Cutting through the Myths about the World's Most Popular Weed. Through research-based historical, scientific, and medical information, Hill will help you sort through what you hear on the streets and in the media and cut straight to the facts. Whether you're a parent concerned about your child's use, someone with an illness considering medical marijuana as a treatment option, a user who has questions about its effect on your health, or if you're just trying to make up your mind about legalization, this book will give you the most current and unbiased information you need to make informed decisions about marijuana"--


Center City, Minnesota : Hazelden Publishing, 2015.

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xvi, 206 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm

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The problem. Why is marijuana so misunderstood? ; A small fraction of a large number can be a very large number -- The three myths. Myth #1: marijuana is not harmful ; Myth #2: marijuana use cannot lead to addiction ; Myth #3: stopping use of marijuana does not cause withdrawal -- Policy. Decriminalization and legalization of recreational marijuana ; Medical marijuana: the science and practical implications -- Treatment. Never worry alone: finding help for someone who may have a problem ; Behavioral interventions as treatment for marijuana addiction ; Using medications to treat marijuana addiction ; The effect of marijuana addiction on loved ones -- Conclusion: Where do we go from here? -- Appendix A. Promising medications for treating marijuana addiction -- Appendix B. Signs that a child may be using.


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