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Henry Wellcome Letter Book 8

Jul 1904 - May 1905
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** The original item is too fragile to be produced. Please order the microfiche version quoting the reference AMS/MF/166 **

504 pages [ 2 letters on 455 cancelled as too faint]

A number of letters were acknowledged by HSW's secretary whilst HSW was on an extended visit to the USA and Mexico, closely followed by a visit to Europe. A number of the letters received during this period were from America - presumably people whom HSW met on his travels. Many of the replies to meetings were to proffer apologies for HSW's absence. Sudlow was given Power of Attorney in HSW's absence - see 372. The contact address for HSW during his travels was c/o Messr Fairchild Bros. & Foster, New York.

A number of letters re the purchase of furniture are signed by 'C. Irish &Co.' 'Irish' is referred to in other correspondence by HSW [employed as general handyman for the business?].

Please note the Wellcome Research Laboratories (WRL) in Khartoum were later called the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories (WTRL).

ACTING AGENT GENERAL FOR New South Wales 221 enc. Copy of WRL report
Edward T AGIUS 421 re. letter of introduction from Mr Clapp.
Fergus AICKIN, Belfast 286, 296, ack. letter, re. books for sale.
Madame ALKAN 330 ack. letter
ALLAN & HANBURY 90 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
ALLAN BROS, Allan Line 86 re. preparations for HSW's trip to USA.
Edward Heron ALLEN 403, 436, 497 ack. letter, declined business offer.
AMERICAN PUBLISHING CO 292 ordered 'Bancroft's Americans in London 1905'.
AMERICAN SOCIETY IN LONDON, to Seligman Bros & FC Van Duzer 33, 271, 397; enc. subscription and donations to Benevolent Fund; ack. letter.
CS AMERSON, Kentucky 261 ack. letter
Col Finley ANDERSON, New York 225 ack. letter
TJ ANDERSON, Texas 467 ack. cheque re SM Cullom.
ART MEMORIAL CO 205 enc. Cheque [ according to the index for Stanley's Grave photo
ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIES to CW Kemp Welch 447 enc. laon.

CF BAKER 32 re. meeting.
Samuel H BAKER, Messrs Alfred Bishop & Sons 34 HSW denied knowing Dr Archibald McMillan [reference]
Dr Andrew BALFOUR 1, 36, 42, 50, 54, 181, 194, 210-211, 221, 227, 241, 253, 270, 277, 301, 305-306, 347, 348-350, 389, 453, 481, 496. Mainly re the production, distribution and reviews of the WRL report and its 2nd edition; also re. Dr Sheffield Neave's employment in Sudan [veterinary medicine]; 301 Lane's views on colour photography; despatch of equipment for WRL staff, inc. Mr Frazer; re. Mr James Currie; 305 & 349 re. purchase of an Oliver typewriter; 347 re. snakes sent to HSW from Sobat; 348 re donation of 'Elastic Bookcases' to the College; 481 re. staff difficulty; 496 enc. items from St Louis Exhibition.
[50 faint ms postscript 'Naturally advance copies should go to xx - will you indicate these'].

BARCLAY & FRY 147, 160 re. book plates for the WRL report.
Thomas H BARKER, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce 333 enc. reports of the WPRL and WCRL
BARNES & CO 312, 319 re Mrs HSW's account.
BIOGRAPHICAL PRESS AGENCY 324, 385 ack. letters
BAXTER, PAYNE & LEPPER 164 re 'the Nest'.
Drs BLAKE & STEVENSON 45 enc. cheque
John BLAND 272 ack. letter
Mrs BOMPAS 204 ack. letter
Mons. BONNETT, Paris 470 enc. cheque.
John R BOX 27, 35, 66 enc. cheques
Logan BRACKERRIDGE, Minnesota 102 re. HSW's trip to USA
G BRADSHAW-ISHERWOOD 157 ack letter re. Druid Stones
Rev Wm BRASS, Dartford 500 enc. donation to Mission Chapel at Stone, Kent.
BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE 66, 366, 449, 452. enc. subscriptions; 66 correction to membership list.
BRITISH COLONIAL & DRUGGIST 268, 375, ack. receipt of blotter; declined invitation to exhibition.
BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, Dawson Williams, Editor 244, 261, re. WRL illustrations for BMJ.
BROMLEY CONSUMERS GAS CO, to Henry W Amos 155, 290 re 'The Nest', enc. cheque.
Haydn BROWN, LRCP 286 ack. letter sent a complimentary Tabloid medicine case
Orville H BROWNE, St Louis University 394 ack. letter
J BRYANT 313, 371 enc. cheques.
Wm BRYCE, Edinburgh 191 re. WRL report
CA Wallis BUDGE, British Museum - Egyptian & Assyrian Dept 391 ack. letter
General TB BUNTING, Santa Cruz 11 HSW helped to find a Meerschaum pipe for TBB.
Miss BURNEY-ATKINS 361 ack. letter - re. Mrs HSW.
BURROUGHS WELLCOME & CO Mr R Wilson, Dartford Works 99, from The Secretary at Snow Hill, re the choice of staff wedding presents.
W BYATT 82 re. purchase of furniture

