Papers of Malcolm Andrew Ferguson-Smith, lectures and meetings

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Papers of Malcolm Andrew Ferguson-Smith, geneticist, Professor of Medical Genetics, University of Glasgow, Scotland
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Includes documentation of some early lectures from Ferguson-Smith's period in the USA, 1959-1961, and a few of his many talks to local societies in the west of Scotland in which he spoke about genetics in general and the work of the West of Scotland genetics service in particular. There is also a little material relating to university teaching responsibilities, and documentation of a few meetings attended by him.

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    Chronological within record series. The files described below are arranged into separate folders which contain loose pages of correspondence and other papers, articles, programmes, and booklets.

    Biographical note

    Malcolm Andrew Ferguson-Smith (1931- ) is a celebrated geneticist whose work on gene mapping has shaped our understanding of human evolution. Ferguson-Smith graduated MB, ChB in 1955 and was appointed a lecturer in Medical Genetics at the University in 1961. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1965 , a Reader in 1971, and Professor of Medical Genetics in 1973. He was also Honorary Consultant in Medical Paediatrics at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children from 1966 and in Clinical Genetics at Yorkhill and Associated Hospitals from 1973 to 1987. In 1987, Ferguson-Smith left Glasgow to become Professor of Pathology and Professorial Fellow at Peterhouse College, Cambridge. He was also Director of the Cambridge University Centre for Medical Genetics from 1989. For a complete biography see the Malcolm Andrew Ferguson-Smith collection description.

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