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Channels and acupoints of side of head, neck and shoulder

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Credit: Channels and acupoints of side of head, neck and shoulder. Wellcome Collection. Public Domain Mark

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Woodcut illustration from an edition of 1763 (28th year of the Qianlong reign period of the Qing dynasty), showing the paths of the channels and distribution of the acu-moxa locations at the side of the head, face, shoulder, throat and neck. The lines represent the bladder channel of foot taiyang, the gall bladder channel of foot shaoyang, the stomach channel of foot yangming, the small intestine channel of hand taiyang, the sanjiao (Triple Burner) channel of hand shaoyang, the large intestine channel of hand yangming, the lung channel of hand taiyin, the Heart Envelope (xinbao, pericardium) channel of hand jueyin, the kidney channel of foot shaoyin, renmai (the the Director Vessel, also translated as Conception Vessel) and dumai (the Governor Vessel).


Picture title: General chart of the side of the head, shoulder and neck. Other lettering: Dumai (Governor Vessel); foot taiyang; hand taiyang; hand shaoyang; hand yangming; hand taiyin; hand jueyin; foot shaoyang; foot yangming; foot shaoyin; renmai (Director Vessel)


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