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This recording consists of 6 separate films: 1. Children Rally to the Standard (7.55 min.) (1956). On 10 February 1956 Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh return to Lagos halfway through their three-week tour of Nigeria. We see a youth rally and children with union jacks at Lagos Racecourse. The Governor General, Lady Robinson and daughter arrive. The Queen and Duke arrive and are introduced to the minister and two education officers. The Queen and Prince Phillip tour in an open land rover amidst cheering, flag-waving children. A bouquet is given to the Queen. Various traditional dancing and stilt dancing performances are shown. Commentary is spoken by Richard Baker. 2. Emir of Kano Receives CMG (7.50 min.) (1955). On 4 June 1955, crowds wait to see His Excellency The Governor of Northern Region Sir Brian Sharwood Smith present the Emir of Kano Alhaji Mohamadu Sanusi with the Insignia of a Commander of St. Michael and St. George. 3. The Fight Against Yaws (Happy Horizon) (10.40 min.) (1958?). This is shot in the Oji River Settlement in Eastern Nigeria. Assisted by the United nations (UN) and World Health Organisation (WHO), the Minister for Health and VIP's visit a medical field unit. People and children are inspected and injected with penicillin (PAM). An infected child with sores is shown before and after treatment. Health teams check villages for new outbreaks. Rural health centres are being built by community schemes, one of which is opened by the Minister of Health. 4. Focus on Development (20.30 min.) (1962). This film was made for Northern Region Development Corp in Nigeria (NRDC). We see the NRDC Headquarters at Kaduna where a meeting is held about a resettlement scheme for people from poor land areas. Various shots of people working their land and new developments such as schools, roads and markets are shown. 5. Health and Baby Week (11.10 min.) (1956). This film shows the opening of Health and Baby Week in Lagos which was attended by Oba Adele the 2nd. There are many festivities including a parade, an exhibition of health stands, a swimming contest, a first aid demonstration and a baby contest. 6. The North Rejoices (37.57 min.) (1959). Members of the Northern House assembly meet on 16 February 1959 at Lugard Hall on the day the self government bill is passed. Includes various shots of village life. On 14 march 1959 at Lugard hall there is a meeting of the Council of Ministers headed by the Sardauna. A firework display afterwards includes a portrait of the Queen in fireworks. Includes footage of the Governor Sir Gawain Bell. There is then footage of Sokoto where the Premier watches a procession of horsemen and musicians. The old grandstand at Kaduna is blown up to make way for a new one and scenes of it being built are shown.


Africa : 1955-1962

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1 videocassette (96.34 min.) (VHS) : sound & silent, color & black and white, PAL
1 DVD (96.34 min.) : sound silent, color & black and white

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