Ring Irish College case: newspaper cuttings from The Irish Times

February 1939
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A file of newspaper cuttings from The Irish Times, as follows:

7 February: "Negligence denied by London drug firm in Irish claim"
8 February: "Father tells of child's death"
9 February: "Doctor's answers in Ring College inoculation case"
10 February: "Irish surgeon's opinion in Ring inoculation case"
11 February: "Evidence about guinea pigs in inoculation case"
14 February: "Guinea pigs died under infection test"
15 February: "Defence opens in Ring College inoculation case"
16 February: "Expert tells of vital tests in inoculation case"
21 February: "TB often caused by overwork"
22 February: "Court told of Queensland disaster"
23 February: "Evidence concluded in the Ring inoculation case"
24 February: "Verdict for chemists in Ring College case".


February 1939

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1 file 24 numbered sheets with cuttings adhered.

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