A tramp exclaiming to another tramp that his severed legs have become whole again as a result of taking J. Morison's vegetable pills. Coloured lithograph by C.J. Grant, 1834.

  • Grant, C. J. (Charles Jameson), active 1830-1852.
10 January 1834
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London (54 Leicester Squr. ...) : J. Kendrick, 10 January 1834.

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1 print : lithograph, with watercolour.


Extraordinary effects of Morrisons vegetable pills! ... CJG invent & del. Lettering continues: "Vy Snook is that you! Vell if I arnt completely struck! Vy ven did you change you vooden legs for cork'uns!" "Cork ones! now do they look like a pair of cork ones! No old boy they are real flesh and blood, and ten times a better pair than wot I was born with, it'll only cost you a shilling my tulip and you'll have as good a pair of stumps as myself. Yesterday you must know I bought a box of Morrisons Uniwersal Wegetable pills, for a swelling in my thighs, well, so I took 'em all afore I went to bed and when I awakes in the morning to kick of the clothes, I'm blessed if I didn't find myself with these 'ere couple of jolly good legs and my old wooden ones right at the bottom of the bed!!!"

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Not found in: British Museum Catalogue of political and personal satires, London 1870-1954


Wellcome Collection 11854i


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