Benjamin CANT, Colchester 326, 356 re. purchase of rose trees
Eduardo CARAPELLE, Palermo, Italy 279 ack. letter
Frederick CARLING, Morden Lodge 189 ack. letter
CARLYLE'S HOUSE MEMORIAL TRUST to Geo Lumsden 311, 367 ack. letters
H&W CARR, Coal Merchants, Beckenham 43, 65, 134, 255, 265, 267, 310, 336, 396 re. deliveries to 'The Nest', enc. cheques.
CARTER, PATERSON & CO 443, 504 transported parcels to 'The Nest' from Paris.
Richard CATON, Liverpool 352 ack. recipt of 'The Harvian Oration 1904'.
Alfred C CHAPMAN 167, 262. ack. letters
CHEMIST & DRUGGIST 258 ack. receipt of C&D diary.
CHEMISTS' ASSISTANTS' ASSOCIATION, W Matthews, 146 unable to attend annual meeting
CHURCH OF ENGLAND TEMPERANCE SOCIETY 452, 478, 452 ordered copy of 'Temperance Chronicle' with report of Treves' talk.
CHURCH OF ENGLAND, WOMEN'S UNION, TEMPERANCE SOCIETY 430 HSW requested copy of talk by Frederick Treves 'The Physical Effects of the Use of Alcohol'.
H Maltby CLAGUE, Newcastle 482 re. application by JS Hill to BW&Co for work.
HL CLAPP, Malta 16, 40, 42, 289, 386, ack. letters, re. meeting also re. HSW's USA trip.
Mr CLARK (Senior), Notting Hill 463 re. arrangements for WH Clark (son & BW&CO employee) to remain in Bournemouth to recover his health at HSW's expense.
Ernest CLARKE 3, 9 re. meeting
Herbert COLLINS 56 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
COLUMBIA LODGE, to Geo Rankin & J Morgan Richards150, 234, 235, 329, 369, 380, 381
meetings and enc. subscriptions. 329 resigned membership of Columbia Lodge, confirmed in 369 & 381.
A COOK 59, 72 re. delivery of furniture, enc. cheque
Albert R COOK, Mengo, Uganda 268 ack. letter
Thos COOK & SON LTD 21, 31, 48, 169, 226, 323, 351, 374, 376, 378, 393, 398, 401, 429, 454, 487. re. travel itinerary for HSW's USA trip; 169 re. refund on Italian tickets; 226 ack. cheque; 323-401 re. objects from Dr Sambon, Italy - also re. packaging and breakages; 429- 454 re. goods from Paris.
Mrs Fred COOKE, Phoenix Mills Dartford 502 congratulations re. marriage, enc. gift.
J COOPER 96 enc. cheque
George COPE, Hon. Secretary, Barnado's Homes 264 forwarded parcel to Mrs HSW.
WML COPLIN, Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Philadelphia 255 publications to be sent to Balfour at WRL.
GE Wentworth COTTER 135 ack. letter
R Newton CRANE 163 ack. letter passed to Jephson
F CAPON 35, 46, 79, 172, 500 re. hire of coach and horses, enc. cheques.
CB CREASY 60, 74 re. delivery of furniture, enc. cheque
James CURRIE 23, 81, 148, 155 re. JC's visit to England from Sudan [the ms postscript reads 'I am off to America in a few days']; 81 enc. article; JC asked to return papers; enc. copy of the [WRL] report.
Hon. SM CULLOM, Illinois 104 re. HSW's trip to USA
W Elroy CURTIS, Washington 101, 216 re. HSW's trip to USA, ack. receipt of book.

DAILY TELEGRAPH 465 HSW wished to pay bill for announcement of Mounteney-Jephson birth.
L DARMSTAEDTER, Berlin 248 ack. letter.
DARTFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL 175, 496 to TF Brow and Arthur Perry, re. meeting and enc. donation.
Alfred DAVIS 54 enc. cheque
Miss Edith DERBYSHIRE 378 ack. letter
DC DEFRIES 479 re. meeting
DEW & SONS 26, 80 ordered sale catalogue re. Marquis of Anglesey's furniture
DICKENS & JONES 93 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
Judge JM DICKINSON, Chicago 303 ack. letter
DIRECTOR OF STORES, CAIRO 179, 196, 209, 219, 242, 315, re. cases of equipment (and reports) for WRL Gordon College.
F DIXON, War Office, Egyptian Army, Port Said 262, 336, enc. diaries
EJ DOBBINS, Philadelphia 4 HSW thanked ED for papers from USA.
Mons DUFAYEL, Paris 434, 440 [434 in French, 440 English translation] order of upholstery material.
Miss N DUNNE, Mrs Vere O'Brien's Lace School, Limerick 386 ack. letter to Mrs HSW

