L. Mandel postcards.

[approximately 1900]
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The Fallaize Collection.
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12 postcards from a numbered series published by L. Mandel. The images show different indigenous people of Central Africa. The titles are printed on the postcards.


[approximately 1900]

Physical description

12 photographs


The postcards were originally grouped under the heading "tribes people and diseases?", this heading may have been asigned when the Wellcome Library recieved the collection from Edwin Fallaize in 1936, or when the collection was first catalogued in 2001.


Wellcome Collection no.3305302i

Ownership note

Originally collected by British anthropologist Edwin Nichol Fallaize (1877-1957). Purchased by Capt. L.W.G. Malcolm in 1934, on behalf of Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome, for the price of £25. From a letter in the Wellcome archives dated 16th December 1934.

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