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Sarah Tully, Lady Hoare [and others]: "Book of Receipts for Cookery and Pastry & c". Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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"Book of Receipts for Cookery and Pastry 1732 & c.": pencilled signature of Sarah Tully, Lady Hoare. Indexed
The volume is continued in several different hands. Some Indian connection is suggested by recipes for "kebobs" '"pilau", "currie powder" and there is some evidence for European travel or contacts.
Pasted to the inside front cover: Unrecorded advertising broadside, printed in English in Venice, for the famous theriaca fina or Venice treacle, a honey- or molasses-based composition thought efficacious against poisoning, sold at the "Aquila Nera" [At the Sign of the Blak Eagle] in the Merceria San Salvatore.
Medical, household, veterinary and culinary recipes: including "To make a Triffell with Apricocks"; "To make Chocolate as prepared for the King"; Metheglin; "An Excellent rect. for ye heartburn brot from Italy by the Duke of Shrewsbury"; "Mr Porter's Receipt for Nervous disorders"; "Directions for Mr Hoare to mend his Blood"; "A Cure for the Jaundice", attributed to Dr Porter of Essex; "A Loyn of Mutton Kebob'd"; "Dr Radcliffe's Specifick for the Cholick"; "A Tincture for the Gout or Cholick in the Stomach" also ascribed to Dr Radcliffe; "Fromage Fondu" (initialled "RH"); "Dr Boerhaave's Tincture for Rheumatism or colds attended with pains in the Bones" (also ascribed to "Dr Borehave", "For a Consumptive Cough or Spitting"); "Dr Porter's Nervous Electuary"; "Hierapicra"; "To make a Pilau after the East Indian manner"; several medical prescriptions ascribed to Dr Harrington; several treatments for disorders of horses; "For the Worms. Mrs Masham"; "Mrs Masham's universal Purge"; "For an obstruction in the liver. Mr Burton"; "Artificial Asses Milk... Dr Mead"; "To make India Pickle"; "To make mackrony' [macaroni] - including "Parmason cheese"; "Currie Powder"; numerous recipes for eels; several of Dr Aldridge's prescriptions



Physical description

1 volume 23.5 x 18 x 3 cm: 180pp [contemporary pagination] + 10 unnumbered pages, a few loose leaves inserted, and 64 blank leaves, plus index, laid paper, fleur-de-lis watermark, headings in a black-letter script); bound in contemporary green stiff vellum, rebacked with blue paper, one clasp wanting.

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Purchased from Quaritch, July 2009

Biographical note

This book would appear to have been created for or by Sarah, daughter of James Tully, who married Sir Richard Hoare, banker (Lord Mayor of London, 1745, see Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ) in 1732. She died some time before his second marriage in 1737.

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This material has been digitised and can be freely accessed online through Wellcome Collection catalogue.

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