Rev H Edwyn EARDLEY, Tunbridge Wells 428 declined meeting
Prof. EBERT 15 HSW thanked E for photographic portrait, research on history of pharmacy and Chicago, also re. HSW's USA trip.
ECLECTIC MEDICAL GLEANER, Cincinnati 316 Historical Exhibition, also re. Lloyd Library.
Benjamin EDGINGTON 327 enc. cheque
ELKIN & HENRIQUES, Salters Hall Court 84 re. papers to be sent to HSW, marked 'Private'
Henry ELLIS-HEYMAN 217 ack. letter
EMULATION LODGE OF IMPROVEMENT to J Russell 309, to TW Allsop 362, enc. subscription, re. meeting.
ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY 131 requested list of members.
DH EVANS & CO 62, 312 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW

CE FAGAN, Natural History - British Museum 299, 439 ack. letter, invitation to presentation of dinosaur replica skeleton.
SW FAIRCHILD 112, 469 re. commission paid by Sudlow to Mr Fabian, also HSW's trip to USA; 469 re IIC dinner.
Juan FERRERIA, Madeira 318, 337, 364, 380 ack. letters; enc. cheques; 337 re. payment of carpenter.
R FERRIS & SONS 56 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
FIDELITY LODGE, to AG Sandberg 176, 207, 330, 397, 438. [202 cancelled letter]. Re. attendance of meetings, subscriptions etc.
FINANCIAL SECRETARY SUDAN GOVERNMENT 278 enc. cheque for HSW's contribution to the WRL report.
Mrs EM FLEET 273 ack. letter
RH FLEMING 18 re. visit to Elgin Watch Works and HSW's visit to USA.
A Chune FLETCHER 32, 408, 465, 469, 493. 32 declined [sailing] invitation [ms postscript read 'I adopted your suggestion re. Dr Hamilton in toto']; 408 notified of HSW's return; 465 enc. gift from travels; 469 re. meeting; 493 enc. copy of Merck's Report.
J Gregory FOSTER 244 ack. letter.
JW FOSTER, Washington 106 re. HSW's trip to USA
J FOUNTAIN 97 enc. cheque
Sir Thomas R FRASER 38 re. loan for HSW's historical exhibition.
Edward FREEMAN 381 re. New York Water-Color Club' London Exhibition - HSW unable to attend.
FULLER & SON 322, 345 enc. cheques

RE GARDINIA 57 ack. receipt of advertisements
J Starkie GARDNER 124 ack. letter
Prof J GARSTANG 135 ack. letter
HJ GASSON 30 disputed invoice re. tennis nets for Mrs HSW.
Lt & Madame de GEIJER 280 faint ms letter ' Mr HJ Bright, Secretary to Mr HS Wellcome begs to acknowledge in the absence of Mr & Mrs Wellcome who are travelling abroad receipt of Lt 7 Madame de Geijers book entitled ['Sangealle']. He will have pleasure in bringing it before them on their return'
GERARD & CO 431, 472, 499 ordered one laurel wreath and one forget-me-not wreath to be repeated each year on the 9th May [in memory of HM Stanley]; enc. cheque.
Marquis de GERIN, Paris 274 ack. letter
Sister GERTRUDE, Woking 188 ack. letter
J GIBBONS 266 enc. cheque.
GOLDSMITH & SONS 51, 81, 483 enc. items (e.g. rug) rug to be cleaned for HSW & Mrs HSW.
A GORDON 201 ack. letter
Mrs C GORDON 258 ack. letter
General AW Greely, War Dept, Washington 10, 317 re. HSW visit to USA.
Anton GRESHOFF 456 re. AG's recovery and Lady Stanley.
D GRINSTEAD 96 enc. cheque
AS GUBB, Algiers 388 ack. letter
GUILD OF HANDICRAFT 451 requested copy of sale catalogue

