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Loose Receipts. Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Unbound recipes arranged in three files:

File 1: Parchment file entitled 'Old Recipes' containing medical recipes in many hands, 1663-1740. Includes a letter from a William Walker to his son Parish giving recipes to treat the ague of William's daughter Birch, late 17th cent.-early 18th cent. Walker appears to be an experienced practitioner of home remedies, but presumably was not a physician himself since he recommends that his son engages a physician to treat Birch. The file also includes a few recipes for fabric dyes.

File 2: Stitched gathering of culinary recipes in a single hand, ?early 18th cent.

File 3: Culinary recipes in many hands, with a few medical and household recipes, late 17th cent.-early 18th cent. Includes a recipe for ink in the hand of William Walker (see file 1).

In English, with some Latin.



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