["The Wellcome Trust - The Grand Design"]

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Documents concering, in the words of Henry Dale (1963), "an application to the High Court, for leave to amend the clause of Sir Henry Wellcome's Will which forbids [the Trustees] to sell, or otherwise part with, any of their exclusive property in the shares of the Wellcome Foundation Ltd".

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Sir Henry Hallett Dale, "The Wellcome Trust - The Grand Design" (13 December, 1963). Dale refers to the matter having been raised "a few years ago": "An enquiry with regard to the position of the shares of the subsidiary Burroughs Wellcome and Co, Overseas Ltd, was made of Sir Milner Holland a few years ago; and he gave the opinion that the terms of the Will did not preclude the offer of some of these for sale to the public. At the same time he gave his opinion that the Trustees would have no valid reason for asking the leave of the Court to offer any part of their direct and exclusive holding of the shares of the parent company, the Wellcome Foundation Ltd, for purchase by outside holders." [7 sheets]

Transcript of a "Telephone conversation between Lord Piercy and Mr Perrin on Thursday, February 13th 1964." [Incomplete typescript with additional text by hand - 6 sheets]

"Joint Opinion re Wellcome Will Trusts" (Markby Stewart & Wadesons, 1964). [8 sheets, plus 2 soft green covers]

"Instructions to Counsel to Advise. Wellcome Will Trusts. Lord Piercy of Burford and others (Proposed Plaintiffs) v H M Attorney General (Proposed Defendant)" (1964). [25 large sheets]



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