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Vaccines: The symptoms of Tetanus are due to a toxin produced by the multiplication in damaged tissue of the anaerobic spore-bearing bacterium Clostridium tetani. Wounds of all kinds can become infected and remains a threat to life. Tetanus immunisation dose 0.5 ml by intramuscular injection.

Folder 1 includes
Wellcome Improved Tetanus Toxoid (veterinary) data information sheets, 1958 and 1959.
Wellcome Tetanus Toxoid (Tet/Vac)- data information sheets and advertisements.
Wellcome Tetanus Toxoid (Adsorbed) data information pamphlets, "Dear Doctor/Sir" letters.
Wellcome Tetanus Vaccine in Simple Solution (Tet/Vac/FT) data information sheet.
Wellcome Tetanus Vaccine (Adsorbed)- data information, "Dear Doctor" letters, colour transparency of product and record card.

Folder 2 includes general information on Tetanus including advertising, posters pamphlets and product literature.



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