AJ HACKING 342 ack. letter
Mrs HALDINSTEIN 362 MS letter, ack. and declined invitation.
F de Havilland HALL 417 re. use of the word 'Tabloid'.
Prof HALLBURG 202 ack. receipt of Chemist & Druggist article re BW&Co.
CSN HALLBERG, Chicago 297 ack. letter
J HAMILTON 29 HSW ack JH's tendered resignation as Medical Attendant to BW&Co - offered posiiton as Consulting Physician.
HAMMOND TYPEWRITER CO 85 re. repair of machine
C HARDING 84, 98, 144, 157, 215, 252, 264 re. renovation of furniture, inc. upholstery, enc. cheques.
Traer HARRIS 67 re. meeting
JA HARRISON 322, 443, re. Byron Webber testimonial
Francis H HART 245, 291 ack. letter; enc. cheque.
A Spalding HARVEY 177 sent copies of [WPRL] report
John HARVEY, Littlehampton 9 re. model ship.
Mrs JA HAYES, Colorado 418 re. ancient Cymric medicine.
Wm HAYWARD, Dulwich & West Smithfield 414, 461 ack. letter, re Japanese Needlwork Picture.
John HEAPS 292 ack. letter.
Rev Frank HEATH 49, 61 re. late Mr Wilson Barrett
Alec B HECTOR, BW&Co employee 116-117 ABH to move to South Africa from Sydney due to business emergency, state of competition, HSW writes a rousing letter and advocated the reading of 'Letters from a Self Made Man' and 'A Message to Garcia', also encouraged SBH in his management style, referred to Sudlow, and congratulated ABH on birth of a son.
Herman G HERKOMER 387 declined invitation to view portraits.
B HARVEY 183, 192, 193, 195, 252 re distribution of report by A Spalding Harvey [WRL?]
Mrs F Hardie HESS 138 ack. letter
ME HILBERT, Paris 438 enc. cheque
HIRAM MARK LODGE RJ Maitland Coffin & FC Van Duzer 41, 387 enc. subscription, resigned membership in Aug 1904.
Messrs HITCHINGS 91, 271, 412 re. pram, also enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
JT HODGSON 423 ack. letter
Mr & Mrs HOFFMAN, Berlin 14, 457. re. H's illness and death, also HSW's visit to USA, and request for photograph of H.
Wm HOFFMAN 430 re. meeting
EH HOLDEN 235 ack. letter
EM HOLMES 232 ack. letter also re. cure for 'Dhobie's itch'
HOOK KNOWLES & CO 95 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
R HORNSBY & SONS, Spittlegate Iron Works, Grantham 65, 129 enc. cheques
Mr HOVENDEN, 460, ack receipt of 'False Education' brochure.
Miss JE HOYT, new Hampshire, USA 317 ack. letter
JH HUBACHEK 259 ack. letter, also sent JH copies of 'Ancient Cymric Medicine'.
Mrs HUNT 7, 94, 122, 309 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW; ack. letters
HJ HUNTER 247 ack. letter and gift of 'ancient physician's ring'
C HURST 300 ack. letter, enc. BW&Co diary.

IMPERIAL INDUSTRIES CLUB to JE Evans Jackson 99, 173, 302, 369, 372, 384, 402, 431, 468, 476, 494; to Sir G Hayter Chubb 174. 173, 174. Re. IIC meetings, enc. subscriptions; 99 ack receipt of JJ's book 'Notes on Patents and Trade Marks'; 431-468 was to take E Stetson then SW Fairchild, then Chune Fletcher to IIC dinner.
INLAND REVENUE 359 re. renewal of licenses in HSW's absence.
C IRISH 158-159, 214, re. WC&I curio cases and catalogues.
IZARD & IZARD 472 ordered machinery catalogue for AT Hill.

Ld JAYS 92 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
Cecil JEFFRIES 5 re. meeting with Mr Johnson.
David JENKS, House of the Sacred Mission 146 ack. letter
AJ Mounteney JEPHSON 88, 115, 163, 166, 174, 240 366, 372, 408, 475. 88, 115 re silver kettle & tray; 163 re. letter from Crane; 166 enc. reports; 174 HSW's US address; 240 returned silver medallion; 366 re. cheque for HSW, also enc. Tabloid Aspiring and Saxin; 408 notified of HSW's return; 475 list of charges for press notices re. AJMJ's son's birth.
Benjamin JOHN, Mayor of Bath 420, 425 ack. letter, donation to Royal United Hospital Fund
W JOHNSTON 226, 490. 226 re. Glyn_Jones Testimonial Fund; 490 re. Drug Trade Appeal Fund meeting.
E JONES Carpenter, Hayes, Kent 371, 473, 484, enc. cheque; ordered work at 'The Nest'.

Madame KADANO 217, 224 enc. donation re. comforts for Japanese in Manchuria
KEMYS TYNTE & TEMPLE CRESSING, [TUSCAN CROIX], to J Percy Fitzgerald 214, 419, 427, 467 re. meetings, enc. subscriptions
Ernest KENT 464 re. death of Harold Kent.
A KESHISHIAN 233 ack. letter
WL KING, India 392 ack. letter
Imre KIRALFY 423, 432, 504 re. FJW Thompson, re. installation of WCRL and WPRL exhibits at Liege.
KIRBY LODGE OF INSTRUCTION 161, 182, to Frank W Ward 192, 238. re meetings, festivals and subscriptions. 238 resigned position of Treasurer
Mrs KIRKBRIDE 13 re. microscopic stains cabinet, also re. Stanley's death.
Messrs KODAK Ltd to G Davidson 276 ack. xmas print.

