Religio medici: or the religion of a physician. By Sir Tho. Browne, Knt. M.D. The eleventh edition corrected and amended. With notes and annotations, never before published, upon all the obscure passages therein. To which is added, The life of the author, and Sir Kenelm Digby's observations. 1. The Author (tho' a Physician) professes Christianity, without Hatred to any other Religion. 2. A particular Description of the Religion he professes. 3. His Reasons for not professing the Romish Religion. 4. Of the Church of England and indifferent Things, for which no body ought to be blamed for dissenting. 5. In what Manner we ought to dispute and resolve on doubtful Matters. 6. The Author accused of three different Heresies. 7. Of Mysteries and Faith. 8. Of God, and his Attributes; Eternity and Predestination. 9. Of the Trinity, Divine Wisdom, and Creation of the World. 10. Of the Nature of God, Divine Providence, and Fortune. 11. Of Atheism, and the Devil's Subtilty to seduce Mankind to it. 12. Whether the Deluge was universal? How wild Beasts came into America? 13. Of the Holy Scriptures, Alcoran, and the too great Number of Books. 14. If Jews and Christians shall not make one Flock. All are not Martyrs that die for Religion. 15. Of Miracles, Reliques, Oracles, Ghosts, Magicians, Natural Magicle, good and evil Genius. 16. Of the Soul, and its Place of Residence at the End of the World. 17. Of Men-Eaters, Apparitions, Phantoms, &c. 18. Of Death, the Author not afraid, but asham'd of it. 19. Of old Age; no Reason to be given why one Man lives longer than another. 20. Of Suicide, the End of the World. Resurrection, Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. 21. That there is no material Fire in Hell; and we ought not to be afraid to hear Hell spoke of. 22. Of God's Goodness, and if there is any Salvation without Christ. 23. Of the Heathen Philosophers; the Church of God should not be confined to Europe alone. 24. Of the Number of Elect, Degrees of Glory among the Saints, and Salvation by Faith. 25. Of Good-Will to the Poor, Beggars may know a charitable Person by his Countenance. 26. Of Marriage, Beauty, Musick, Conversation, Sleep, Dreams, &c. With many other curious Subjects, for which the Reader is referr'd to the Table of Contents.

  • Browne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682.
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London : printed for J. Torbuck, in Clare-Court, near Drury-Lane, 1738.

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xxxvi,253,[11]p. : ill. ; 120.

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