Minutes of Synthetics Department Technical Meeting

1951 - 1960
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Originally called the Synthetic Products Technical Conference, the first meeting was on 14 November 1951. Items were discussed according to section: Mr Poynder's, Mr Ross's, Mr Viviani's, and Mr Bramer's. Only Dr Newman and Mr Hallett were present for all the discussions. These conferences, which lasted a day, occurred irregularly. (November 1951-February 1952 inc; June; November; December 1952; April 1953).

Mr Rundall took over from Dr Newman between the 8th and 9th Conferences and presided over a further three (the 9th, 10th and 10th [sic] conferences), which happened monthly until December 1953. The meetings then stopped.

In November 1954 a memo was issued to say that the meetings should start again, alternate Thursdays, to last a morning as opposed to a whole day. Meetings would now focus on technical matters and topics would come under three headings: acceptance of new manufacturing lines from Development labs; Process difficulties on new and established lines; review established processes in order to improve. The alternate Thursday meeting was never achieved and the meetings continued on an ad hoc basis.

From November 1955 (meeting no 25) the meetings focussed on one or two subjects. They continued on an ad hoc basis.

There is no indication as to whether these meetings continued after November 1960 (the date of the last item in the file).


1951 - 1960

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