Cognosce Teipsum

Early 17th century
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Cognosce Teipsum. Das ist: Vom Erkentnis sein selbst von der Mensch seinen Ursprung, Wandel und Ende erkennen soll beides nach der Natur und nach der Gnaden. Some headings and under-linings in red. A symbolic pen-drawn frontispiece in red and black containing the palindrome 'Sator, Arepo, etc.'. An essay on Man based on Genesis II, 7-the Creation of Man-and written on theosophical principles, the doctrine of Microcosm and Macrocosm, etc. It is perhaps the work of a follower of Paracelsus, who is referred to in the later chapters. [Cf. Sudhoff 'Versuch', Vol. II, pp. 636, 637 for an unpublished MS. 'Super nosce te ipsum'.].


Early 17th century

Physical description

1 volume 6 ll. + 76 ff. + 3 ll. 8vo. 161/2 x 101/2 cm. Unbound, in vellum covers from a 14th cent. Latin MS. containing a portion of the Book of Esther.

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Purchased 1930.

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Database description transcribed from S.A.J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library (London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1962-1973).


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