J Hinton LAKE 8 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
LAMBERT & WESTON 68, 120 re. photographs.
Edward LAMHOFER, St George Pharmacy, Nebraska 276 ack. letter
Lloyd LAVAN 302 ack. letter
Geo F LAWRENCE 48, 480 enc. cheques re. medical curios.
JW LAWRENCE, Coal & Coke Merchant, 45, 130, 338, 358, 360, 383 enc. cheques.
LEE & WIGFULL LTD 44 enc. cheque
Robert LEIGHTON 420 donation for Mrs Spurgeon.
LESLEY & ROBERTS 51 enc. HSW's clothes for mending
LEVENS SON & HOARE 52, 68, 86, 113, 128, 136, 173, 190, 236, 272, 335, 344, 400, 413. re. rental of 'The Nest', also re. Stramshall Lodge - agreements, administration, enc. cheques.
LEWIS & ALLENBYS 93, 151 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW
LIBERTY & CO 62 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
Mrs SR LIDIARD 213 re. Bernard Sydney Lidiard [asking for work?]
F LINK 391 ack. letter
GW LINK, Croydon 370 ack. letter [370 Re. Reedham Orphanage?]
LIVERPOOL SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE, AH Milne 168, 176, 231, 238, 250, 291, 379, 437. enc. subscriptions; also re. 2nd Yellow Fever Expedition to Central Africa, with Dr Wolferstan Thomas, to which a medicine case was given; 231 re. WRL report; 291 re. lecture by Maj. Ronald Ross; 437 re. death of Dr Dutton.
LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE 442 declined invitation to commemoration day events.
LLOYD LIBRARY, Cincinnati to John Uri LLOYD 257, 316, 318, 488 ack. letters and articles.
LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Kenric B Murray 127, 428, 441, 466, 471, 479. ack letter; re. Thomas Tyrer fund and dinner.
LONDON SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE, Sir R Moore 411, 414, 419 re. annual dinner.
LOTUS CLUB, New York 285, 307 enc. subscription, queried invoice.
LUDDINGTON CIGARETTE COMPANY to G Rae Fraser 256 ack. receipt of 100 shares certificate

JYW MACALISTER 128, 150, 223 re. specimen of Lysoform; 150 letter of introduction for CJS Thompson in HSW's absence; re BW advertisements in Lancet and BMJ.
Mrs JW MACDONALD, 17 re. HSW's trip to USA inc. possible visit to Metlakahtla
H MACGREGOR, Burma 76 re. HSW's historical exhibition
EJ MCWEENEY 477 ack. request re. job vacancy.
Cariolana MALLIANI, Farmacia Mailiani Alle due Sirene, Venice 332 letter in Italian by CJS Thompson [re purchase of vases].
Sir Patrick MANSON KCMG 459 invited PM to 25th BW&Co fete at Dartford, also re wives' meeting.
MARCHIONE & NASICA, Versailles 485, 486 [485 in French, 486 in English] re transport of furniture to England;
MARKBY STEWART & COMPANY 46, 52, 415 also to Mr Miller at MS&Co 22, 169, 203. Mainly re. meetings, accounts, 'The Nest' also 52 ack. receipt of Partnership Deeds.
Duke of MARLBOROUGH 325 ack. letter
MARSHALL THOMPSON'S HOTEL 44, 120 Mr & Mrs HSW stayed at MTH, London prior to their trip to USA, enc. cheque.
RB MARSTON 304 ack. letter, advised him to see a doctor re. use of Tabloid Thyroid.
Dr J MARTENSON, St Petersburg 249 ack. letter.
Sully MATTERN, Bilbao 79 SM to return unused money to HSW [collector?].
Frank AJ MATTHEWS 25 ack receipt of book 'Motor Installations'
Caswell A MAYO, New York 363, 458 ack. letter and copy of 'American Druggist'.
Bedford MCNEILL 324re. Drury Lane Installation Meeting [freemason?]
WH MEIGGS 70, 239, 342. 70 enc. cheque to assist WHM who was in straightened circumstances; 239 & 342 ack. letters.
MERK & CO, New York 493 ack. receipt of 'Merck's Report'.
METROPOLITAN WATER BOARD, GJ Gill, 152, 290 re 'The Nest' enc. cheque.
MEYER BROS DRUG CO, St Louis, USA 236 re. HSW's historical exhibition.
JS MILNE 245 ack. letter.
MINISTER OF WAR, Cairo 180, 197, 208, 220, 243, 314, re. cases of equipment for WRL Gordon College.
MIRETTE ET CIE 92 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
Dr Fritz MOLL 499 re. meeting.
Mr Thomas MOORE, Cape Town 464 re. staff dinner report
B MOORE 143, 153, 162, 229, 254, 390, 405, 439, 476. 143 re. upholstery of furniture, enc. cheques.
Huson MORRIS 34, 53, 137, 139, 164, 171, 458 re. HM's tenancy of 'The Nest',
J Fletcher MOULTON 230, 299, 344; ack. receipt of article and letters.

NATIONAL ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 171 HSW requested tickets for meeting.
NATIONAL WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS' ASSOCIATION, Cleveland, to SC Strong 260 to Joseph C Toms 343. 260 enc. subscription; 343 re. publication.
NEALE & WILKINSON 497 enc. cheque
Dr Sheffield NEAVE, Essex 40, 114, 165, 206, 492 re. N's employment by Sirdar at Gordon College; re cases [legal or medical?]; also details of equipment being sent with him; 492 his return to England.
Francis NEWBERY & SON 141 ack. letter, re. books
GJW NEWSHOLME, Sheffield 355 ack. letter
WA NICHOLSON, Portobello 365, 368, 462 ack. letters, re. Historical Medical Exhibition.

