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PCR cloning protocols : from molecular cloning to genetic engineering / edited by Bruce A. White.

White, Bruce Alan.
[1997], ©1997
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Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press, [1997], ©1997.

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xiv, 490 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.



Copy 1. Donor: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.


PCR : basic principles and routine practice / Lori A. Kolmodin, J. Fenton Williams -- XL PCR amplification of long targets from genomic DNA / Suzanne Cheng, Lori A. Kolmodin -- Amplification of DNA sequences up to 5 kb from small amounts of genomic DNA using tub DNA polymerase / Helen B. Forrester, Ian R. Radford -- One-step optimization using touchdown and stepdown PCR / Kenneth H. Roux, Karl H. Hecker -- GC-rich template amplification by inverse PCR : DNA polymerase and solvent effects / Alain Moreau, Colette Duez, Jean Dusart -- Coupled one-step reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction procedure for cloning large cDNA fragments / Jyrki T. Aatsinki -- Using T4 DNA polymerase to generate clonable PCR products / Kai Wang -- Rapid (ligase-free) subcloning of PCR products / Alan R. Shuldiner, Keith Tanner -- Cloning PCR products utilizing the T/A overhang and a kit / Melissa Lail-Trecker -- Cloning unmodified PCR products using engineered Xcml restriction sites in a portable cassette / Alessandro Testori, Paul Sollitti -- A T-linker strategy for modification and directional cloning of PCR products / Robert M. Horton, Raghavanpillai Raju, Bianca M. Conti-Fine -- Recovery of DNA amplification products from silver-stained polyacrylamide gels : applications in nucleic acid fingerprinting and genetic mapping / Gustavo Caetano-Anollés, Robert N. Trigiano -- Recombination and site-directed mutagenesis using recombination PCR / Douglas H. Jones, Stanley C. Winistorfer -- In vitro recombination and mutagenesis of DNA : SOEing together tailor-made genes / Robert M. Horton -- In-frame cloning of synthetic genes using PCR inserts / James C. Pierce -- Creation of chimeric junctions, deletions, and insertions by PCR / Geneviève Pont-Kingdon -- Mutagenesis and gene fusion by megaprimer PCR / Sailen Barik -- Rapid and efficient one-tube PCR-based mutagenesis method / Veronique Picard, Susan Clark Bock -- Thermostable ligase-mediated incorporation of mutagenic oligonucleotides during PCR amplification / Scott F. Michael -- Linker scanning mutagenesis by three-step PCR / Judith T. Schanke -- Sequence inversion by flip-PCR / Judith T. Schanke -- PCR site-directed mutagenesis using pyrococcus sp GB-D polymerase coupled to a rapid screening procedure : application to a [beta]-glucanase gene / Jaume Pons, Antoni Planas, Miquel Juncosa, Enrique Querol -- Using the SELEX combinatorial chemistry process to find high affinity nucleic acid ligands to target molecules / Craig Tuerk -- Rapid amplification of cDNA ends / David Bertioli -- Amplification of gene-regulating regions with single-sided specificity / Mei-Zhong Luo, Rino Cella -- An end-trimming method and its application to amplify adjacent cDNA and genomic DNA fragments by PCR / Hiroyuki Iwahana, Mitsuo Itakura -- Anchoring a defined sequence to the 5' ends of mRNAs : the bolt to clone rare full-length mRNAs / Jean Baptiste Edwards, Olivier Valdenaire, Jacques Mallet -- Rapid directional walk within DNA clones by step-out PCR / Umadevi V. Wesley, Cedric S. Wesley -- Inverse PCR : an efficient approach to cloning cDNA ends / Sheng-He Huang -- Rapid amplification of gene ends (RAGE) from gene libraries by anchored PCR / Sheng-He Huang, Ambrose Y. Jong -- Isolation of coding sequences from yeast artificial chromosome (Yac) : clones by exon amplification / Fernando Gibson, Steve D. Brown -- cDNA libraries from a low amount of cells / Philippe Ravassard, Christine Icard-Liepkalns, Jacques Mallet, Jean Baptiste Edwards -- Rapid and nonradioactive screening of recombinant libraries by PCR / Michael W. King -- Use of PCR for cDNA library screening / Toru Takumi -- Generation and PCR screening of bacteriophage [lambda] sublibraries enriched for rare clones (the "sublibrary method") / Michael Lardelli -- Normalization of cDNA sequence representation by molecular selection / Thierry G. Coche -- Subtractive cDNA cloning using magnetic beads and PCR / Thierry G. Coche -- Generation of a PCR-renewable source of subtractive cDNA / W. Michael Kuehl, James Battey -- The use of PCR for differential screening of cDNA libraries / Mark G. Thomas, Sarah A. Hesse, Yvonne J. Foss, Farzin Farzaneh -- Identification and cloning of differentially expressed genes by DDRT-PCR / Mikkel Rohde, Rene Hummel, Niels Pallisgaard, Tino Podstufka, Heidi Riedel, Henrik Leffers, Michael Strauss -- Cloning gene family members using PCR with degenerate oligonucleotide primers / Gregory M. Preston -- Amplification using degenerate primers with multiple inosines to isolate genes with minimal sequence similarity / Simona Bartl -- Designing PCR primers to amplify specific members or subgroups of multigene families / Robert M. Horton, Raghavanpillai Raju, Bianca M. Conti-Fine -- Screening gene family-enriched cDNA sublibraries with an unamplified cDNA probe : focusing on moderately to abundantly expressed clones / Meimei Hu, Bruce A. White.

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