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Choosing life : a dialogue on Evangelium vitae / edited by Kevin Wm. Wildes, Alan C. Mitchell.

Wildes, Kevin Wm. 1954-
[1997], ©1997

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[Washington, D.C.] : [Georgetown University Press], [1997], ©1997.

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xv, 272 pages ; 23 cm


A collection of revised essays from a symposium on Evangelium vitae organized at Georgetown University, Nov. 1995


Narrative, act, structure: John Paul II's method of moral analysis / John J. Conley -- Moral rhetoric and moral reasoning: some reflections on Evangelium Vitae / James F. Childress -- The gospel of life and the culture of death: a response to John Conley / David Hollenbach -- The moral argumentation of Evangelium Vitae / James F. Keenan -- The use of scripture in Evangelium Vitae: a response to James Keenan / Alan C. Mitchell -- Sanctity of life and its implications: reflections on James Keenan's essay / Joseph Boyle -- Infallible teaching on moral issues? reflections on Veritatis Splendor and Evangelium Vitae / Francis A. Sullivan -- Infallible teaching on moral issues? a response / Thomas P. Rausch -- On interpretation, on infallibility: a response to Fr. Sullivan / Ladislas Orsy
Technology, efficiency, and gender in Evangelium Vitae / Kathryn M. Olesko -- The (Ir) rationality of modernity? critical reflections on Evangelium Vitae, comments on Kathryn Olesko's essay / Terry Pinkard -- Tensions in a Catholic Theology of the body: a response to Kathryn Olesko's essay / Julia A. Lamm -- The limits of ordinary virtue: the limits of the criminal law in implementing Evangelium Vitae / M. Cathleen Kaveny -- Whose virtue? which morality? the limits of law as a teacher of virtue, a comment on Cathleen Kaveny / Kevin P. Quinn
Evangelium Vitae: abortion / Leslie C. Griffin -- A response to Leslie Griffin's essay / Thomas R. Kopfensteiner -- A response to Leslie Griffin / Helen M. Alvare -- In the service of life: Evangelium Vitae and medical research / Kevin Wm. Wildes -- On the justification and limits of medical research: a response to Kevin Wildes / John W. Carlson -- Research and experimentation: a response to Kevin Wildes's essay / Leroy Walters -- Situating the teaching of John Paul II on capital punishment: reflections on Evangelium Vitae / John P. Langan -- Evangelium Vitae on capital punishment: a response to John Langan / George P. Weigel -- A response to John Langan's essay / Helen Prejean -- Evangelium Vitae, euthanasia, and physician-assisted suicide: John Paul II's dialogue with the culture and ethics of contemporary medicine / Edmund D. Pellegrino -- Physician-assisted suicide: a response to Edmund Pellegrino / Tom L. Beauchamp -- Euthanasia and assisted suicide: a response to Edmund Pellegrino / Kevin O'Rourke.

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