JC ODELL 494 ordered copy of song-book.
OLD HICKORY CHAIR CO, Indiana USA 33 ordered catalogue.
OLD KINGS ARMS CHAPTER to J Russell 257 HSW resigned membership.
OLIVER TYPEWRITER CO to Mr Harding 294 re. typewriter order.

Sir Rudolph C Slatin PACHA, Vienna 118 re. renewal of Tabloid Medicine Belt [RCSP was Inspector General of Sudan 1900-1914]
George M PALMER, Minnesota 100 re. HSW's trip to USA
Mrs S PEARSON 27 enc. cheque
JCJ PEGG, LRCP & S 288 ack. letter, enc. BW&Co diaries.
W PETERS 55 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
General DE PEYSTER, New York 405 ack. receipt of 'Last Hours of Sheridan's Cavalry'.
PHARMACEUTICAL JOURNAL, E Salville Peck 121, 125, 154, 166, 184, 198, 450, also to John Humphrey 125. 121 & 184 re. removal of name of 'Wellcome Laboratories' from published articles and the proceedings of the British Pharmaceutical Conference; 125 & 154 ack. letters; 166 re meeting; 450 re. invitations by the BPC to individual staff members to give papers at the annual conference, HSW stated 'I regret that the circumstances of which you are aware, render it undesirable that any papers should be communicated to the Conference from my Laboratories'.
PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY, RA Robinson 240, 373 re. voting and annual dinner.
A PHILLIPS 201, 224. ack. letters
WF PIBWORTH 311 ack. letter
HJ PLANT 69 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
PLYMOUTH DEVONPORT STONEHOUSE & DC ASSOCIATION to F Maitland 231enc. cheque re. annual dinner.
PLYMOUTH MERCURY 359 ordered 2 copies of PM.
FA POOLE, Minnesota 107 re. HSW's trip to USA
JE POWER 71 re. meeting
Thomas HS PULLIN 246 ack. letter.
Frank P PYATT, Chicago 345 ack. letter.

QUAERTOR CORONATI LODGE, WH Rylands, 137, 190, 263, 341, 361, re. meetings, enc. subscriptions.
Cecil W QUINNELL 409 ack. invitation to Miniature Painters Exhibition.

WC READE 410 ack. letter
Charles AS REED, Cincinnati 346 ack. letter
Fred REYNOLDS 229 ack. letter
Mrs Fred REYNOLDS 251 ack. copy of her novel 'The Book of Angelus Drayton'
Dr Charles RICE TESTIMONIAL COMMITTEE, c/o The JB Lippincott Co., Philadelphia 237 ack. receipt of memorial volume.
ROBINSON & CLEAVER 7 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
Sir Henry C ROSCOE 489 re. meeting
John Joline ROSS 263 ack. letter
Capt CR ROST, Burma 77 re. HSW's historical exhibition
ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY 321, 339, 363, 441, also to J Scott Keltie 124, 327. Re. subscriptions and dinners; 321 requested list of RGS members; 327 re. Dinner to the Officers of the National Antarctic Expedition; 363 re. Sir Frank Younghusband's Tibet lecture; 441 Clement Markham Banquet.
ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB to George Elkin 334 enc. subscription
ROYAL MASONIC BOYS INSTITUTION, to W Colville Smith 153, 401 re meetings.
ROYAL MASONIC GIRLS INSTITUTION, to Fred C Lewis 404 ack. letter
ROYAL MEDICAL & CHIRURGICAL SOCIETY 426 accepted invitation to the Natural History Museum.
ROYAL TEMPLE YACHT CLUB, to Harry Vandervell 216, 274, 310, 357 re. dinners and subscriptions.
RUSSELL, Gravesend 39 re. Pocahontas.
RUSSELL & ALLEN 90 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
RUSSELL HOTEL, to the Hall Porter 412 re. pram.

