A record of physiology in the sun.

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International Physiological Congress, Zurich.


This film is subtitled 'Being the lighter side of the International Physiological Congress, Zurich'. The film starts with a sheaf of paperwork being studied prior to the conference with the intertitle 'The Temptation to Go' and follows the decision to attend with the journey to Switzerland by plane. It turns out that the 'auditorium' is the hotel swimming pool packed with swimmers. The conference attendees (who are never seen actually at the conference) are seen relaxing and socialising. They have an excursion to Rapperswill; a group of researchers are described as 'Happy Hampstead', there is a sequence with Thomas Mann, other groups of unidentified conference attendees and then souvenirs which are beer mats.



Physical description

2 film reels (9 min. each) : silent, colour, 16 mm

Copyright note

Copyright previously held by the Physiological Society


This material originated at the Physiological Society who passed their archive films to the BMA.
The BFI also hold a duplicate master of this film.
This film forms part of the original accession of films donated to the Wellcome Trust in 2006 by The British Medical Association.
Copy One is in reasonable condition; the colour is only slightly faded. Copy Two has a leader and opening intertitle with 'From National Film Archive, The Physiological Society, Filmed by Professor John Beattie, Royal College of Surgeons of England 1938'. Copy two is very magenta and usable but has been retained for the useful information described.

Creator/production credits

Professor John Beattie, Royal College of Surgeons of England.



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