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Papers of Malcolm Andrew Ferguson-Smith, geneticist, Professor of Medical Genetics, University of Glasgow, Scotland
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The material includes draft and final agreements, research proposals, correspondence with Applied Imaging (chiefly L G Grant), university and MedLINK personnel.



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The consultancy was initiated by Applied Imaging, a company producing testing systems for the genetic testing and cancer pathology markets, to cover collaboration in the development and commercialisation of assays to detect and analyse chromosomal aberrations in various species using labelled DNA from related species as probes. This arose out of Ferguson-Smith's and Dr Johannes Wienberg's invention of 'An assay for chromosome aberrations in a vertebrate using cross specific chromosome specific probe from another species.' It involved Cambridge University Technical Services (CUTS). Further collaboration was planned for research into the application of chromosome-specific paint probes for the diagnosis of genetic disease and for the comparative genome mapping of unmapped species using and developing "the technique of colour banding patented by Cambridge University and commercialised by Applied Imaging under the name RX FISH". An application was made for support of this work to the Government (Department of Health) MedLINK scheme but in response to further demands from the Department of Health, in September 1999 the company withdrew from the proposed scheme.

In August 1998 Ferguson-Smith joined the company's Scientific Advisory Board and this continued after the collapse of the MedLINK scheme.

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