ST JAMES & LESS MEDICAL MISSION 167 HSW unable to attend opening.
A Gordon SALAMAN 416 re. Dartford as possible venue for the annual meeting Society of Chemical Industry.
SALVATION ARMY, William Turner 191 enc. donation
Dr Louis SAMBON 22, 108, 187, 308, 389, 406-407 enc. cheques. 108 extension of contract with details of pay etc.; 187 items for Italian libraries; 308 re. packing cases sent from Italy; 406 from CJS Thompson re. meeting in Paris, research, inc. 'Zodiacal Man' also re. Mons Merat.
SAVAGE CLUB, Edward E Peacock 177, 200, 320, 334, 358, 398; to GH Green 259. Mainly re dinners and subscriptions. 320 donation to fund for late Frank Celli; 398 re. HHS Pearse Fund.
SAVAGE CLUB MARK LODGE to Walter J Ebbetts and Eugene Barnett 260, 307 enc. subscription.
SAVAGE CLUB CHAPTER to Gerald Maxwell 399 enc. subscription
Frank SCHLOSSER 3, 26, 71 enc. press cuttings;
Prof SB SCHRUYVER, University College London 385 ack. receipt of pamphlets.
SCIENCE YEAR BOOK 339 ack. receipt of book.
SHAKESPEARE MEMORIAL FUND 410 HSW added to names on the Committee
Charles SHAPLAND 170 enc. cheque
SHILLCOCK & SON 57 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
SHOOLBRED & CO 75, 126, 269, 352, 451, 454 re. boxes in storage, enc. cheques.
W Teignmouth SHORE 407, 418 ack. letter, re. meeting.
SIMPKIN MARSHALL & CO 149 re. book purchase
FJV SKIFF, Director of Exhibits, Universal Exposition St Louis 280 ack. letter
SKINNER & GRANT 127 ack. letter re. Mrs HSW
AC Bertie SMITH, Dispenser, Uganda Protectorate 142 re HSW's historical exhibition.
C Herbert SMITH, Minnesota 297 ack. letter
P Colville SMITH, Freemasons Hall 203 re HSW's non-attendance at an RMBI meeeting
WH SMITH & SON 130 enc. cheque
W Johnson SMYTH, Bournemouth Hydropathic 390 ack. letter
GW SNIDER, New York 417 enc. leather sample re. chairs.
SOANE & SMITH 91, 266 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW; 266 re. mystery teapot.
SOCIETY OF ARTS, Sir H Trueman Wood 23, 353 enc. cheque for subscription; 353 re. lecture by Wade on serums.
SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY 284, to Julian L Baker 437, 502. Enc. subscriptions, re. meetings.
Mrs SONNENBERG 5 re. wardrobe to be sent from HSW.
SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY 453, 498 enc. cheque.
FH SPARWAY 213 ack. letter
SPIERS & POND LTD 320 enc. cheque
E & TN SPON 49 enc. cheque
Lady STANLEY 246, 265, 269, 360, 377 re. catalogue of Stanley's curios.
William STARK 273 ack. letter
Edward STETSON, [Naples & Paris], President, First National Bank of Bangor, USA, 331, 394, 446, 462, 490. Bright held 'traps' for ED until his arrival in London; 446 re. events HSW arranged for ES's visit to London; 462-490 Mrs ES illness.
General Adlai C STEVENSON, Illinois 105 re. HSW's trip to USA
Charles STEWART 230 ack. letter
Mrs R STONE, New York 287 ack. letter
Messrs STREETER 8 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
S STRETTON 293 ack. letter also re. Historical Exhibition.
Dr Eugene S STROUT 321 ack. letter

Geo J TAGG & H COLLIS 64 enc. cheque
G & P TAUTZ 123, 129, 133, 156, 178, 199, 212, 354, 388, 503 re. decorating work at 'The Nest', enc. cheques.
Charles Coombe TENNANT 119 re. will and estate of late 'Sir Henry' -land in Utah [Stanley]
Mrs C Coombe TENNANT 88, 215, 222, re CT's diary; re. Lady Stanley and the cataloguing of Stanley's curios.
Aleardo TERZI, Southfields 2, 6, 20, 70, 186, 325, 328, 340, 368, 477. Re. drawings by AT for HSW, inc. re. frames, enc. cheques. Drawings inc. Fabbricazione della Teriaca; 186 - mosquito drawings by Sambon Terzi; 328 & 340 dispute over payment - signed by Thompson CJST refers to 'others on our staff of artists'.
Frank THEDE 1 ack letter.
FV THEOBALD, South Eastern Agricultural College, Kent 140, 175, 195 re. WRTL report.
THERAPEUTICAL SOCIETY, Apothecaries Hall, to JCB Brown 247 ack. letter.
CJS THOMPSON, in Paris then Italy 2, 19, 140, 277, 282, 289, 295, 300. 1, 19 re. Terzi drawing; 140 re WRL; 277 to CJST enc. 'a pleasant (?) surprise'; 282 ack. letter, cabled money, [also the 1904 BW&Co xmas book was Maeterlinck's 'Life of a Bee']; 289 forwarded letter by M Kris; 295 re. Aickin and cheque for Dr Sambon; 300 re. Sambon.
FJW THOMPSON, St Louis 364 ack. letter
Frederick THORNLEY 468 re. meeting
TW THORNTON 170 enc. cheque
ED TILL 234 re. Arbor Day lunch.
TIMES Office 460 ordered reprint of 'The Soul of a Nation'.
AM TODD, Michigan 303 ack. calendar
TOMBLING & NOTTLE 67, 97 enc. cheques
James TREGASKIS 256 ack. letter
TUSCAN ROSE CROIX CHAPTER 427; to Gordon Smith 189, 283, to Walter J Ebbetts 218, 283, 445; to Carl von Buch 205, 341; to Thomas Hy Gardiner 435. re. meetings, enc. subscriptions; 341 re. death of Gordon Smith; 435 declined chair of chapter.
FB TUSSAUD 346 ack. letter
Louis TUSSAUD 55 ack. letter

FC VAN DUZER, 329, 399. 329 [Feb 1905] resigned membership of Columbia Chapter;
Peter VAN SCHRAACK& SONS, Chicago 275, 382. 275 sympathy letter re. death of Peter van Schaack (company president); 382 to CP Van Schaack re. price list from Chas. F Mitchell.

