Ashanti War, Ghana, 1874: a wounded officer of the 42nd Highlanders being carried to a field hospital. Wood engraving after Melton Prior, 1874.

  • Prior, Melton, 1845-1910.
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Previous title, replaced October 2023 : Africa: a wounded soldier being carried to a hospital camp. Wood engraving.


"In the long day's battle at Amoaful, on Jan. 31, when so many British officers and soldiers were killed or wounded, we see the means by which they were carried off the field. Our Artist says of this:--"The manner in which the native hammock-men worked yesterday, at the big fight, when shot and slugs were flying all round them, was very much to their credit. My sketch shows the arrival of a wounded officer of the 42nd, in a hammock, and the men running forward to see who it is that is wounded. The energetic medical officer of the Naval Brigade, when not engaged with his own men, always first approached the wounded to ascertain the nature of the case, and walked beside the hammock to the temporary field hospital. He was, without doubt, one of the most active. The hammock-bearers, having delivered their charge, again returned, in the most courageous manner, to the scene of fighting in the bush. They had a lively time of it, with nearly 250 men and officers wounded out of our total strength of 2000." We understand from Commodore Hewitt's despatch that the medical officer above referred to is Dr. Henry Fegan, R.N., staff surgeon of H.M.S. Active. Captain Grubbe, also, in reporting the affair at Boborassie, on the 29th, speaks of the gallant conduct of Dr. Fegan. While the rear guard, to which he was attached, was being attacked, he brought in a wounded marine, at great personal risk to himself. The Commodore praises his zeal and energy, his arrangements for the sick and wounded, and his kind attention to their wants."-- Illustrated London news, op. cit., p. 242



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1 print : wood engraving ; image 16.1 x 23.7 cm


Wounded officer of the 42nd borne from the field by native hammock-men.


Wellcome Collection 20784i


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