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Acu-moxa chart: Spleen channel of foot taiyin in the legs

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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
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Credit: Acu-moxa chart: Spleen channel of foot taiyin in the legs. Credit: Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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Woodblock illustration from a work on 'Chinese' medicine by the 18th century Japanese physician Hara Masakatsu, published in 1807 (4th year of the Bunkwa era). The spleen channel of foot taiyin is one of the Twelve Channels. It originates at the yinbai (Concealed White) point and terminates at the dabao (Great Wrapping) point. There are 21 acu-moxa locations on this channel, i.e. 42 altogether on both sides of the body. The points on the lower limbs are: yinbai (Concealed White); dadu (Great Metropolis), taibai (Great White), gongsun (Grandparent and Grandchild), shangqiu (Shang Mound), sanyinjiao (Three Yin Intersection), lougu (Dripping Valley), diji (Earth Pivot), yinlingquan (Yin Mound Spring), xuehai (Sea of Blood) and jimen (Winnowing Portal).


Yinbai (Concealed White); dadu (Great Metropolis); taibai (Great White); gongsun (Grandparent and Grandchild); shangqiu (Shang Mound); sanyinjiao (Three Yin Intersection); lougu (Dripping Valley); diji (Earth Pivot); yinlingquan (Yin Mound Spring); xuehai (Sea of Blood); jimen (Winnowing Portal) [Acu-moxa locations]


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