Miss Margaret C WADE 474 re. work reference (as Female Factory Inspector for the Home Office).
Dr George WAGNER 433 re. historical Medical Exhibition
C WALDSTEIN, King's College Cambridge 78 re. HSW's historical exhibition
James A WALSH 225 re WRL report.
Herbert WARD, Calvados, France 4 re. possible visit.
2nd Lieut. Douglas WATSON, Greenhithe, Kent 251 re. annual prize giving.
Bernadette WEARE 151 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
G WEEKS & SONS 313 enc. cheque
Dr FH WELLCOME 12 details re. HSW's visit to USA
Rev GT WELLCOME 134, 218, 304, 384, 487 enc. cheques for $200
WELLCOME - WPRL, Brockwell Hall, Herne Hill mainly to Dowson 80, 89, 126, 156, 172, 188, 223, 331, 356, 375, 383, 392, 403, 442, 448, 478, 495, 501. 80 re. distribution list for WPRL reports; 89 re. Clark; 126 letter for Miss M Smout to be forwarded; 156 to G Cowen re. address; 172 preservation of serum from wild animals; 188 re omission of Wellcome name from Pharmaceutical Journal articles; 331 collection of pamphlets from Herne Hill; 383 re. Pasteur article; 403 re. HSW's return on 'The Celtic' on 7th Apr 1905; 442 re. Clark - the page boy; 495 enc. items from St Louis Exhibition; 501 re. conversion of cow sheds to dog kennels, 501 also to A Gordon Cowen WPRL.

WELLCOME CLUB & INSTITUTE, WJ Fowkes, BW&Co, Dartford 24, 28, 160. 281 to T Stanley Clarke, Wellcome Photographic Club. 24, 28 detailed criticism of the manner in which 'Mr Wellcome's curios' were being badly handled and displayed at Dartford; also Wellcome Hockey Club to Mr Maurice 133 enc. subscription; 160 re keys to curio cases; 223 re. Miss Connolly; 281 purchase of items for the photographic collection.
WELLCOME - Dartford to AJ HILL 448, 489, 448 re British Pharmaceutical Conference [copied to Dowson]; also re meeting.
Henry WERNWICH, St Louis, USA 270, 365 re. Liege exhibition.
WEST WICKHAM WORKING MEN'S CRICKET CLUB, JC Vickery 69, 132 enc. donation and cheque for work.
Edmund WHITE 185, 198 re British Pharmaceutical Conference - omission of names of Wellcome Laboratories from conference proceedings.
WHITEFRIARS CLUB, to A Spurgeon, GH Perkins, FJ Cross 141, 165, 233, 284, 285, 357, 415, 421, 422, 424, 466 re meetings, dinners, enc. subscriptions.
FP WIGHTWICK 425 accepted invitation to Middlesex hospital Lodge installation.
WIGWAM CLUB, to J Smalman Smith & Percy Atkin 161, 200, 296, 354, 370, 377, 409, 413, 445, 491. Mainly re dinners and subscription. 370 donation to Henry HS Pease fund [re. Reedham Orphanage?]; 445 & 491 re. Club visit to Sir William Quayle Jones.
WILLIAMS & JAMES 404 anc. Cheque re. rental of 'The Nest'
Mrs WILLIAMS 94 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
RG WILLIMENT 58, 73, 83, 87 re. delivery of furniture, enc. cheques
JH WILLEY, The Bradford Daily Argus 145, 154. 145 re. copy of Thanksgiving Day Banquet Souvenir Album, 154 ack. letter.
John WILSON (Successors) 6 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
Sir FR WINGATE, East Lothian 109-111, 131, 138 109 - terms & conditions under which HSW would pay for Balfour to have a Travelling Pathologist & Naturalist attached to the College at Khartoum; 131 & 138 ack letters;
PK WISER, Minnesota 103, 319 re. HSW's trip to USA, ack. receipt of newspapers.
Thomas WOLFE & SONS 43 enc. cheque
WOODLAND, CLARKE & CO, Portland, Oregon USA 37 ack. specimen of Ambergris also re. Louis G Clarke
CH WOODWARD, Oregon 248 ack. letter.
AW WYATT 47 req. quote for copies of Washington portrait [faint ms postscript 'Please hold the copy I am sending till you receive Mr Wellcome instructions'].
G WYNN, Gardener at 'The Nest' 136, 139, 148, 178, 193, 204, 212, 239, 249, 254, 267, 279, 298, 338, 352, 355, 395, 402, 426, 444, 447, 449, 470, 474, 482, 492, 495, 498. Re staff and working arrangements, planting (of bulbs), gravel (for drive), the lawn, hose pipes, the stables, wages. 267 xmas gift given, despite HSW being in the US; 355 Thompson's solution to worms on the lawn.
Allan WYON 343 enc. cheque

YACHT REGISTER 488 enc. registration fee.
F YATES, Hampton 149, 326 re boats also 326 enc. complimentary Tabloid Quinine.


Jul 1904 - May 1905

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